That's why men live less than women

Statistics tell us that women live longer than men. For a number of reasons. But the main thing is that women don't make even half of those ridiculously stupid things that men do. Seriously, look at these guys!

Twenty four million two hundred twenty nine thousand nine hundred ninety one

Seventy eight million three hundred seventeen thousand nine hundred seventy nine

Forty one million one hundred forty thousand four hundred seven

Thirteen million nine hundred ninety nine thousand fifty three

Eight million five hundred eighty eight thousand ninety two

Thirty eight million four hundred forty five thousand seventy nine

Seventy million two hundred thirty seven thousand seventy

Fifty five million two hundred twenty seven thousand nine hundred twenty four

Two million thirty five thousand one hundred eighty seven

Seven million four hundred twenty two thousand two hundred seven

Sixty three million four hundred fifty six thousand five hundred sixteen

Forty million seven hundred twenty nine thousand three hundred fifty eight

Ten million four hundred thousand nine hundred twenty seven

Thirty eight million thirty eight thousand four hundred eighty two

Forty four million nine hundred eleven thousand one hundred fifty eight

Forty two million one hundred twelve thousand four hundred eighty five

Eighty six million seven thousand two hundred seventy nine

Fifty one million five hundred fifty thousand seven hundred sixty eight

Sixty three million six hundred thirty one thousand four hundred eighteen

Fifty nine million four hundred seventy eight thousand seven hundred twenty

Eighty four million nine hundred thirteen thousand nine hundred eighty four

Thirty two million nine hundred twenty seven thousand fifty five

Thirteen million three hundred fifty seven thousand two hundred eighty six

Seventy nine million four hundred twelve thousand three hundred sixty one

Fifty three million one hundred fifty five thousand three hundred fifty six

Eighty nine million six hundred thirty four thousand two hundred sixty four

Thirty eight million eight hundred eighty thousand one hundred sixty eight

Fourteen million nine hundred twenty six thousand two hundred thirty two

Eleven million three hundred forty four thousand five hundred sixty three

Fifty eight million three hundred nine thousand six hundred ninety

Seventy eight million five hundred seventy thousand two hundred thirty one

Thirty four million five hundred seventy four thousand five hundred fifty five

Thirty six million six hundred twenty seven thousand six hundred sixty nine

Nineteen million seven hundred ten thousand six hundred thirty seven

Forty seven million five hundred seventy three thousand six hundred eight

Forty four million two hundred fifteen thousand seven hundred sixty one

Fifty seven million one hundred fifty five thousand seven hundred seventeen

Seventeen million eight hundred ten thousand six hundred seventy eight

Ninety eight million four hundred forty three thousand six hundred eighty five

Fifty eight million one hundred ninety thousand nine hundred four

Twenty four million two hundred thirty two thousand eight hundred eighty five

Sixty one million nine hundred thousand two hundred one

Ninety seven million nine hundred twenty thousand two hundred sixty two

Thirty three million six hundred thirty three thousand eight hundred thirteen

Ninety eight million nine hundred thirty eight thousand six hundred eighty three

Forty two million eight hundred thirty one thousand four hundred twenty

Seventy four million seven hundred forty six thousand two hundred ninety nine

Eighty four million nine hundred forty five thousand nine hundred sixty one

Ninety three million three hundred eighty two thousand one hundred eighty nine

Thirty eight million three hundred seventy seven thousand seven hundred sixteen

Forty four million four hundred twenty four thousand six hundred eighty

Seventy eight million two hundred ninety six thousand one hundred seventy two

Seventy million three hundred four thousand seven hundred seventy two

Fifty six million seven hundred eighty one thousand nine hundred sixty seven

Fifty seven million seven hundred eight thousand five hundred thirty three

Twenty three million four hundred sixty thousand one hundred twenty eight

Forty six million four hundred sixteen thousand two hundred thirty

Ninety five million five hundred eighty eight thousand seven hundred one

Thirty seven million three hundred eighty six thousand three hundred sixty

Fifty six million seven hundred sixty thousand seven hundred ninety three


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