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From the blog vinokino: During the Christmas holidays I had a chance with her daughter to see a lot of variety of cartoons. Some two or three times. Despite the fact that these activities were purely children's character, the habit to look out for each bottle that appears in the frame, I will not go away. And as it turns out it is not in vain, because the children's cartoon created quite adults who lay in them a lot of interesting things for the same adults. Jokes understandable adult parody of the famous adult, alcoholic beverages, which recognize only adults.

The first thing that caught my eye in the Soviet and foreign cartoons same spirits appear in the frame with a completely different purpose. In Soviet animation their appearance is necessary to create a funny situation, and in most foreign films to show how funny can be a little drunk protagonist.

As an example, well-known Soviet animated series "Well, wait a minute!».

In the 14th edition of the Wolf came to visit Hare with a huge bouquet of flowers and a bottle of cider. That's just try this drink no one has succeeded, Wolf made a whole show from a simple as it would seem, on the steps of his discovery.

As always, with easily predictable ending.

But the appearance of an entire barrel of cider in the same one of the series "Tom and Jerry" was necessary in order that the cat Tom fell into it, got drunk, and briefly became friendly to the little mouse Jerry.

Many are now called "Just you wait!" Carbon copy of "Tom and Jerry", but as can be seen in addition to the general outline - "The Wolf / Cat catches Hare / mouse" in the series has a lot of specific details, and they are found out, are quite different.

Cider, is a very popular cartoon alcoholic drink. That it went to "extract" from the basement farmer cartoon heroes "Fantastic Mr. Fox." And despite the difficulties, Fox and Possum successfully carried off a few bottles of "liquid gold»

But in order to celebrate the victory over the farmer Mr. Fox uses a completely different drink, easily recognizable shape label champagne - Dom Peregnon

Champagne and cartoons used to emphasize the importance and solemnity of the moment. In other words, to celebrate anything. Here and penguins from the movie "Madagascar," noted the capture of the ship open bottle of champagne, a label which conjures up thoughts of Cristal from Louis Roederer. This delicious drink here is like volley salute. It does not matter that penguins do not drink this sparkling wine, an important fact of its grand opening.

To learn how to use some of boxes Champagne Pol Roger Vrungel captain and his crew, I wrote an article on champagne in a cinema. Unlike the heroes of foreign cartoons this drink did not mention the solemn moment of victory in the regatta, and as usual in Soviet cartoons, used it to create funny situations.

But as it turns out, it was not the only drink in the animated series. Mafia chief and his loyal aides Dzhuliko Banditto and De La Woro Gangsteritto great pleasure drank cherry brandy, port and cognac Fonseca Hine.

And after such a feast, why not sing a song "We banditto-gangsteritto" with the words "Always drink Cinzano, constantly sated, drunk, oh yes!».

And if in this cartoon of Cinzano vermouth only sing, in another of the Soviet animated film "kitten named Woof" bottles of the drink are shown in the frame.

And it seems there is in this demonstration is no need, no one saw, no vermouth funny situation happened. I suspect that one of the creators of the cartoon simply thus paid tribute to his favorite drink.

While we are talking mainly about the occasional appearance of alcohol in the frame of children's cartoons. As they get older the target audience and the show, and the strength of the drink increases. Thus, for example, looked a couple of episodes of the animated series "Family Guy" can hardly be called his children. And so when, for one series in the hands of the protagonists repeatedly turns a bottle of whiskey, it's no surprise. But first things first.

Brian dog with one of the members of the family Griffin, Stewie kid comes to the bank, where he was for some reason needed to check their deposit box. Metal safe, where the most expensive things for him: a dead bird, a pistol and a bottle of twelve-year Glenfiddich. I even hesitate to say that in this set too much, well, certainly not the whiskey.

Once accidentally locked in a room with a safe-deposit box, Brian a short time later decides that one special moment for which he kept a bottle of single malt whisky come. So, Glenfiddich whiskey is drunk.

There are, of course, the cartoons, which are equally interesting, and children of all ages and adults. And the most important gastronomic cartoon of all time "Ratatouille," of course, refers to this number. Children touched by the charming rat Remy, and adult swallow the saliva, when the screen appear very realistic-looking gourmet cuisine and no less realistic wine. And what wine!

Chateau Latur 1961, selected M. Zhivoderom to "unleash" the language of the new cook linguine, and discover the secret of how to make his incredible culinary skills.

Wine from the Côte du Rhône from Guigal, who choked on a gastronomic critic Antoine ego to know that the restaurant, criticized him in an article, again received rave reviews from his fellow writers.

And, of course, Chateau Cheval Blanc 1947, which perfectly complement the very ratatouille, which was prepared by Remi specifically to hit Antoine ego.

And of course, in the movie there are wine footage to show the funny and absurd situations

and solemn moments

Truly a cartoon of all time. About his popularity without words to say a huge number of userpics protagonists, filling all sorts of social networks on the Internet. Everybody will remember that everyone can cook, it would be only a strong desire. My daughter now knows that in a restaurant with good food to drink good wine. And I like that my child has such knowledge.


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