Rich country, which is always poor. (China)

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Rich country, which is always poor. Five thousand years of history and the lack of spirituality.

I've been thinking about how to title this opus. The path of life I was lucky to visit different parts of the globe. Was I in ancient India and Gothic Germany, Vienna and eternal golden Moscow. My last trip was delayed explicitly - a little over 8 years in China, which attracts and repels, and touched by the hospitality and impresses with its indifference, admire skyscrapers and crumbling shacks oppressed. Another controversial country such as China will be very difficult to find.

And you, dear reader, please make allowances for the fact that the days of my admiration for China passed eight years ago. Now I just live here, but I will always remain an outsider in this society, so taking their sometimes strange tradition, I still sometimes look at them sideways, and sometimes powerless to close my eyes. Therefore, if you, dear reader, want to see is a good story about a grandfather who collected the rice and enjoy life, alas, here it is not. I'll try to write about China from the perspective of a realist, a little jaded this country.
Yours truly lives in the city of Wenzhou, south-eastern China in the province Dzhedzyan. By local standards, it is the village of the district type. The city is home to around seven million people, but it's nothing compared to Hangzhou, capital of the province that hosted nearly fifteen million people. But I had to travel on to China as a tourist. I was in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and my favorite city Siamen. I made one conclusion - it is China and Africa to China. External beauty.

China - a country with multi-millennial history. It raged bloody internal war, tens of thousands of people died, raising "monuments" greatness of China as the Great Wall, there lived philosophers and llamas, the fame of wisdom which still resonates around the world, this decade monks ascetics learned the essence of life.

China is a twenty-first century. Have you ever been to Moscow? And though even if there were, then, I'm sure, I have heard about it. China as Moscow is great ... oh well, it must be confessed - Great! But this is a colossal Majesty is the property of the elect, the specific number of which to the total mass of the population is too low. Here in China built some of the tallest and most expensive skyscraper in the world, is spending billions of dollars for the organization completely dubious events such as the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 and Shanghai World Expo 2010 at the time when the orphaned children of Sichuan have nowhere to live.

In general, China is very prone to ostentation, sometimes excessive and totally irrational. Do you remember the nineties? Remember that a businessman in a crimson jacket that one side went ahead only because this side was fastened mobilka? Then the master of life careless gesture took out the phone, making sure that everyone saw it and shouted into the phone: "I'll call you!". Just remind me it's my friend's story about Egypt, which have a beautiful home only three sides. Those that are visible from the street, and the fourth, back, dirty and ragged only for the reason that nobody sees. To great regret in the whole of China. Center any, absolutely any city in bright, clean, uveshenny neon signs, well-trained police officers in polished boots, the sound of music, expensive restaurants. But it is not God forbid you to be a kilometer from the city center! No, gop-stop will not be as we, the Chinese are too peaceful and phlegmatic, as I will mention later, as it requires a separate paragraph. But I promise you will be surprised grayness houses rust grades bicycles. Poverty people and low cost of food. If you want to see the beauty of China, The Council of mine to you - do not leave the city center!

The only thing I would have to give due without any negative comments - Chinese parks. Parks Chinese people love and appreciate. B parks quiet, calm and very beautiful. Look, look, there are real splash in the pond golden carp, which can feed special food. A out, look on the bench playing Chinese chess two ancient old as the world. A little boy runs out on the emerald lawn, in China it is not forbidden, hoping to catch a colorful butterfly. The park - the only place in the average city where quiet.


Food necessarily require a separate paragraph. Among the famous dishes can be called Peking duck, sweet and sour svinyatinu, fried noodles and naturally c eel rice. However, there are dishes not known to all - grilled tiger prawns, shrimp c mango, crab and a lot of what I want to poke a stick and ask, "Excuse me, a is still alive or already dead?».

As the local population loves Tou Fu. This course is unknown to me a way of preparing beans. Recognize dish can be the wild stench spreading across the street on which the trader. Despite this, the Chinese eat Tou Fu kilograms in hamster stumbles "delicacy" for both cheeks.
The food in China is surprisingly easy. Despite tons of sunflower oil and meat, I rarely could sit in the chair of the restaurant and say "Fuuuh enough now to smoke!" Take note! Across China food - the cult !!! Three exclamation mark I put a reason - wa really bad. This is most likely due to the hungry centuries that had to go through China, cherish food. Almost "not eat rice - the mother hit." The Chinese are almost willing to invite strangers to dinner.

