Where to go for the may holidays in Russia to 2017

Plan the rest!May holidays are only once a year, and turn them into a regular weekend it's a shame. Where to find the exotic in the home country and where to go to relax with the whole family? Choose an idea according to your taste and plan a journey.

How to rest the may 2017

In 2017 during the may holidays you can manage to go to two new places in Russia for three or four days. And you can have a real long rest and take a vacation from 2 to 5 may and from 10 to 12.

On the water: EssentukiYessentuki in May — almost a summer day +20 ºC, all blossoms and smells. But tourists still little, so dressed up the gardens and parks at your disposal. If you combine walking with water 4 and 17, then after the holidays you will not know. Take the famous mineral water on the advice of the doctor is most pleasant for drinking gallery "five thousand meters" — the biggest in Europe and it is completely free. Look for her at the sanatorium "Victoria".

Even if not going to be treated, at least one eye look at the Semashko mud baths, "maiden name" — the name of the Tsarevich Alexei. Portico with columns on the facade, stone guard lions, sculptures and bas-reliefs of the gods — just like in ancient Roman terms, only visitors not in togas. When the soul require fun, go to the Central square where in the evenings right from under the feet of the fountain. Rather, children's entertainment, but you're on vacation — you can.

How to get there: by train to Essentuki station, or by plane to Mineralnye Vody, then by taxi, train or bus. If you're going to go to all the temples and waterfalls in the surrounding area, directly at the airport rent a car.

The nature of BashkortostanFor natural forests, rivers and lakes, steppes and mountains, go to Bashkiria. In may there is cool, but there is a chance to get back on skis: the 11th track in the Falcon works to the last. Abzakovo is suitable for family holidays: you can take a horse ride to have some fun at the water Park, drive a Quad bike and take a picture of the Amur tiger in the zoo. Closer to nature you will find yourself in the idyllic village of Kaga. You can stay at the camp "Tengri", which is reminiscent of soulful country house. Suites do not wait, but will also provide awesome views and excellent dinner.

From Kagi, the direct road to the reserve "Shulgan-Tash", was created to protect the wild bees. Bashkiria is the only place where they still preserved beekeeping: the bees live in hollows of trees. If you want to observe how wild honey, sign up for a tour of wild lands. And visit the Kapova cave with images of mammoths from the Paleolithic era.

How to get to Abzakovo: the train station Novoabzakovo, or by plane to Ufa or Magnitogorsk, then by bus or taxi.

To the sea: SochiIf you've been to Sochi before the Olympics, you can forget all that then saw. The city was dressed up, prettier, and in some places have changed beyond recognition. In may he does look like the bride on the wedding day: high and low blooming rhododendrons and horse chestnut trees, and in the arboretum, you can catch the cherry blossoms. The sea, however, still cool: it is better to bathe in the heated pool — good in Sochi plenty of them. If you do decide on a sea swim, get rewarded with almost deserted beaches — not so much in the middle of the season.

After listening to the sound of the surf, go in search of Sochi's treasure. Try jam from feijoa and drink Krasnodar tea. Get on the trail to Eagle rocks, find out where the rest of Stalin, and screw the large ring in the yew-boxwood grove. With children great to spend the day in "Sochi Park": it is not worse than "Disneyland". And if you have time, go to the Rosa Khutor resort in the mountains at any time of the year.

For the exotic: ElistaIn Elista have the feeling "I am abroad". Buddhist temples with raised corners of the roofs, prayer wheels, endless steppe, right outside the village — all reminiscent of Mongolia or Central Tibet. On a first date with an exotic culture, go to the "Golden abode of Buddha Shakyamuni". In the prayer hall to sit down on a bench in front of a nine-meter Buddha statue, the Museum will be surprised at the terrible ritual masks, in the library, look through books about the colorful deities. For total immersion check out the Museum of Kalmykia and see the Yurt from the inside and what part of the Kalmyk outfit called "Kamchatka". When you work up an appetite after try Berici — dumplings-giants, and for dessert, leave borzage with milk tea.

Another reason to get out to Kalmykia in spring, the tulips. Red, orange, white and yellow are the most different — they, like the jewels from the box, scattered on the steppes in late April—early may. That's only going on this holiday only a week or two, and it is difficult to predict exactly when they will bloom. If the colors are not lucky, you can always watch birds: Dalmatian pelicans, black-winged stilts and black-headed gulls await you at lake Manych-Gudilo.

By car: Novgorod the Great and Staraya RussaIn the Novgorod region the concentration of beauties and antiquities of the rolls. To do this, go by car, especially if walking only 3-4 days and not the holidays. First meet Veliky Novgorod — is here called upon to chronicle the reign of Rurik and hence the Ancient Rus. In the Kremlin do not miss the Museum with a rare signature icons and Psalter of XI century. On the Trade side you can admire the frescoes of Theophanes the Greek in the Church of the Transfiguration. And on the picturesque Bank of river Volkhov connect centuries in the Ryurik ancient settlement.

Go after Novgorod to Staraya Russa, which is famous not only the ancient churches, but also mineral springs. In the health resort "Staraya Russa" enter the mineral water drinking gallery, swim in the salt lakes or soak in a mud bath to stay there it is not necessarily. Finally, visit the house where Dostoevsky wrote "Demons" and "the Brothers Karamazov". Sleep easier in Novgorod, for example, in the cosy "Yuryevskoye Podvorye" two steps from the lake Ilmen. For dinner, try the lake perch.

Active rest: rafting on the river GreatEven if you never in life slept in a tent, and the paddles have only seen pictures, not in a hurry to flip through. Never too late to start! Especially now when you can hike more comfortably, and the entire organization to shift to the shoulders of professionals.

River PRA in the Ryazan region flows through Okskiy reserve is more remote and pristine area should still look. Just imagine: you are sitting in a kayak and admire the untouched nature and from the banks into the water flops not frightened beavers. The tents in the pine forest, barbecue and long conversations. To disconnect from a normal life, enough for three days on the river PRA, but it is better to gain a week. Most of all luck to those who complete alloy near the village of Brykin Bor, which employs two of the kennel: you can see bison and rare species of cranes.

How to get there: by train to Ryazan, then a taxi or bus to the start. published


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