Personality, the mustachioed

It is known that facial hair gives a man of brutality and decorates the exterior. Perhaps so many legendary figures grow mustaches, which later became their hallmark. Let's look at the top famous barbels.

Hulk Hogan

Wrestler Hulk Hogan is one of the most famous lovers of Fu Manchu mustache. In the photo, he proudly shows them together with impressive biceps during the presentation of his book "My life outside the ring" at Madison Square Garden October 27, 2009.

Albert Einstein

Besides the fact that Einstein was a genius of mathematics and the father of modern physics, he was still wearing a beautiful mustache. Together with the bushy mustache and unkempt hair complements the image of a brilliant but absent-minded professor.

Freddie Mercury

"We have rastryasёm," sang the last singer of the band «Queen», who always wore a mustache. Born on the island of Zanzibar, this powerful singer died of AIDS in 1991 at the age of 45 years.

Charlie Chaplin

Mustache adorned one of the most famous people of the 20th century - the person of the king of silent films of Charlie Chaplin. Neat mustache complements the image of the "little tramp". In his autobiography, Chaplin wrote that added a mustache to his appearance "to look older, without changing expression».

Jason Lee

Mustache was a key point in the image of the hero of the film "My Name is Earl", played by former professional skateboarder Jason Lee. But for the next role in "The heat in Memphis" Jason had to shave off his mustache.

Sacha Baron Cohen

British actor Sacha Baron Cohen played the role of Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev - ignorant, misogynist and anti-Semite with obsessive thoughts about Pamela Anderson in the mockumentary "Borat." His thick mustache considered all the rage among residents of the fictional Kazakh village.

Brad Pitt as Aldo Ryan

Star had to grow a mustache foppish style Errol Flynn. They perfectly complement the image of the lieutenant, who led the Jewish resistance in the drama of the Second World War Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorious Bastards».

Clark Gable

Recognized by the American Film Institute's greatest actor of all time, Clark Gable as anyone could argue that to create the popular image of a courageous man needed mustache. In most movies filmed Gable mustache, including in "Gone With the Wind," but "Mutiny on the Bounty" was no exception. Perhaps those are the rules at the sailors.

Joseph Stalin

The official portraits of the formidable Soviet dictator always depicted a massive and powerful. In fact, his mustache to hide the growth of 1, 5 m., Pockmarked face and the absence of most of the teeth.

Salvador Dali

Upturned mustache Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali was an integral part of his extraordinary personality. "Waking up every morning I feel incredible pleasure from the fact that Salvador Dali is" once uttered by the artist himself.

Mikhail Boyarsky

Hat and mustache - that's two things that are isolated from the crowd of famous actor. But even with such great mustache occur incidents. "Before the start of filming of" D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers "I slowly and painfully, grow a mustache, but on the first day, curling them grimersha slept pride Musketeers. I had to glue artificial, while its not grown, "says Mikhail.

Nikita Mikhalkov

One gets the impression that the director and actor all his life wore a mustache, because even his own daughter does not represent it without them. "I would be upset if he shaved them. Before, I did not like the fact that pricked when dad kisses. And now my dad so much, that I can not imagine it without a mustache, "said Nadia Mikhalkov.

Saddam Hussein

"Branded" mustache former leader of the Republic of Iraq and the overthrow of the tyrant so betrayed him that, hiding from the Americans, he even shaved it off, leaving a beard.

Che Guevara

Insurgency in Cuba became a splash on the fashion mustache and beard in the army. But the most "religious" mustache and beard among Cuban barbudos (Spanish for "bearded") belong to Che Guevara, canonized worldwide in millions of postcards, t-shirts, posters, annual re-released with the day of his death.

Alexander Lukashenko

Mustache President of Belarus known throughout the world. And they even managed to take part in the scandal, which has recently turned in Lithuania. The opposition protested against Lukashenka's visit to Lithuania and unfurled a banner reading "baleen forbidden entry».

Semen Budenny

Until his death, his mustache Budennogo were an integral part of his image. They treated him very earnestly. During the Civil War in the First Cavalry Army and served brother seeds that grew the same mustache. Budyonny did not like. One day, inviting him to his guests, he contrived to cut the ends of his mustache, saying: "There should be one Budionny».

Leonid Yakubovich

Leonid Yakubovich became a symbol of modern television, the brand's first channel is largely thanks to his mustache. And the fans love them sometimes knows no bounds. At one of the shows participant from Novosibirsk, an insurance agent by profession, a large sum insured is the leading mustache, referring to the fact that since Yakubovich smokes a pipe, and for the fate of this mustache is an increased risk.

Valery Gazzaev

Russian coach mustache became a symbol and mascot for many football fans. That is why, once promised to shave off his mustache if his club come to the final of the UEFA Cup, Gazzaev fans filled up the letters, begging him not to shave off his mustache legendary bringing luck when CSKA defeated opponent in the semifinal match.

Adolf Hitler

Until now, most historians believe that Adolf Hitler mustache "brush", just for fashion. However, in the notes of the writer Alexander Frei, who served with the future Führer, found a description of how, in fact, Hitler gained its characteristic "mustache". It turned out, as well as the rest of the soldiers of the German army, Hitler ordered to trim his mustache, so they do not interfere with wear masks. But until the future Fuhrer was the owner of lush Prussian mustache.

Alexander Druz

Master of the game "What? Where? When "always appears on television with luxurious mustache. Maybe it's just a habit, and maybe it's even a mascot. One thing is for sure, a lot of jokes about his mustache, and there is evidence of their popularity.

Vasily Chapaev

Vasily famous luxuriant mustache sergeant-major. It is with such entangled mustache portrayed in portraits and films. In the city of Cheboksary in the museum holds his mustache, though not real and sham - Babochkin actor, who played a major role in the famous film about the division commander.

Friedrich Nietzsche

"Thick" mustache German philosopher attracted people so that they began to imitate him and to grow the same. For example, the Russian writer Maxim Gorky got the same lush vegetation on the face.

Peter I the Great

Peter I introduced in the Russian western fashion for shaving, but not to quarrel with the church and the army, left wearing a beard and mustache for the clergy, and mustache - for officers. Peter led the tax and even issue passports for beard and mustache as a copper medallion with the image of manhood. Characteristically, he wore a mustache, which was a departure from some Western European standards of the time.

Frank Zappa

Rock musician was so recognizable thanks to his trademark mustache that Zappa family after his death in 1993 bought the rights to this picture.



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