You are alone, because they are fools! 8 reasons women loneliness through the eyes of men

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Site invites the reader, but rather the reader on a Frank conversation. Started this conversation Slava Kotov, columnist edition KYKY, and it turned out that the theme is very sharp! These girls see around very much. Stoop, eyebrows frowning, bag under my arm a squeeze and go as prisoners to the execution. Even chat is not necessary to see on the faces, dull and sad, smeared like mascara in the rain sadness. If you are so ass strained as the muscles of the face, could at least brag about a perfect fifth point that men always true. But no — the voltage in the face of all the two hundred and twenty, and then you wonder why we are not acquainted.

Even the most lovely girls become like baked apples. In most cases, all this strained on face — another contrived grief: either a nail file or a friend got married, and you still can, or just a bad astrological forecast. Girls suffering from this terrible urge pure relations to be adopted this last to emphasize. To her like no game light and airy. Unaware that life is so shit, and if you do not learn to see the bright moments, and will stay one for its gloomy wall.

There are men who are trying to break this wall and find the girl a lot of positive qualities. But they would still be faced with the unwillingness to bear the light well is not in the positive charge when a person is illuminated with positive energy and sincerity. And every time you make an effort to from dark clouds to make the snow-white cloud — is quite time-consuming for men. We have tasks in life more difficult to provide, and to survive, not to deal with the next problems.

You are alone because it is too much to askMen feel like the cars on a test drive, getting acquainted with you. Sometimes I communicate with a lady, and the feeling that she is now on the Desk lay a list of queries that you owe her and why. Just because she is pretty and she has long legs? Yes, that's why men have become so picky, and there aren't so excite your slender body and chest of the fourth size.

West to your appearance, we, however, do not want to be experimental mice, check the degree of survival in a harsh world. To and BMW, and has its own apartment, and pack abs. A date turns into an interview where the girl is like the hiring Manager is testing you to determine if you can provide her a bright future.

The funny thing is that if this sin ladies from thirty, now twenty years and walk with a visible grin. One big commercialism.

It is funny that she considers herself a priori of the heavenly gift, who have immensely to invest and invest. If not with a woman, communicate, and with the Bank endlessly increasing rates on loans. A reasonable question arises: under these expectations, which will give us you, ladies? Are you able to stay faithful even in the most difficult times, or at the slightest hint of a black band will run away to someone who is more successful?

You are lonely because they passionately want to get marriedAfter an hour of chatting in your eyes as you rearrange the furniture in my apartment, pots and pans in the kitchen rattle. And that in a moment red short prom dress will be replaced by a plush Bathrobe, heels on the Slippers, I'm proud to be called husband and pilitsya for lack of trying. Excessive planning for the future brings is not something to anguish, and even fear.

Women are struggling to balance his life to make it hundred percent natural and that is no worse than her friends. You haven't figured out whether or not you like the same books and movies as you realize that the lady it doesn't matter. Her master plan is to put a ring on a ring finger and faster to fly to certainly will not go away.

And then you wonder why your friends men often marry simpleton, with your words. Yes, because long legs — not an indicator of happiness. Yes, we like to think, as they parted, but want to be with someone easily, a little bit unpredictable, that does not make plans for the next five years, and just enjoy the process. And she'll want to go snowboarding with me and not lain in the Solarium. And to not care about it, are you going to propose or not — life is too short to try to plan.

You are lonely because all the complicateTerrible women who endlessly dig in yourself and others. No, a neat complexity and depth we like, but not a permanent enclosure, when the slightest storm you need to run to a psychologist, a homeopath, an astrologer, a fortune-teller, friend. Called at lunchtime — don't like. Not congratulated happy Valentine's day — a tragedy for the whole week. Thickening the atmosphere for any occasion. Instead engage in useful or loved, you whine, cry, think, try to understand yourself, neighbor, boss, pet.

Surrounded by books on esoterics, psychology, posts from LJ, and begin to involve us in this mystical action, bringing us to the brain's incessant monologue. This is all completely missing the ability to be happy, the desire to enjoy life. Any movement immediately draped multi-layered thoughts, Yes the weight of doom. And you then declare to the world that real men are extinct, alluding to our primitive and the inability to accept your deep inner world.

The truth is that in your world only to drown, choking the flow of psychedelic toxins.

You are lonely because you don't like sexHere, women typically rush to extremes. There are those who bet on the appearance of opening the chest and putting the correct length dresses, all of these are smoothed, ironed — inevitably underway. We are men, to please the eyes of your charms.

But it makes sense only when in bed you are as scrupulous as the courtship process along. The result is the same but the opposite: sex is for you turns into a payment, the only trump card to tame us. End up in bed with a rubber doll that any attempt of variability begins to fear, not to fall off her false eyelashes. She can not offer anything appealing the fact that sex is purely male, and I'm so beautiful lying, what more do you want? And honestly, once again, when trying to turn a log in a burning fire, starting to think — as it should be?

