15 funny mistakes in famous cartoons

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Sometimes animators specifically leave some bloopers in cartoons, to further entertain the audience by finding hidden inconsistencies and incompatibilities.

Today the Site is engaged in funny business have collected for you these 15 mistakes in the famous cartoons that we used to just not paying attention.


At the beginning of the frame the pan is dirty from the inside and the soup in it a dark color. But as soon as Remy starts to add spices, it is clean and the soup becomes more delicious. That's really a miracle seasoning!


The gift closed On the fridge. Pay attention to the price tags. First, they are quoted figures 2,00/ 3,75/ 7,65. Then we see 1,99/ 1,99/ 1,50.

Cold heart

And here Olaf is an amazing ability to quietly disappear.

Shrek forever

If you look closely, you can see that the boy is the lady in gray-purple dress. But when you change the frame it is already in the red. Oh, these women! When they have all the time?

Monsters University

In the house where the party's at, visible outside the huge Windows. However, it doesn't look like what they once were.


Here by Tsvetana and Rosettes in addition to rat traps nothing. But after a few seconds, somewhere there is a lever. Magic, and more!

Ice age: a Collision is imminent

Distance between mammoth changes during the cartoon more than once. We always knew that Manny is special.

Despicable me 2

On the lawn is a children's Playhouse. But when Lucy arrives, it is already there. Who removed it? Maybe the minions?

This picture clearly shows that one side of the truck are boxes of juice. But in the next shot, they turned into thermoses.

The secret life of Pets

First, on a hanger on the wall, nothing. But not for Norman. He is always and everywhere finds the hood.

From max keychain contains hanging on the right side of the leash. A little later on the left. Well, a magician!


Here the monitor is directly in front of the face of miss Broskis. But in the next shot, he strangely disappears.

Let's see your mug changes color, like magic!

Well, here Judy can't move my legs, as it gets stuck in fresh cement. But still it does not prevent her to turn side on in the next frame.


When Moana is sent to the shell, she drops the piece of paper. The next frame shows that behind nothing, not even a trace of it.

Source National Goof
Photo preview of Walt Disney Animation Studios

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