With 100 yuan in my pocket, invited to spend 98 on food, thus showing the width of their gestures guests. Under Chinese food drink:

-Chinese beer. Light and very easy by our standards - about 3%. This is never bitter. Beer to drink after shouting "Gan Bei!" (To the bottom!) From small glasses of 50 grams in one gulp as y we drink vodka. After drinking a glass should be turned upside down, that would show that beer is drunk to the dregs.

-Chinese wine. Chinese red wine always, always juggling to sour face. Prigublyat wine, enjoying the aroma, the Chinese do not know how to - drink wine as beer, a volley from almost full wine glasses.

-Chinese "swipes" devilish .This category is rarely venerated by foreigners. Almost always it is the variety of rice vodka. From forty-five to sixty-five degrees, the wild stench, which does not snack knocks for several hours. Since I was not lucky to drink this stuff c Chinese counterparts. The next morning, even sweat smelled of filth, causing even more nauseous. The Chinese sell this hell of a drink for the price of one to five hundred dollars a bottle - do not get fooled by the entreaties of the owner - the price of the quality of vodka is not changed ... still reeking of gasoline.

Cigarettes per meal. It requires a separate paragraph. Smokers get ready - cigarettes in China strong. Strong to such an extent that our red L & M seems prank for students (Garner normal cigarette smoke in the duty-free). The price of a pack of cigarettes from fifty cents to thirty of those same dollars. The quality of those and those are reminiscent grandfather damp shag. But, as mentioned above, a good bluff -dorozhe money. Chinese smoke expensive cigarettes.

At the table after a heavy meal and a couple of glasses of beer the Chinese share of cigarettes (y them is a sign of good manners to give a cigarette without asking). Very often, if the Chinese can not reach the person sitting in front, the cigarette in just throw you - do not jump with a bottle in hand and a native Russian, "I tell you that the dog in me to throw all!". In China, it is absolutely normal - catch, podkurite, nod in acknowledgment.


I know that many people care about this issue when it comes to China. Yes, I agree that many people in China drink tea, arguing that it Insanely antioxidant that gives good health. And now, here I am beginning to be skeptical. Despite the age-old tradition of acupuncture, antioxidants in teas, herbs Buddhist monks - Chinese hospitals the best score in the world. Well, I do not believe the first hike in Chinese bolnichku that this tea has a good judge. Although drink liters of it here.

I can make only one warning. If someone came into our heads to go shopping, tea, bring an experienced person. Tea Local despite the futile entreaties Chinese, comes in two varieties - green and black (they call it red). The taste of cheap tea is no different on the road. But the price you can dumbfound. Without any good reason you can buy a kilo of for some $ 5 (for what it can be drunk), but can also be run into and grade of 5-10 thousand dollars per ten grams (anything from tea for $ 5 do not different). Tea sets as well - from $ 10 to $ 10,000 for a set - buy only when accompanied by a knowledgeable person (preferably not Chinese, for they vparyat).


I try to be open-minded, no matter how it was hard.

Very often my students (I'm working as an English teacher in a private school) asked me: "Teacher, you've been living in China. What do you think about the Chinese? ". I'm trying to be politically correct and honest answer, but "kept" Before coming to China, I was absolutely sure that the Chinese - the most hardworking people in the world. After six years with interest, I changed my mind. Chinese trudopyubivy most people only when they are screaming like crazy as the head of a slave owner in the African slaves on the plantation ... Although a stick all will work. »

Laziness - engine of progress in China. The Chinese have never and never will walk, if you can go. Though the old and broken-down bike that squeaks, squeals and is about to fall apart. The main thing - do not go. And if you still had to go - it is such a slow gait, a la "Asian raskoryaku" that shuffling slowly through the crowded crowd is simply impossible. This is especially furious when run into the supermarket at lunchtime with one purpose - to buy a light bulb to replace the old burnt-out and back to work. The planned target precisely know where it is separated from the electronics. Start to go fast, but still rhythmically. But few steps have to be slowed down - in supermarket as one Chinese are slow to such an extent that I want to grab the gun.

China began to develop not so long ago. Yes, let them be a multibillion-dollar corporation, the city is dissected Ferrari and Bentley, but if it took 20-30 years to transform bopshoy hungry village in one of the leaders of the world, I think, should be 20-30 generations, and to the mentality of Chinese mind caught up with their well-being. Even in big cities feel the rural mindset. Dealing with them is obtained only when you close your eyes and imagine it's grandma's neighbor from the village Golovkivka zapope in Cherkasy region.

