Greetings from the past. They're back! 5 reasons to sew Palazzo pants this fall.

This summer I discovered Palazzo pants, which makes me very happy, because is so comfortable and feminine pants I never had. In addition, both in summer and in the coming autumn season they are a real hit.

Stylish, luxurious and highly comfortable Palazzo — this is not a new fashion trend, but the retro that have returned. Fashion never ceases to surprise us, bringing well-forgotten details in the image of the modern Trouser.

And for those who don't know what it was about, let's say that the Palazzo pants are long trousers of a light fabric with a loose, extremely wide leg, flared from the hip.

Not surprisingly, pants, pompously named the Palazzo (Italian for "Palace") was originally known as beach pants. They allow air to circulate around the feet and hide them from prying eyes. Externally, these pants are very reminiscent of the wide skirt, but it's still pants.

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Pants Palazzo palazzari relevant not only in summer season: in the cold season wide trousers with the overestimated waist made from heavy knit or a cozy wool looks incredibly stylish! So for the approaching autumn season they are the same!

Big fan of the Palazzo was once the incomparable Coco Chanel. She was engaged in their sport during the holidays and then rebuilt this summer garment in warmer model of dense tissue and presented in her salon in Deauville.

The designer borrowed the vest the sailors, and a wide leg at the Venetian gondoliers. Later, Chanel has created a whole collection using a variety of models of palazzos.

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If you love wide-leg pants, then you don't need to convince you that Palazzo pants — what you need. If you always considered yourself a fan of the narrow pants, the editors «Site» have prepared for you 5 good reasons to try something new. And after all, Coco Chanel was right — they are perfect!

  1. Convenience and comfort
    These trousers are incredibly comfortable thanks to its cut. In addition, they can be worn at any time of the year. It all depends on the tissue from which they are made. To choose the right top to the Palazzo, you can use a simple rule: narrow top, wide bottom. Fit tight tops, shirts, slim cropped blazers. And try to avoid extra bulk in order to emphasize the elegance of these wide trousers.

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  2. Fit all
    Palazzo can help to hide those highlights of the figures that you are unhappy, and to hide the most elegant and fashionable way. Wide leg pants is especially suitable for shapes of type "rectangle, pear, inverted triangle," and in addition, this style gracefully balances a voluminous bust and lighten the silhouette as a whole. In addition, Palazzo pants are suitable for all ages!

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  3. Lengthen legs
    Regardless of shoes, Palazzo pants should close it partially or completely — except that socks shoes can look out. Slightly high waist pants increase effect of long and slender legs. Sixty million one hundred ninety nine thousand two hundred seventy one

  4. On all occasions
    With this comfortable and stylish garment you can create absolutely any look, from formal and business to relaxed boho, appropriate on the beach. All this thanks to the variety of cut. Perfect accessory complete with Palazzo will be a large, bulky jewelry, long earrings, and, of course, soft wide-brimmed hats.

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  5. Stand out from the crowd
    Many women force of habit or false belief that slimmer you can appear only uchiwas in jeans a half size too small, simply do not wear wide-leg trousers. That is why in the city streets continue to rule the roost skinny all types and variants. Do not miss the chance to demonstrate your excellent taste and stand out from the crowd!

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The Board of Directors the Selection of clothes — a serious matter, knows that every woman. We offer you to get acquainted with useful information on how to choose clothes for body type. These secrets will make you a Queen!

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Palazzo pants inevitably will give your image of femininity and refinement. They are quite comfortable and, despite the fact that it is a complex piece in their cut, versatile. They can be worn in the warm season, and cold.

Feel free to choose any material and hurry to learn this stylish trend in anticipation of the approaching autumn.

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