The mustachioed horse UK

15 year old stallion Alfie from Glostershire has a great Golden mustache with a length of 7 inches (18 centimeters). Apparently he's the mustachioed knight to all the British Isles. And maybe in the world.

The vegetation on his face according to the hosts began to grow in the last five years. Alfie really do not like it when we touch his moustache with your hands or when you want to comb or cut. Some breeds of horses grow a mustache, but the owners do not allow them to come to such a neglected appearance as Alfie, but he does not admit to imagine anyone with scissors in their hands.

The caretaker of the horse is 20-year-old Haley Constit says that Alfie is incredibly stubborn and really proud of his moustache. He's got character.

- When I first saw it, it was rather strange to see his mustache. But he does not allow them to do. You must be just a crazy daredevil if you want to approach him and touch his mustache. And at the same time he is very sensitive and easy to scare, but it works perfectly as a horse for horse riding. I've heard about horses having a mustache, but I think my Alfie has the longest whiskers that could grow a horse.

Horses have hairs on the upper lip, so using them to determine the status of food, their freshness and texture, but really thick mustache grow only in horses Frisian breeds.

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