Opinion of the foreigner in the Russian network.

So many people think the Russians about their country. And how foreigners see our country? The details in this post.

Found alien opinion about Russia in the network. Very interesting.

Canadian - English teacher who lives in Moscow, has made this curious collection. Surprisingly, this is one of the few descriptions of Russian mouths of foreigners, which coincides with reality.

1: Russian do not trust cheap things.

2: The English word «bargain» can not be adequately translated into Russian.

3: Although the Russian and do not trust cheap things, but love a freebie.

4: The Russian, who has reached a certain level of power feels that its duty -davit those who are below it.

5: Russia, lazy waitresses decided to call an aggressive shouting "Girl!»

6: The Moscow Metro should have Skill elbows.

7: In Russia you can drink beer on a bench in the park, and you will not be arrested.

8: Russian gather in the kitchen late at night and talking about "life».

9: Russian usually avoid talking about work.

10: During any meeting or meetings in the Russian people once separated by gender.

11: In Russia, a lot of police officers, most of whom do nothing.

12: Russian does not emit. Never.

13: However, if Russian will throw half my things, no one will notice.

14: An unknown Russian usually familiar appeals to you - "man" or "woman».

15: Winter in Russia is actually very beautiful.

16: Russian proverb "Audacity - the second happiness [in life]" can not be adequately translated into English.

17: Russian drink a lot of vodka. It is not a myth.

18: You can not be afraid for your life, when you walk the streets of Moscow at night.

19: Russian men are convinced that feminism has led to the collapse of the West, and Russia's historical mission: to resist.

20: The myth of the myth: Russian believe that Americans think that bears walk the streets in Moscow, but it is the myth of the myth is a purely Russian invention. The Americans actually believe that all the bears in Russia are long dead.

21: Russian just do not understand when a foreigner from the West applied for permanent residence in Russia.

22: Dentists very surprised when a man comes to a "routine" inspection [inspection of the teeth]. Similarly, doctors.

23: Russian drink tea with centimeter sugar in the cup.

24 All Russian, from small to large, abusing emoticons.

25: The number of brackets in an e-mail or SMS with the importance of the message. For example - "Birthday tonight)" means - a birthday, but the "birthday tonight))))))" - means something magically-fi.

26: In Moscow, the world's best subway.

27: In spite of the world's best subway, there are millions of Muscovites who refuse to ever go down into it, and spend half of his life in a traffic jam.

28: Russian used the slightest excuse to treat all chocolate. "Your birthday is four and a half months? Wow! Chocolate for the entire office! "

29: He who speaks a language other than Russian, will automatically become suspicious.

30: In the New Year, do not be surprised if you are invited at 11:30 pm, drink champagne and cognac to 6 am, eat a herring under a fur coat and a salad "Olivier" in the kitchen, and then the celebration goes on for another three days.

31: The only nonalcoholic area in Russia - is McDonald's.

32: A smile for no reason angry Russian.

33: borscht, cabbage rolls and pies in fact - Ukrainian dishes.

34: Russian does not give their elderly parents in nursing homes and seen off their children at home when they turn 18, instead they all live together in the same 1 bedroom apartment.

35: In spite of the narrow road and the terrible traffic jams, Russian is still buying huge SUVs.

36: Sushi is more popular in Russia than in Japan.

37: In fact, Japan is more popular in Russia than in Japan.

38: Russian very friendly if they are familiar with you more than ten minutes. If you are familiar with Russian, at least a week, you will be invited into his house and acquainted with his family.

39: Russian as an extremely emotional and passionate people, and while they do not show emotions in public, they cry and laugh, cry and play more than the Italians.

40: Russian more concerned with the philosophical side of life than about the material, and they have a folk song for each situation.

41: The majority of Russians are very superstitious, and superstition in young fashion.

43: Russian like to criticize their own country, but terribly offended if that makes a foreigner.

44: If the cashier did not break anything while scanning your purchases, it is - good service.

45: Russian like McDonald's, KFC, Subway and Burger King more than the Americans.

46: Russian spoil their children, and then expect that they are 18 years of age magically begin to behave responsibly.

47: Although the Russian eat more fast food than people in the West, Russian is still healthy.

In addition, decided to gather the views of the Hollywood stars of Russia, hope to represent them is not necessary;)

"I really liked the Russian, especially people. They have an open, sincere and a little cuckoo - just my style! »

"Russian - normal guys. Ski, walk around town, throw parties, drinking vodka. But who does not drink it? »

"It is commonplace to say how important was the Russian culture in my establishment cast - Chekhov, Stanislavsky, whose humble disciple, at best, I dare to call themselves. In short, Russian I learn something, so do not come to you sooner or later, I just could not. Especially in St. Petersburg, in this amazing city »

"I love to speak Russian. It's an incredibly difficult language. I think it sounds very interesting: a little rough, but it's also very beautiful and sensual »

"The Russian language should be respected and not to play with him»

"Russian person it is important to get to the truth. This is the basis of Russian culture. I reported this will never forget, especially since I have Russian roots. »

"You know, the difference in America with Russia - In Russia you can drink vodka whenever, in America it is called alcoholism»

Finally I suggest you express your opinion about Russia, as well as to quote famous people. And remember, this is our country and we should try to make it a little better!

All Good Friday mood!

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