Robert Downey

Another charismatic character Hollywood - Robert Downey Jr. Once his name was not due to a scandal (remember even arrests for possession of unregistered weapons, the penalties for possession of drugs, and a prison term of 16 months), but now everyone has forgotten about it, because Robert was able to charm all in a matter of seconds. Of course, he was not the promising young man who could be a star 90 (did not all for the same reason - a loose way of life), but today the glory and the love of the public - it is something. Particular attention to this 47-year-old actor paid for his role in the film "Iron Man" in 2008, well, and then they'd go: "Sherlock Holmes" (part 2), the second part of "Iron Man" and finally "The Avengers." He is not just lucky, and very energetic man and a talented actor, manner of performance is often compared to the style of play Johnny Depp. But take something from Johnny's not a sin, because he is more experienced and older and more popular. By the way, Robert's personal life everything is much quieter and calmer than on the front of Johnny. Recently Robert was born the second son (the first 19 years), and his second wife Susan Levin he lived for seven years.

About acting, I know very little. But I'm extremely talented pretender.

I'm just a New York man who happened to be in Los Angeles, he pretended that he was an actor, and he believed. It's very simple: I grew up on the street and therefore film business for me - it's a gypsy paradise, where a bunch of simpletons and fooling around, who will believe you, whatever you say.
I am grateful to my father? I am grateful Downey Sr.? Yes, thank you, but with reservations. He made me an actor in five years. But not because I wanted to dedicate to their craft, but because the thought that I have to carry on the survey will be cheaper than hiring a nanny. In addition, "pens" (1970 film directed Downey Sr., tells of dogs awaiting death in the nursery), he made me play puppy. So my film career began at the age of five with a replica "And why do you have on the eggs do not grow hair?" Facing the actor who played the role of Mexican naked dog.

I love my father was harsh, and that is what I am most grateful to him. I remember once, at age 17, I called him from a phone booth and said that I have no money not only for food, but even at the counter for the metro. He said: "Call a friend." I said, "It rang, they also have nothing." Then he just hung up before he could throw it in front of something like "I'm sorry, man." Thus, my father did everything to ensure that in the 17 years I have learned myself to earn a living.
It is very important to remember the days when you lived in shit. Never forget your past, whatever it may be. So if you've grown out of shit - keep memories of him all his life.

You should always exercise your memory, to forget the fucking beautiful girls who would cut your throat. These girls are fucking beautiful now, and your task - not to forget that they ever wanted to do with you. I will say this: if you remember scratching longer than you remember the cat - you'll be fine.
No need to ask me about family life. I'm in this business are not an expert. Once I was a dedicated onanist, bringing the matter to the very heights of craftsmanship. Then I tried to attach his body trembling to all whom you can imagine. And then I was suddenly released. But I know that almost everyone in my age always want someone to pull the tra *. And if they have a wife, they immediately start thinking about how to pull the tra * her friend. But I'm not like that. My union with Susan is sacred.

Many people think that I'm bisexual. But I do not twitch. It is also stupid as to think that somewhere under your clothes, I'm a couple of small tentacles, in moments of rage emitting liquefied ammonia.
You can arrange even with Pokemon. In particular - after heroin.
Once upon a time I was abstemious vegetarian teetotaler, and an opponent of smoking. Never in my entire life I have never been so miserable. Nothing happened. Nothing moved. Nothing started. Neither drink nor smoke, nor breathe. There was nowhere to go. Because it was not to go for what.
Those who ate shit, I think, know that the drug - a loaded pistol, the barrel of which is in your mouth. You know perfectly well that it was loaded, but can not help, because most of all you now need a taste of the cool metal.

I want to believe that the cosmos - is a great healing power thirsty, which revolves around us. This force is wrong, creates a bunch of cruel and evil, but even in the violence she sees any sense. At least, I'd like to believe it. Because if there is no meaning in violence, it seems, it is not at all in anything.
At some point - after that, I had to withdraw in a heap of movies - I suddenly realized that unbeknownst to himself was the discreet demanding bitch. And this bitch wants to live on a schedule. But once I * at the idea I wanted to plan something in advance. And when I was given a new script, I threw it to the agent directly into the trembling face and shouted: "What is this garbage? Maybe you even * I ram cat send in cellophane? "And then, when I saw no one, I picked it off the floor and started to rehearse. But not once - not earlier than two weeks.
I still can not get get used to the feeling that doing what must be.

A good script can easily become your worst enemy and bring you much more trouble than bad. When you get a bad script, you're struggling to make it better. And so you quietly to himself puts into his own soul. And then you get a good script and breaks into a smile, because I think that he will do everything for you himself - because he is good. And here you are caught. After all, just like you told me: I will not put this script in his soul, that he works himself.
Before filming "Iron Man" I was stuck in the gym so much that in the evening barely crawled home. No wonder: 22, or at age 32, you need six weeks of training, so you look good six months. And at my age, you train six months, then to look good six seconds.

I irritate people believe that doing superheroes of people with superpowers - is stupid and insipid fiction. Stupid and insipid fiction - to do a superhero of a petty and miserable multi-womanizer, which is sent to save the world from boredom in between homosexual orgies.
I can not believe in anything. I'm even willing to believe that in a parallel universe Ben Stiller - it's an action hero, and Tom Cruise - the star of the comedy. But only in a parallel universe.
I can not be on the screen of a cool dude. I'm not Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson. I never managed to look cool with a gun in his hand.

The best in Hollywood, in my opinion - it is a short memory. I have it on hand. Perhaps no one here now and do not remember that once I was in prison.
Here, over the brow - from the middle of the forehead - I have a scar. This label is a prison of love. It was the first or second day of detention. They wanted me to, like, pay them for protection. I remember, as I said, "I've started reading a new novel by Stephen King. When you're done - then we'll talk. " The next thing I remember - this is a blow. Then blood gushed into his eyes. Draco began, flew bloody spray. And then everything calmed down. They like something pointed to himself and stopped before me to * happen.
In fact, in prison it was all fine. Except one guard who always strove to slip me his script about unicorns. I remember him saying, "Do not worry. This is not just an ordinary script about unicorns ».

If something is disheartening and my family, this is my prison history. But I was in fact no one else to tell them.
Children need to be loved. So his pro Indio I can say, "All my life since birth - one long love letter to this little geek».
All I want from my son - that he was honest and happy.
Childhood - is when you can make unforgivable mistakes and hope that you will be forgiven.

I am rather inclined to forget than to forgive.
Every time I tell God your plans, I hear him laugh a belly laugh deaf.
I like to be busy.
I like to think that life could change completely in a few hours. Otherwise I would have been bored.

After forty I felt like it when people call me a jerk. It seems to be forty-seven - is not very small and should be, like, something to think about. But while around me a crowd of people over 50, who do such crazy things, which I can not decide in his forty-seven, I think of nothing not going to.
Gasoline prices have ceased to bother me at the time, when I moved to the "Bentley».
I am not afraid of failures. I'm afraid not to notice that he had become mediocre.
I hate to play the Irish. Who the hell just invented this torture: Play Irish, being Irish?

The sense of duty is able to generate so much ugliness, as not able to produce many other things with a terrible name.
There are very few words that I would like to burn from the dictionary, and in the first place, of course, is the word "cute».
Are you seriously think I have any problems?

I devotedly in love with honesty and try to deal with the lies in all its manifestations. So I can not tell you where I told the truth, and where - lied. Indeed, in this case, lies triumph.
Sometimes I feel sorry for the people whose fears - this is only insects and virusy.


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