By countrymen: Now hang the flags of the Russian Federation on the regional council, it is the same as June 23, 1941 post Nazi banners.

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You know, guys, I'm already tired by telephone to conduct propaganda work.
I get a call from the different countries where there is no Ukrainian television and where people get their information from the Russian international sources, I call people I know for many years, the residents of South-East. Normal intelligent people with higher education, non-drinkers (moderately), without iodine deficiency.

Yesterday called friend from the United States, asking how we in the river with the Bandera assault. I replied that as well. Especially zhidobanderovskimi - for example, Russian-speaking Jewish Igor Kolomoisky appointed governor. Fascism comes. Girls cashiers who heard the dialogue, laid a gentle laugh.
Today called a friend from Portugal, maderiets, former native of Poltava. Asked how the country is banderizatsiya.
Last night I swore an hour with another man from Donetsk, coordinator meetings for the federalization of the Southeast.
Hoarse, but to no purpose.

Now, listen, if you hear: Now hang the flags of the Russian Federation on the regional council, it would be like 23 June 1941 post Nazi banners. We used to solve their internal conflicts, now you become collaborators. Traitors to their country.
I understand that the "fifth column" to my words do not care, but someone will hear them, I guess. Let thoughtful.
Now Ukraine has become the object of military aggression of the Putin regime. Not the Russian people, namely the regime. You do not support Russian, you are supporting a regime that seeks to build on the ruins of the Soviet Union a new empire. You act for the loss of independence of his country and enemy agents of influence. With the Russians - the people - we will sooner or later make it up. But its traitors will be harder to forgive.
Keep this in mind.
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