Eyes Vikings

Since 2002, Robert B. Haas makes mostly aerial surveys, trying to capture the most beautiful and amazing places on Earth from the air. "Eyes of the Vikings" - the third book of his from the collection. Haas, who previously worked AERIAL mostly in Africa and Latin America, is now focused on the regions of the Arctic Circle - Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. These countries he photographed three years. In his book tells the story of the region at risk, whose beauty is worth it to save it. And if you do not, the consequences will be felt across the globe.

Icebergs and boulders from the islands in the basin of the Red glacier in Alaska

Industrial waste form a bright palette recycling facility on the island of Langueux, south of Oslo in Norway. (© Robert B. Haas)

Dark clouds hung over the ice and snow in the western part of Iceland. (© Robert B. Haas)

Moose and her calf left footprints in the snow to the south of Inuvik in the Mackenzie Delta, Canada. (© Robert B. Haas)

Gulf of Bothnia, Sweden. Pools for processed products in a sawmill near the port city of Karlsborg like traces of fire on the glass. (© Robert B. Haas)


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