Strategies to attract "THEIR" man

IMAGE VS LOVEKnow they can be seen. See people who want love. And like would do much for this: who lips inflates who muscle, and who the thickness of the purse. Students who are engaged in creativity, and who becomes dependent on plastic surgery. People want one — with the external trappings of success to find my man, partner, lover.

Everyone wants to attract in life is a worthy partner to work together in sorrow and in joy and all that...In fact, find love.

And what are we doing for this? Show potential partners only the good side of nature, only pleasant aspects of the behavior, only positive and joy. At least, try.

And all these efforts are reflected in the fact that we form an image of yourself from another person using the image.

I want to show you the relationship between image and love.

For this I would like to remind you about the resources in which a person invests their free energy.

Resources opposed to "live" on the principle of communicating vessels. If one resource is "live" 99% of the free energy, the opposite is likely her at all.

Do you think if we are to attract the right partner, we invest a great deal of free energy in the online Image, how much for resource Love?

The energy of the imageAnd not to confuse and not to questions of style: "well we are in rags to go and constantly negativity? Then, partner?" let's look at the image from the point of view of energy.

In General, people under the "image" you see a pattern of behavior, appearance, attributes, success, and apply this concept to politicians, actors, singers, and famous figures. Say: the image of Zhirinovsky, the image of the Madonna, the image of Lady Gaga.

Under the "image" applies to the man himself imply the adoption of a human image of self, acceptance of their bodies, their appearance, their physical appearance as they are.

But if we consider the image from an energy point of view, the image will be nothing more than a pattern of behavior that gives others the confidence that this person possesses a high energy potential that is actually not true.

The image of a hidden man's desire to show a more harmonious person than there really is.

And the higher the harmony of the personality, the personality attractive in the eyes of other people and has great magnetism. And if the person is not as harmonious as he'd like, he puts on the "image" as the jacket to hide the "naked body".

On a subconscious level this really is perceived as a kind of clothing worn on the person, almost "the last shirt", which is not making and does not give anyone, whatever was said.

This shirt acts as a barrier, which stalkivaetsya anything that is not approved by society. Popular in this society things are overt and open to everyone, whereas the opposite manifestations clipped a powerful barrier that no one let anyone.

If a person has decided to form in others the image of himself, then he has to maintain it need more and more external environment, "clothing", which he regularly washing, Ironing, and often buys a new one.

So the person is trying to get the trappings to show people that he is "better" than other, more popular, more intelligent. Again, this is the desire to find, attract and retain the right partner.

The image gives a man social bonuses, the attention and sympathy of others. And attention and sympathy is not that other, as energy. At a certain point one begins to perceive this "clothes" as a mandatory attribute of life, without which he feels "naked".

No matter how good social bonuses, people always KNOW two things, which are not reported to anyone.

First, for maintaining a constant image requires the expenditure of personal energy, so as to create the illusion of a harmonious personality, while such is not as time-consuming and energy-consuming job.


And this job is not a normal natural state of man, so from time to time there is a desire to remove "clothes", and even "the shirt". I want to find such person who will have access to that "shirt" and even a "naked body". And this is the need for Love.

But there is second. Image attracts people, but the man knows that it is not he himself as a person that attracted the man and his image. This seemingly sincere, but unconvincing: "from me to you just need the money", or "how I got fat, didn't need to anymore". What are you called, like when invested in the resource Image, and the energy I want to get from a resource of Love? But then the knowledge of knowledge, and the desire of desires.

And as the desire is stronger than knowledge, the man continues to work on the image, hoping to attract the right partner.And we strive to find a partner with the same or a higher level of personal energy. People with lower energy than us, we are not attracted to.

Therefore, despite the knowledge of these two things, the person continues to push the barrier all the negativity.

And suppressing and ignoring the "naked" saarernaa aspects of life leads to inner disharmony, to increase the internal voltage. And sooner or later this tension manifests itself, and often at the most inopportune moment.

And then there are two possible scenario.

Either the barrier becomes thicker, the unwanted aspects of personality even stronger trebuutsya inside with even greater energy consumption.

Either people perceive is a manifestation of the hidden part of the subconscious as a critical signal that life in the same spirit to anything good will not result — it is desirable to sacrifice image, but to manifest the hidden side of the subconscious.

By the way, our ancestors, the Slavs knew about this and for the holidays staged a Sodom and Gomorrah that allowed them to remove this internal stress.
In Russian villages before naveivali men to see how many "clothes" he is wearing, and what his "barrier".

Now widespread partying on new year's corporate parties, drunken tantrums in the Smoking room, the corporate quick sex in the cavern. This allows people to shoot for a while the burden of "holding brand", relax and be "naked" under the guise of alcohol. By the way, one of the functions of the alcohol — removing subconscious barriers — has long been known to mankind, like "what drunk take". Well, of course, no-no...

The removal of barriers and the merging of the subconscious levels can contribute to repentance, when people come to Church for the forgiveness of sins. And they really becomes easier, they go for a permit to have not only all the "right and good", but "vile, reprehensible". They give this permission. As well as a man in love gives her lover permission to be "pig".

The desire to remove barriers, give "the shirt off", relax and allow yourself to be REAL, confused with the desire of Love.

Image vs loveIt is this confusion affects people who have chosen the image as a way of obtaining energy from others. They like to attract attention, but they find love can't anybody. And even if they do fall in love, don't get feelings for each other. Their life of love is not responding to them, because there is no energy.

And then, at the level of the ego, one always feels the image of another person, and he was still happy to try, abandoning their barriers, and it all leads to a hellish mixture of discontent, resentment, misunderstanding. Some are not ready really to put up with the actual "naked" people, others are not willing to limit your energy sources.

