6, the most interesting facts about Walt Disney and his cartoons

The Birthday geniya

December 5, 1901, Walter Elias Disney was born, the world-famous legendary cartoonist and founder of a multimedia empire. We decided to recall the most interesting facts about Disney and his cartoons.

1. WALL-E was named in honor of Walt Disneya

Cartoon "WALL-E" can be called one of the most fascinating ever made love stories (and one of the most depressed, by the way). The protagonist maltfilma - WALL-E, an adorable little robot scavenging on an abandoned planet formerly known as Earth. People were forced to leave the planet because of the pollution, and during the cartoon become too lazy and fat to go back to the planet again.

WALL-E is named after the founder of the production company "Walt Disney Pictures" Walter Elias Disney. The English transcription is clearly visible: Wall-E and Walter Elias Disney.

2. To become a member of the "Club 33" at Disneyland have to wait your turn 14 let

"Club 33" - this is a private club located in the Disneyland park in New Orleans (USA). While Disneyland has a full license to sell alcoholic beverages, "Club 33" - is the only place in Disneyland Park, where guests can really serve alcohol.

It is unlikely that you will ever be able to get into the "Club 33", is a legendary place - one of the most secretive institutions in the world. Here is the story of its origin. The concept of Disneyland was a very original idea at the time of its creation, however, was required for the construction of serious funding. Walt Disney turned to investors from among large corporations and offered them the opportunity to advertise in the park. Disney realized that he needed a place that can provide excellent cuisine and entertainment, where his important guests and partners to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the park. Thus was born the idea of ​​the "Club 33". But Walt died before the completion of the clubs, leaving him without a name. When you first open the club its members were chosen the main sponsors of Disneyland. There were 33, among them the "Kodak", "Coca-Cola", "Bank of America", "General Electric" and other large corporations. Agree, is unlikely to be the representatives of such companies would spend time at Disneyland, riding a roller coaster. The number of members of the club gave him a name.

Although initially the "Club 33" has been designed exclusively for corporate partners and other senior officials of industry, it is still possible to enter. Since 2010 there is a list of candidates for membership in the club, which will have to wait their turn even as much as 14 years (since the number of members can not exceed 487)! I wish to get into this elite community must pay an entrance fee of $ 27 500 (if they are corporations) or $ 10,450 (for individuals). They also pay an annual fee of about $ 6,100 or $ 3,275, respectively.

3. With the opening of Disneyland in 1955, the year of its employees were forbidden to wear borody

"No long hair, mustache and beard! We can not allow anyone of the founders of Disneyland Park sold a bottle of cola nechёsany dirty hippies! "- Repeatedly Walt Disney himself, whom no one has ever seen without a mustache. The prohibition was so strict that only in 2000, it was first reviewed by allowing employees to wear a well-groomed park small mustache.

So last year at Disneyland have seen a revolution: the staff finally allowed to wear a beard and mustache, and ... but, still observing the recommendations from the management of the park to the length and shape of beards.

4. The bandits Brothers Gavs from "DuckTales" really suschestvovali

Characters Brothers and Mothers Gavs from "DuckTales" Walt Disney copied from really existed in the 1930s gang.

«Barker-Karpis Gang», headed by Ma Barker. «Barker-Karpis Gang» was one of the most audacious crime groups of their time - on their account had a lot of bank robberies, killings and kidnappings. For example, in 1933-1934, only as a ransom for the kidnapped bankers, they have received about 300 thousand. Dollars, a huge sum in those days. The gang and its members became prototypes for a variety of gangster films and books, for example, the film "Johnny D" with J. Depp starring tells about one of the members of «Barker-Karpis Gang», John Dillinger.

5. In 1946 Disney released the cartoon "The history of menstruation»

The animated film "The history of menstruation" was released in 1946 with the support of Kotex, manufacturer of feminine hygiene products. The lectures on healthy lifestyle it looked more than 105 million American schoolchildren. As to the content, everything seems very sensible and anatomic - Hong gynecologist Mason, worked as a research consultant on the project, insisted that considerable emphasis in the video was made on is biological and naturally occurring processes. It is believed that this animation is the first film shown to the public, containing the word "vagina».

6. Alyssa Milano is the prototype of Disney's "The Little Mermaid"

"The Little Mermaid" - one of the most famous cartoon studio Disney. In the cartoon there are plenty of colorful characters - the main character of the little mermaid Ariel, her friends, the prince and the evil witch Ursula, with whose help at the feet of Ariel appear.

In order to create as many unique characters, animators and writers drew inspiration from popular at the time the images of mass culture. For example, Ariel was literally copied from the character's 11-year-old Alyssa Milano, then starred in the TV series "Who's the Boss?" - Samantha Michelli. Besides the similar appearance and characteristic bangs, the Little Mermaid has adopted some features and demeanor heroine Milano. And the effect of its "floating" in the water of hair was taken from photographs of the American female astronaut Sally Ride in weightlessness.

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