Stylish trousers baggy — 2017: 40 stunning options. I'm for comfort!

Pants in baggy style appear frequently in the collections of famous designers and not only as clothing for active pastime. Thanks to the convenient cut they perfectly combine fashion trends and comfort in movement.

Trendy pants for женщин

Style buggies originated in the late twentieth century and gave its name to a popular style of pants. So called as one of the fashion trends of street culture in America.

Artists R'n'b and hip-hop favored baggy loose clothing, including jeans and wide trousers with low waist. It is this style called buggy.

It is extremely comfortable pants, fit which provides maximum freedom of movement. This is achieved in the classic version due to the four key distinguishing features of the style.

Main characteristic
  1. Low rise in the waist: pants are attached to the belt of the elastic and the lace.
  2. Low step: connection of the legs is always on the palm of the hand below the groin area, and sometimes may even reach the knees.
  3. Clearance of bottom of trousers: a tapered hem with cuffs.
  4. Degree of fit: the pants have loose fit, starting from the waist.

Edition «Site» prepared for all fashionistas super useful cheat sheet. 40 safe style buggy for all occasions: what combination and where to wear.

  1. The trousers baggy virtually no restrictions on colours. It can be plain or patterned model. The only taboo is imposed on pastel shades because of the pajama effect.
    One million two hundred twenty eight thousand four hundred twenty three

  2. And pants fashion khaki or "Kale" as it was called by the famous Institute Pantone color, make you look very stylish!
    Thirty seven million eight hundred eighty two thousand nine hundred seventy seven

  3. The word baggy translates to English as "baggy." Looking at some models of these pants, you know that the name fits.
    Thirty two million eight hundred seventy five thousand one hundred sixty six

  4. This style has many varieties that can be worn every day.
    Twenty six million eight hundred twenty thousand six hundred fifty eight

  5. Elegant and very comfortable.
    Ninety eight million one hundred sixty one thousand eight hundred ninety four

  6. Lineup buggy is very diverse. Modern ladies can wear this style not only as a sports pants.
    Seventy six million two hundred twenty eight thousand nineteen

  7. Buggy for summer made from a light fabric with prints.
    Seventy three million thirteen thousand nine hundred eighty eight

  8. Spacious options of these fabrics are best suited for hot days. The buggy is very easy to combine with a plain top.
    Sixty nine million five hundred forty nine thousand six hundred forty eight

  9. Casual these pants are one of the most successful ideas of designers.
    Eighty five million eight hundred forty thousand four

  10. Comfort, simple cut and restrained colors — all of this is especially appreciated in this style.
    Fifty five million three hundred three thousand six hundred fifty seven

  11. The influence of street fashion is not spared and office style. Subtly and effectively.
    Fifty six million three hundred thirty seven thousand two hundred ninety four

  12. Model buggy business style look very elegant and perfectly combined with strict blouses and shirts, jackets and office shoes.
    Eighty three million four hundred fifty eight thousand three hundred sixteen

  13. These pants can be worn to work. While retaining all the advantages associated with typical style and comfort.
    Thirty eight million eight hundred seventy four thousand nine hundred two

  14. Simply magnificent. Already want to imagine such!
    Fifteen million two hundred sixteen thousand one hundred eighty one

  15. A versatile suit that you'll look fashionable at work or on a walk.
    Ninety four million six hundred five thousand three hundred forty nine

  16. Like the cover of a magazine!
    Six million two hundred forty two thousand seven hundred forty nine

  17. Such buggies are not particularly popular. Pants made of denim, can significantly burden the lower part of the figure.
    Forty five million two hundred fifty seven thousand one hundred sixty five

  18. But if you can't give up your favorite jeans, variants are possible…
    Twenty three million nine hundred fifty nine thousand five hundred four

  19. Denim buggy.
    Ninety three million seventy three thousand four hundred fifty eight

  20. There is something especially attractive in this cut!
    Twenty four million eight hundred thirty three thousand five hundred seventy three

  21. Universal image. Stylish, comfortable and beautiful.
    Forty three million one hundred fifty eight thousand seven hundred sixty

  22. Oh, I dream about these!
    Eighty million nine hundred sixteen thousand three hundred ninety eight

  23. This cut does not hinder movement and are very comfortable for sports and for everyday wear.
    Fifty million one hundred thirty three thousand fifty seven

  24. Very popular model buggy, made in pajama style. They are very cozy and comfortable to spend days at home.
    One million three hundred seventy seven thousand two hundred forty four

  25. Jacket black leather jackets and baggy — what could be better!
    Fifty nine million three hundred fifteen thousand six hundred eighty one

  26. These pants are perfectly combined with clothes in different styles.
    Five million four hundred eight thousand six hundred thirty two

  27. Buggy equally well will look like with sweats, loose t-shirts and sneakers and elegant blouses and jackets.
    Sixty eight million four hundred fifty three thousand six hundred eighty nine

  28. Combining trousers baggy long cardigan, a jacket, leather or denim jacket, you will get a stylish and trendy look for cool spring and summer days.
    Fifty million six hundred fifty thousand one hundred twenty nine

  29. The most versatile top for trendy buggy will loose top tucked in pants.
    Forty seven million nine hundred four thousand three hundred ninety six

  30. These pants will look good with a fitted top, such as t-shirts, thin tops, sweaters, fitted blouses and shirts.
    Eighty three million six hundred sixty two thousand two hundred forty six

  31. Another option.
    Eighty four million six hundred fifty one thousand fifty two

  32. As gently…
    Forty eight million one hundred thirty two thousand eight hundred nineteen

  33. Buggy — these are the pants that will never let you down in the travel. They combine great convenience and photogenic. What else do you need on holiday abroad?
    Twenty one million five hundred forty five thousand two hundred twenty two

  34. It was just a vamp!
    Seventeen million five hundred twenty six thousand two hundred seventeen

  35. Shoes to buggy pick up in line with the overall style of your image.
    Seventy three million nine hundred fifty three thousand four hundred seventy eight

  36. Espadrilles, sneakers or shoes with high heels is up to you. Buggy go perfectly with any Shoe. And summer models can be easily combined with shower shoes or sandals.
    Nineteen million seven hundred seven thousand one hundred fifteen

  37. This way you can Supplement classic shoes the same color as the jacket, and oversized bag.
    Ninety two million seven hundred fifty four thousand two hundred thirty seven

  38. Summer pale pink pants are perfect with a white t-shirt. Pick up a small white bag and pumps to match the pants. As the decorations take a long gold chain.
    Forty six million nine hundred sixty seven thousand four hundred sixty six

  39. In the summer I especially want to be bright. Try to play on contrasts: wide trousers baggy add a white blouse without sleeves, a black clutch and sandals with heels.
    Eighty eight million two hundred fifty six thousand seven hundred sixty three

  40. Pants with colored print blouse leopard for lovers of Safari style. Can be part of this image is a free blazer, understated bag and killer ankle boots.
    Seventy eight million five hundred ninety four thousand two hundred forty one

In addition to notable style, these pants are distinguished by the fabric from which they are sewn. Good news for those who prefer ecowise: material for the buggy choose only natural. It can be cotton, linen, leather or denim.

In conclusion, it remains to note that initially sport trousers baggy confidently entered into our life, and if the beautiful lady allows the silhouette, they should definitely include in their wardrobe. This is truly the most convenient, comfortable and very trendy pants.

Sparkle your taste and spend some time in the role of stylist, selecting for themselves a bright and comfortable summer look. And don't forget to help your friends by sharing this article. They will thank you for it.

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