The best part of life - is the awareness of the benefits of your FAILURES

The greatest moments of enlightenment come when you look back on your life ...

Life - is both the most horrible and the most beautiful thing in the universe. By their nature, all living beings are imperfect. Sooner or later they all die - even the universe will explode one day and cease to exist.

Everything dies. This is the inevitable outcome, to which we approach every day. At the same time, beauty is as beautiful as and death. Things that will never die, can not be appreciated for their beauty, so they do not attract attention and awaken the senses.

Things that will never die, never actually do not live. Beauty is life itself, and people know how to take everything from life.

We try to live my life the best way that we constantly make mistakes, constantly stumble continuously change our ways of life and direction and constantly evaluate all their actions without exception. We live to make serious mistakes and learn from them.

Errors - is an integral part of life, as they not only teach us something, but also bring us closer to an understanding of who we really are. Sometimes people find it very difficult to be grateful for his life, because many really heavy fate.

I would even say that we all have a hard life as difficult - it's a matter of perception, and our essence is always hungry for more beauty, more success, more than prosperity.

However, it should be borne in mind that beauty, success and prosperity is actually just a shell, behind which there is nothing. And this emptiness that we feel moving in their way of life, allowing us to truly appreciate life itself.

You begin to understand the value of things, when you do not have anything. You will be able to succeed after not once sit in a puddle. A constant struggle and loss lead you to prosperity and help you find happiness.

Everything that happens to you in life - every small event - was going to happen to you there. You would never have become what is now, if something happened in your past in a different way. Even the smallest and least pleasant events formed one of us as individuals, that we should become.

The greatest moments of enlightenment come when you look back on your life's journey and realize that everything that happened to you was necessary and was in itself perfectly.

1. The moment when you realize that all your hard youth was bound to be heavy
In childhood, we are doing the greatest number of discoveries. Life teaches us lessons with rapid regularity. The older we get, the less frequent are these lessons. The identity of each person is formed from the day of his birth until they reach 20 years of age.

Those are things that you have gone through all that you have tried and seen has made you who you are now. Once you're likely to look back on the past (all the fun and difficult moments) in order to realize all this was going to happen, it was necessary.

2. The moment when you realize that if you had not suffered a terrible setback, you would have never learned this lesson
People always fail, and often make mistakes in the same situations. The failure - this is one of the most amazing things in this world, because it reminds us of how much we are imperfect. It reminds us how much we need to learn to be those people who we want to be.

Some of the biggest failures in your life then become your greatest strengths. Once you realize that if you've never failed, you would never have succeeded.

3. The moment when you realize that a broken heart has changed your life forever
Broken heart - whether it is yours or not - it will change you forever. It converts your very essence and turn you into a completely different person.

Broken heart - this is one of those life experiences that are most emotionally draining person. To break someone's loving heart, we just need a second.

You live with a broken heart as long as you meet someone who will pick up the pieces and glue them, but if you do smash someone's heart, then you will have to live with this the rest of your life. This can be terribly painful, but believe me when I tell you that this suffering is necessary.

4. The moment when you realize that your dreams will never work itself was not
Some people need more time than others to understand your purpose in life, but it's not their fault, just the search process takes place not only within us but also outside.

One of the most beautiful feeling in the world you are experiencing at the moment when you realize that what you once perceived as a goal in life, in fact it is not.

Too often we fail to excel at the work of our dreams, because there is something more, something wonderful that still awaits us.

5. The moment when you realize that your best friends - not friends
Throughout our lives we are changing more friends than even a pair of jeans. Most people that we thought will always be with us, to support in any situation, once just threw the ship and leave us to drown with him.

Knowing that a man is considered your good friend, is not such - it is one of the most important lessons in life. You will understand that it is better not quite have friends than be next to each other liars and traitors.

It will teach you to appreciate even more the people who really are your loyal friends.

6. The moment you realize that it's a long feeling of being lost and uncertainty was the only way to find the person you need to be
If you never go astray and do not lose, you can never find the right way. If you pretend that you have everything you need in order to not lose face in front of others, as a result you will suffer a complete failure in life.

You must accept the fact that you get lost, and then you find your way in this impenetrable fog.

Once you find yourself and acknowledge the need for such a long search, but only under the condition that you never stop looking.

7. The moment when you realize that the love of your life is still waiting for you
People are always comparing everything to the fact that they already know. Often we find that something initially perceived as an incredible and exciting, in fact it was ordinary and commonplace.

The person that you feel the love of life may seem so wonderful because you have not met your true love.

On that day, when you meet a person with whom you are destined to live a life, you will feel more alive than ever before, and probably more alive than ever even feel again.

8. The moment when you realize that your world is completely destroyed, and you continue to stand
Life - an incredibly complex and intricate concept (and I'm not even talk about life in general, and of each individual's life). There are so many aspects and details that make of us persons, which is almost impossible to put them together into a coherent whole. Sometimes it is even impossible. Sometimes things just have to disintegrate and break apart. Sometimes the life that you lead, so far from that which you had intended that only lost everything you can be on top.

The moment when you realize that even a loss can not stop you, that sadness, despair, anger and fear can not hold you back from achieving goals, you will become perfect. With flaws, but still perfect.

Paul Hudson


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