LADIES than you smarter the more likely that you will be alone.

Why men do not want to be with women with whom they can talk and argue? When there was an aversion to strong and intelligent women?

It's a cruel world ... full of awkward first dates, and limited ...

Now women are associated with the risk of first dates dangerous journey in the Arctic tundra. Where cold, uncomfortable and full chance that you will die sooner than procure fire.

After years of wandering creepy and a huge store of knowledge, we can say that this time - we are a little better prepared. We learned tips, tricks and lessons that can be learned only having experienced them first hand, quickly instructing scams, men who are just trying to deceive us again and again.

We are changing, clothes, haircut and style to match that unique, for whom it is intended, but there is something that we can not change, and it often plays a cruel joke with us.

Unfortunately, women often prevents intelligence. Because for all the intelligent and educated women really what they feel ... intelligent women have more chances to be alone.

The famous saying "ignorance is bliss" is not exactly cover a wide range of what women feel like they're sitting alone on a Friday night, as they have no one to discuss Nietzsche or read Proust.

It does not reduce the pain when parents ask about the guy and why she can not find a good guy.

The saying is correct, if there is a sound like this: "The ignorant women are men, and smart women do not feel the bliss».

But why so? Why men do not want to be with women with whom they can talk and argue? When there was an aversion to strong and intelligent women?

In one of the articles «The Wire», financial reporter, John Carney, gave one of the explanations for this phenomenon: "successful men meet with less successful women not because they want to" dumb woman ", but because they want" someone who sacrifice their priorities for them ».

Basically, they want someone who will think about the career, is not thought of dinner and pleasure.

They need enough stupid woman, so she could set priorities, but, unfortunately, these women much more than women smart and sensible.

There are many women who are ready to dedicate his life to men who do not want to challenge them, deal with them and do not want to see them as equal.

Again, deciding how you are a woman, it's like the choice between a rock and a hard place. If you are stupid, you will not be taken seriously, but if you are smart, you will be taken too seriously. Everywhere woman waving a two-handed sword. Beautiful, attractive woman should not be smart, and women with a strong character is considered as a threat to masculinity.

A study conducted with 121 members of the British, led to results that women with high intelligence in male / female relationships have been identified as problematic.

According to forecasts, their intelligence causes problems in the relationship. However, the high level of intelligence of men does not cause problems, it is desirable.

These cultural stereotypes and gender bias does not prevent women treated as equals. Rational and educated women are ignored and punished for intelligence.

Those women who teach you, show you and help to grow and get better, in fact better than those of girls in shorts that show too much of the body and high heels.

Of course, there are a lot of smart women who have boys. It is not suitable for women with boyfriends, but to calm the whining, relieve the pain of all the smart women, men are constantly invited them to dinner, spend a great time, and then decide that they are not worse than working.

First, in fact, is the worst
This generation of the epidemic today. Everywhere women are immersed in their standards and are looking for a man who appreciates them. They expect great things than you would like, and not just "it was good for me».

Where is the man who dozhzhen understand you? Where is the man who has to shock and to maintain?

The article «Daily Mail» Universities Minister David Willetts argues that "successful women are marrying less qualified partners than they are - and possibly choose the men who will support their career, and not to support financially».

Judging by the fact that men do not develop at the same speed with which increases the formation of women, there is an uneven scale. Women are getting smarter, and more men do not support them.

Most men want to get better in a relationship. Men are accustomed to the fact that a woman is always worse, and when it gets better - it becomes a threat.

The number of women with higher education now exceeds the number of men with higher education. Men in this competition are not ready to be in second place, this is the cause of women's loneliness.

Did you forget to eat the whole cake
Smart ambition generate neglect. Neglecting to love, to the guys and age, you do not get a degree Mrs. Neglect in college when to focus on learning, not on a quest for a Man, refusing to spend the night in bars and clubs.

Unfortunately, for all women who think men will appear later, other women used the youth and snatched boys and men, while they focus on career.

The women went to college with the intent to marry, is slowly but surely taking away men among those who went there to study.

This phenomenon only increases the likelihood that a woman will leave the college. She's disappointed and will start to work harder to achieve professional success due to the lack of love to fill the void. Dr. Alex Banner in «Huffington Post» explains that women compensate for their unfortunate acquaintance with a successful professional career, and it only increases the gap.

Great minds like big balls
You can be a sweet, sensitive and insecure, but your mind is threatening you. You may not have muscles and a large tsp * on, but men will see you as a competitor.

You're scaring them. Most intelligent women are not conceited and arrogant, but men think the contrary. They believe that a woman is going to fix them, upstage and get to feel useless.

In an article published in «The Daily Beast», Dr. Eileen Pollack explains, "All these contradictions in our culture are designed to ensure that you do not have both smart and beautiful. I do not think that the majority of throwing this challenge, we just accept ».

If a woman is too smart and self-sufficient, it is regarded as "not material for Me." If she is witty and competitive, it is regarded as difficult and overbearing.

Society teaches women that if they are smart and funny, they will not be met and will meet head empty and callous heart.

Lauren Martin


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