Frederick the Great - the most beautiful horse in the world

Majestic, beautiful, the embodiment of black beauty are just some of the flattering nicknames that people give 16-year-old Friesian stallion Frederick the Great, recognized the British media "the Most beautiful horse in the world." It's hard to argue: a coal-black stallion with a luxurious mane is really good.

We live at stud in the USA Friedrich has his own blog and Facebook page.

Forty nine million one hundred thirty six thousand seven hundred forty eight

Thirty one million two hundred nineteen thousand eight hundred seventy eight

Thirty four million six hundred twenty six thousand one hundred sixty two

Sixty seven million three hundred ninety eight thousand four hundred fifty four

Forty six million eight hundred ten thousand two hundred fifty six

Eighty seven million two hundred forty three thousand eight hundred sixty

Five million three hundred fifty four thousand eight hundred forty three


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