Championship mustache and beard-2011 Trondheim, Norway

163 participants from 15 different countries gathered in the city of Trondheim in Norway to take part in the Championship mustache and beard-2011. Mustaches and beards are evaluated in six categories: unkempt beard, English beard, mustache in the style of Dali's mustache in the Hungarian style mustache imperial style, beard and mustache in free style.

Hairdresser Elmar Veysser got first place, winning the championship. He says, "When my beard is not stacked, it gets me to the waist. Now I kind of laid it ».

Jurgen Drahaym from Germany, who won in the nomination "The Musketeers».

Dieter Bezuh from Germany, who won in the category of "Free Style».

Lutz Giese of Germany, who won in the category "Chinese style».


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