Sex is not torture, but a mutually enjoyable act, where no one owes nothing, everything happens spontaneously, and most importantly — easy. Women are stupid if they think that for us the height of pleasure is to shove. It is better to tell the truth porn podrakonit than trying to please that which is in principle not able to love sex.

The second extreme is to consider sex something that is routine and mandatory. Hate women's reluctance to explore this area with the same passion with which they make drawings on the nails.

We don't need whores, if we care, how much at you was men. Here and now, and if you're lucky, all future years of life together, we want to see how you want us to do. As a ready-to haunt our thoughts, to turn our fantasies into reality under the cover of night. When sex is not a ridiculous payment, or "Oh, you only think about it", and such a strong "want" list sluttiest action that our only projection in my head is you.

And Yes, if in the evening, after a long day we will only have time to kiss, still the knowledge of how strongly and passionately you love us and sex with us only strengthens our love.

Because we men are so constituted. This is the norm, not the primitive baseness of feelings, which so often likes to blame us the weaker sex. Therefore: continue to make a wry face, accidentally opening the file with porn, continue to consider sex a sin or hard labor, continue to drive themselves into the complexes, afraid to turn the light on during intercourse. The only way you will achieve what so terribly afraid — lonelinesses.

You are alone, because they are fools Look at the subscription, all entirely Alyona and Masha in mink coats with flattened mouths and fillers in the cheekbones. (Yes, we don't understand it, but by associating with you begin to understand where the "jolie" is real, and where the fiction). Arched properly ass — that's all achievement. Such sick and disgusted, because the brain the size of a Canary, and the thought swinging like a pendulum, from: how long to build up your nails: no can you see the stripes from the pants under the pants. Read "instagram" instead of Dostoevsky, posting cats and their crazy selfies with duck lips.

There are fools easier, they are not even trying to be beautiful, all their vanity is to be against society, because "not such as all". In fact, all of that ugly. These and flaunt. Or get fat like a seal or becomes muscular, loud screaming woman, hating all around. Especially men.

To admit that have to work on myself, and above all, to swing the brain, alas, does not reach. Stupidity — it's comprehensive, starts with the head and the fury in his eyes, reflected in appearance and behavior. From those and other fools, beautiful and ugly, men fleeing from the sprint scope. First, it remains only to hate the entire male gender, okutyvaya contempt. To then at night to eat candy and it's sad to see another "sweet November".

You are alone because you do not wish to developIn this paragraph you can blame each other mutually. Just remember how many complaints from the weaker sex to men, how many of the requirements for the salary, intelligence, warmth and romance, it will be obvious and the feedback. How many women cease to develop themselves, being married?

This applies to body and mind. For many, the limit is motherhood. And everything, farewell sweet girl, you married seven years ago. Now you live with your mother, for which the only king and the deity is a child. It is not only excessive attention to the child, but also in the degree of neglect of the body. You do: you buy a dishwasher, steamer, microwave and a vacuum cleaner — in short, doing everything to relieve the home life. But inside women something stops. Going head first into motherhood, she kills the Queen, you fell in love with once. Start of weight problems, getting too lazy to care for yourself, style your hair, shave your legs.

And once the threshold you are met is not the girl in the sexy shorts, a lady in a velvet suit with a tail on the top. One that is littered with life, not in love with her. The only interest becomes a house, a life, a child. You feel like your existence together goes off the air, only a vacuum-tight inconclusive "nothing", stupid dullness, from which the gate due to the lack of the woman even languid interest and curiosity.

And it's not ephemeral matters, and a simple natural movement when you want a little more tomorrow than today. There is nothing better than to see a woman passionately in love with life, in love with himself. Not fixated on domestic planes, and knowing different areas, let it drop. The saddest thing of all is that you are learning to be fun. As if sometimes banal and vain our road, really want to see next to a person who can laugh at the jokes and cute stuff.

A woman that can have fun — much hotter than the one that is trying to be sexy with tuning. Here's the truth: all of this is your girl languor — another stupid, very annoying, the stronger sex.

You are alone because we do not know how to loveMany of you are not willing to give. You only heard about the horrors of solitude, the misery of life without love, that you are using. In fact, women themselves have forgotten how corny love and care.

The man we need? Come home and see that he is happy. To find yourself in the house where it is warm and comfortable, and the core of the comfort his woman. Don't need sushi and risotto, and mashed potatoes with a cutlet to eat, if my wife knows how to love me. When she can listen to me, cheer is not measured by the me eggs, who is more important, and smarter, and gives the feeling that only I am the most-most.

I know who and how much they earn, are able to compare their potential with the potential of other men. Constant competition is the norm for us, which is why we desire to be for women only and most strong. I don't need to strain, because all day I bothered to work out the morons on the road, annoyed the dollar and thoughts that have more to spin. House I need the relaxation. We, men, like cats: become very tame, if the time to feed and touch the fur. In short, I want affection and peace, and not uptight idiot, which is a storm for any occasion.

The years go beautiful and lonely: with a predatory look in his eyes, a clear monetization and the poor calculation in the shower. You are angry with, degrade, nights crying into the pillow, growling in frustration that all men goats. Well, well.



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