Hoping to find Love one all the big forces are thrown on the bleeding of the image to attract the right person, and the second, though "all men — goats" and "all women — silly women" of the action is still aimed at finding the "halves".

And this is what happens. Each resource is transformed from a means into a goal.From energy source to sink. Everything else ceases to excite the man, man belongs to the "favorite" resource. Some are looking for love and are ready to move mountains for this, and others are putting on an increasing number of "dresses" and further create the image.

And that's another pattern of behavior intended to attract my life partner with a higher energy level than the man himself.

And then in a more advantageous position is the strategy of pumping of the image than a strategy quest of love. People image have a great chance that someone will not frighten their break internal barriers, only due to the fact that wanting to be with them a lot more than the average person. And produce these people the impression of high energy.

Also it should be noted that the strategy of building image can be built in such a way that the energy that goes into its construction "pays for itself", that is, the image is very close to the person and talking to a bunch of that barrier are pushed not very critical for the individual "nehoroshesti". The image in this case is troublesome, but in return allows you to have bonuses.

If the person chooses the search strategy of love, or of waiting for the arrival of love, it is also dependent on the resource, and man image.

Often such a strategy is no strategy as such. Trips to restaurants, clubs, exhibitions and other places people perceive as a strategy, it is how he will meet him/her and then it will be good. She purposefully chooses the venue, and thereby creates the basis for the imbalance. And this low-energy state. The status of the petition. The most extreme cases happen when this imbalance causes a person to "take that hit", assign it a "horrible" on the role of the beloved, only to be balanced.

Hunger for online love is that then this "anything" the human psyche will create the illusion of reciprocity to justify their choice. And this leads to, depending on the subject of "love." Beloved will perceive this passion as an invasion into your life and attempted violence and will try to distance themselves.
This will lead to the breakdown of relationships, and the new finding "love".

Further, this interaction with the resource of love will lead to addiction, to merge with him and a painful reaction to all that is connected with it. At the household level, it will be hatred of all lovers, the attributes of family life, procreation, and this hatred is again stalkivalsa for "barrier". Constant thoughts of finding a partner, marriage, happy life together will block energy, it will be focused and people will not be able to cope with it.

The person who chooses the search strategy of love, has all chances to break through the crowd wishing a person's image. And if to break, to run into a "dummy", which for the soul nothing.

The most optimal strategy will be the development of both linked resources.

Enough attention to the image, and the image itself is not bad, will not achieve the addiction to online love.

That is the desire to communicate and the attention of other people, whatever the closeness with loved ones, will not give rise to merge with the human resource of love.

This means that the person is adequately perceives a loved one, perceives it as an individual, but he perceives himself not as an appendage to the beloved, and as the same individual.

At a low level of development of the resources of the image and love contradict each other, and it is necessary to consciously restaurantsthe themselves with one, then another. Remember that your partner is single and unique, but at the same time there are other people around, quite interesting and attractive.

This variable disidentification does not become adherent to either one or the other resource, because commitment leads to addiction and "fight" for free energy.

As the connection resources, competition at a low level, the fight goes to fight, when "the rivals" play by the rules and respect each other.

The next stage is competition for resources free energy, and here it all will depend on the bonuses, which each resource will be given.

At a higher level of personal development the resource image is competing with the resource of love, and later they established mutually advantageous cooperation.

In General it's all about a love relationship.

Positive and time the image, a few words about "the eternal positive", which I have just fell in love in the teeth.

In SOC.networks, on TV, in the media is often exploited the image of a successful person, who is OK. And we all, whether we like it or not, influenced by this "positive" propaganda.And wish to meet. And this also touches on "clothes" image.

And, of course, always pay attention to the image of other people. Then a here's the thing: do we take "zero" what is really above this "zero". And one who really is on the "zero", under the influence of image others would consider themselves in the "minus", a kind of unhappy, resentful life. Want to be in the "minus" and the fact that neither is "plus", or at least to jump to someone else's "zero". But how? Need someone to adapt, someone is sure to appease that special something to do then there will be "plus".

In fact, those who pretends that he's fine, just pushes the barrier all the negativity and flaunting their positive "bursts".Guess what?

In order to attract into your life fans, admirers, associates, that will give it the energy of attention.

In principle, there is nothing "bad", as they say, everyone survives as can. Just often people influenced through such a positive and motivating and I go to him that he taught "how to live". This stand of the sect, different religious teachings. But the point is that people, no matter how energetic he may be, simply can not raise the level of personal energy to anyone.

It can only indicate the direction, due to the image to attract people.

There is another type of image which often exploit people. You can call this type of "temporary". In this type of image a person creates in others the illusion of total employment. In fact, it makes you wait for him. Wait, when he comes, wait for him to get rid of their super important things, to press it constantly and to accept his appearance as a holiday. This gives him the ability to get energy from someone who is waiting for him. I understand that "temporary image" are low-energy people? They actually can produce their own energy in a different way, but do not stop to remove it from others.

All punctuality people doing exactly that. Because others appreciate a very important resource, as the time, and not allow him to squander yourself first and foremost, and then the other. Try somehow to wait for the eternal "last minute" 5-10 minutes from meetings, and quietly go about their business. I assure you, you will immediately receive a call with the disturbances that you are "bad" and detained him "great things."

That's exactly what he will try to take you energy. And there's your cause, give it to him or not. Join the debate, start to explain, you'll lose energy. Correctly sending to the known address — get energy. You decide. published


Author: Olga Rybakina

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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