The most unusual and amazing holiday

A series of photos dedicated to the most unusual and amazing holiday from different corners of our planet.

For example, the annual festival of The Summer Redneck Games in Georgia, USA, the apotheosis of which is a competition for plyuhanyu the liquid clay (Mud Pit Belly Flop) under the joyful cries of the fans. A special delight of the audience is a clay rain sheds at all after a particularly loud competitors dive into the red sticky mass.

Monkey Banquet (Monkey Buffet) in the province of Lopburi. Each year, about 600 monkeys are invited to the dinner, which consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Monkey banquet held in honor of the god Rama, who, according to legend, with the army of monkeys has won over many of his opponents.

The festival of colors, New Delhi (The Festival of Colors) - India's national holiday in honor of the arrival of spring, celebrating the expulsion of evil and rebirth of life. It is celebrated for 2 days during the full moon. According to legend, on this day the demon Holika perished evil. On this day in each city held its celebration everywhere bonfires are lit to symbolize the end of winter and the death of evil spirits. On fire burned Holika, throw the fruits of the harvest season - corn, coconuts, etc. In the morning people go out into the street and the fun begins - all doused each other with colored water red, green, yellow, blue and black, and throw colored powders.

Tomatina (Tomatina) in the village of Bunol - the famous "Battle of the tomato." This is one of the most popular and visited events in Spain. Every year it is visited by about 36 thousand people. On special trucks to the site of the battle brought "weapon" - about 100 tons of ripe tomatoes. Rules are pretty simple here - you can throw tomatoes at anyone, most importantly, to avoid injury, tomatoes need a good knead. Also, you can not tear your clothes and throw opponents something else other than tomatoes, in spite of all the excitement, which, of course, covers the opponents. After the end of the battle area wash hoses, participants washed in specially established for this shower or simply go swimming in the river.


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