Photo by Yury Abramochkin of life in the USSR

Many frames Abramochkin become classics of Soviet photography. Young photographers are learning to see the significant in the everyday.

Twenty seven million two hundred sixty nine thousand seven hundred nineteen

Yuri Abramochkin is a world renowned photographer, the legend of Soviet and Russian photo. Began working as a photojournalist at the age of 21, is doing well in the business for over sixty years. Abramochkin work was shown in solo and group exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Holland, Hungary, India, Syria, Romania, Russia. His fantastic work ethic and talent, he has earned prestigious awards, including the prize "Golden eye" international competition World Press Photo.

Heroes of photographs by Yuri Abramochkin became political leaders, artists and writers, scientists and astronauts. But a special place in his work, he took the shooting of ordinary people. Yuri was among the first masters who brought in Soviet reportage photography spontaneous scenes of everyday life.

I love intermediate frames, – says the photographer. – The most successful stories of public people can't take after the ceremonial posing, when everyone starts to behave naturally. In General, the photographer should not grab the camera in time with the man. It is necessary to show restraint, to look at the man, to create a relaxed, trusting atmosphere and only then start shooting. After shooting should break up with someone kindly. If the reporter respects himself, he must respect and the man shoots.

Below are a selection of images of the Soviet years, when Yuri traveled across the country, creating the masterpieces of documentary photography.

Forty nine million seven hundred eighty nine thousand seven hundred forty six

Eighty one million five hundred fifty three thousand four hundred three

Forty eight million five hundred sixty four thousand seven hundred ninety five

Forty nine million eight hundred fifty four thousand seventy five

Fifteen million eight hundred seventy one thousand eleven

Eighty three million eight hundred thirty nine thousand nine hundred twenty seven

Twenty two million six hundred thirty three thousand four hundred sixteen

Eighty two million seventy six thousand seventy one

Eighty two million seven hundred thirty nine thousand six hundred ninety three

Three million three hundred sixty two thousand four hundred fifty one

Forty eight million eight hundred seventeen thousand nine hundred fourteen

Ninety three million six hundred ninety two thousand eight hundred eighty one

Seventy nine million seven hundred eighty five thousand eight hundred eighty nine

Eighty two million two hundred seventy seven thousand three hundred seventeen

Ninety seven million six hundred ninety three thousand three hundred forty six

Forty three million three hundred thirty nine thousand ninety seven

Seventy five million one hundred nineteen thousand three hundred seventy nine

Eleven million nine hundred twenty nine thousand three hundred five

Twenty three million one hundred forty one thousand six hundred twenty four

Forty eight million six hundred thirty four thousand four hundred eight

Sixty five million four hundred twenty four thousand seven hundred nine

Eighty one million five hundred eighty thousand three hundred eighty one

Thirty nine million two hundred eighteen thousand two hundred ninety

Seventy nine million forty five thousand three hundred two

Ninety one million three hundred ninety nine thousand six hundred ninety five

Fourteen million six hundred three thousand four hundred eighty three

Thirty two million nine hundred thirty five thousand six hundred twenty four

Thirty four million two hundred forty six thousand five hundred ninety two

Ninety one million two hundred forty thousand eighty seven

Seventeen million seven hundred thousand seven hundred twenty four

Sixty million five hundred sixteen thousand three hundred twelve

Forty one million twenty nine thousand eight hundred thirty three


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