One case surprised. For a long time yet, five years ago, I went to the "pasta" that would have lunch. Ordered noodles, beer, sat down by the window. The meal, but as far as eating pastry originated in the soul of the discomfort, the discomfort that crawl like without good reason. He began to look around the question "What's so pressing?". Outside, a small restaurant, I saw a Chinese man in his forties. He did not look hungry - clothes all LV and Gucci. He looked at me with hungry eyes. How do I became a man of European unpleasant. I of course, who like when you stare as the peacock at the zoo. Start slowly and have realized that aboriginal glance moves up and down in time with the movement of the rod up and down from the plate to your mouth. "And you thought that the uncle, foreigners nostrils eat? NO! We eat too! VYLUPISLYA WHAT? !!! »

In such cases, the Chinese simply shake their heads, saying "what rough these foreigners." Meal'n'Real! The life of the average Chinese is boring, so if it is possible for something to take a look, then going to the crowd.

The second case is enraged. One evening during the campaign and the outpouring of one of the local bars I went to the toilet. We will not go into details, but I will say things that need was small. Near me stood forty or forty-five years of the representative of the "golden nemolodezhi" and did the same thing. Little does he and some very unheroic been - sixty-meter in the cap, puny, against my meter eighty, twice as broad in the shoulders, arms covered with tattoos. First, the Chinese praised me down to the tips of the hair, and then, without shame or conscience looked to where to look is not necessary. He smiled and spread his hands on the question of the "size" (this is not a myth about the size of Asia). The fight was fierce and merciless. Chinese beautiful fight only in films, in fact, the concept of martial arts and a simple street fight they have absolutely. And what else can be done if the country is officially banned by the contact section of the types of martial arts?

After that, my friends took me away quickly from the institution as a curious body does not ochnupos. For one simple reason - the Chinese are extremely vindictive. But while the concept of "Hey, brother, let's go step back around the corner, let's talk," they do not. If, God forbid potsapatsya unlucky with the Chinese, he phoned all his friends and collect them at a fair in terms of the Chinese fight - fifty mudohayut one. Never heroically.

By themselves, the Chinese cause in most cases, only regret. Discuss with them is useless. Reminiscent of communication with the blind on the topic of your favorite movie. Well, how to explain to him that the red red?

-Totalnaya Laziness. Neither work nor study nobody wants. If we have learned in the universities at least two weeks before the session, in fear of being excluded, in China and do not make it. If the university have taken, it is not thrown out - it spoils the figures.

-Fizilogichnsot Needs. All the interests of both the young and not so people are reduced to a narrow circle of "food, clothes, doing nothing».

-Lack Of creativity. I do not take into account our "Albanian padonkaff" from the Internet. I remember watching a concert Zadornov and always remember a maxim, "When the Soviet Union were the first door on the solar cells, many children received a head injury. They just wanted to know, Will the door open, if they do not go and run away? "I can say with certainty - in China there is no such children. They are not interested in how the world works, many of my creative lessons that our students would have liked, did not arouse any interest in Chinese. For the simple reason that polls all the students are sleeping on the lessons of physics and chemistry - they are just not interested.

(here it is necessary to write something)

-Lack Of creativity. I do not take into account our "Albanian padonkaff" from the Internet. I remember watching a concert Zadornov and always remember a maxim, "When the Soviet Union were the first door on the solar cells, many children received a head injury. They just wanted to know, Will the door open, if they do not go and run away? "I can say with certainty - in China there is no such children. They are not interested in how the world works, many of my creative lessons that our students would have liked, did not arouse any interest in Chinese. For the simple reason that polls all the students are sleeping on the lessons of physics and chemistry - they are just not interested.

-Lack Style. Chinese Dress brightly on the principle of "all that is beautiful in the house there, will wear." It does not matter that the emerald is not very fit shoes with purple jeans and orange T-shirt. Keech replaces Chinese style.

-Zhestokaya Infantilism. Because of excessive guardianship in the family (in China, no one has repealed the rule of one child) young Chinese are completely unsuited to life. Very often people who will soon change for the third decade, similar mentality with our teenagers fourteen, watching cartoons, wear T-shirts with Mickey Mouse. Any discussion on the subject "and not too late to you, dear, watch cartoons?" Ends early response "and that they are gay!". It can easily tell a man of 25-27i. Most killed former director of my company. One evening, he drove me home. At the wheel brand-new BMW seventh series was stretched rubber "cover" with a picture of Snoopy.

 - Manners. Confucian politeness is just a myth. Chinese yell. No, they scream !!! I never saw that someone of them spoke in a normal voice. Shouting in a mobile phone, shouting, calling a cab, shouting at the store. Spit, celebrating the small and sometimes great need right on the street, puke at the entrance to the restaurant. That this phenomenon requires special attention.



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