Things old mercilessly! 9 "no's" from the critique of fashion when choosing clothes.

The secret to a properly sized closet is in the details. Things relevant and well-tailored from good quality material, not only will hide flaws of your figure but subtract a couple of extra years.

Dressing tasteless and defiant, you not only risk to be considered vulgar young lady, but add a few years, especially if you aggravate the matter by a clumsy makeup. The editors of the"Site" cares about you, because I made a selection of the 9 most common mistakes made by women in the selection of clothing. Read and learn!

How to dress stylishly
  1. Monotony
    The bag to match the shoes doesn't pick one! And, it seems, for a long time. Experiment with colors and shades, find a color palette on the Internet.

  2. Swamp color
    Real taboo. Avoid shades of grass and olive oil, they give an unhealthy pallor to the face and instead of mystery adds age.

  3. Velvet
    As well as satin, lace and disco lurex. Forget about the existence of these tissue — now they look appropriate only at parties and catwalks.

  4. Bright colors
    Perfectly refresh the complexion. Give preference to peach and vanilla shades.

  5. Black
    The view that black color makes you look older, can be challenged. There's no colour more luxurious and elegant. If you have a prejudice against black, use in closet, separate black accessories.

  6. Form
    Contrary to Nakata wave of popularity on the model oversized, there are some things not all. You need to have really good figureto look well in them. So pick up neat fit, it also is comfortable.

  7. Neon shades
    If you can't live without bright colors and brightness, pick juicy colors and expressive.

  8. Length
    Pay special attention to it! Most women is the length of the skirts slightly below the knee. This style visually elongates the figure and makes her more graceful. Straight pants that cover the heel shoes will look more profitable.

  9. Diamonds and glass
    Choose minimal jewelry encrusted with stones. In fact, simplicity is the best friend of women, while the desire to look elegant can transform a lady into a monkey.

Always observe the Golden mean and moderation in all things. Try to avoid excess and don't overdo eclecticism. Remember, a beautiful woman feels comfortable in her skin and always looks well-groomed. Tell your friends about these little but important secrets and stay up to date with fashion events!

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