42 types of beards, mustaches and sideburns

Beard, mustache and sideburns - a great way to express your individuality and create your own unique style.
Did you know that the number of ways to decorate themselves up to several tens?

Suvorov beard (fr. A La Souvarov) - starts at the temples and descends, skirting the cheekbones to the corners of the mouth, and then bends again upward, gradually turning into a mustache. Chin, however, remains clear.

Polizei (Copstash Standard) - beautiful mustache, bordering the upper lip within the corners of the mouth, with a base under your nose. Prefer their police and military, ie those who by statute normal beard wearing not supposed to, and really want.

Dali (Dali) - a thin mustache, shoots up like a great painter Salvador Dali.


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