10 obvious mistakes that we hadn't noticed in cartoons

Often, carried away by the story, we don't notice even obvious inconsistencies in what we see on the screen. And animators this sin no less than the creators of the movies.

AdМe.ru found a dozen mistakes that went unnoticed in the creation of the most famous cartoon characters.


At the beginning of the cartoon "Puzzle" we see parents hold the baby Riley. The mother of the protagonist are clearly visible points. When the girl first opens her eyes and looks at parents ' points on the face of mother no.

In the same cartoon, but a little later we see the Dating scene Riley with a new class. When the girl stands up to tell about herself, her Desk clearly shows the notebook in a blue cover lying on top of the book. When Riley goes down, the notebook is under the tutorial.

"Corporation of monsters"

In the not less famous "monsters, Inc." Sullivan Boo hides in a locker, on which is written the number "193". In the next second Sally removes his hands from the lock, and the door is already emblazoned inscription "190".


In the cartoon "Cars", the main character Lightning McQueen is leaving together with the Peterbilt at the intersection at the paved road. After the truck leaves the intersection to the right, and Lightning McQueen delivers a little bit ago. And then suddenly starts at the gravel road and effectively leaves to the left, raising clouds of dust.

"City of heroes"

Young genius robotics of "city of heroes" Hiro Hamada meets Professor Robert Callaghan. And teacher in the same scene is in the blue shirt, in maroon.

"Toy story"

In the cartoon "toy Story" is also not without visible mistakes. For example, when the mother of the main character Mrs. Davis walks into her son's room with a camera. Mr. Potato Head, which was one-eyed, is in the frame with both eyes.

"The lion king"

Such errors are even in the famous cartoons. So, in the scene the hyenas chase the young Simba and naloy in the cartoon "the lion King" one of his pursuers who had just received a sharp claws in the face, a few seconds is in the frame without wounds.

"101 Dalmatians"

In the cartoon 101 Dalmatians Roger and Anita meet and be virtually bound by the leash Pongo. At this moment in the hands of the girl book. Couple falls into the lake, and when raised, in the hands of Anita's instead of a book unexpectedly turns out to be handbag.

"Snow white and the seven dwarfs"

In the cartoon "Snow white and the seven dwarfs" when they detect an intruder in your house, you start to skedaddle like hell. Remaining in the house, the Simpleton is satisfied with this defeat and even pulls the door handle, trying to open it. However, after a moment the pen is in the same place.

"The little mermaid"

At the beginning of the cartoon "the little Mermaid" Ariel and her non-friend flounder inspect a sunken ship, and discover the glittering fork with four prongs. And when the little mermaid swims up and takes the gem in his hands, it is only three cloves.

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