100 facts about China

Now actively exaggerated the Chinese theme, and ignorance of people about one of the greatest countries in the world is simply amazing. Further, my observations about life here. I hope you will be interested.

Let's start with the fact that tell you that most scares people at the sight of all the Chinese - language. It is really scary ... But it is not as it seems at first glance.

1) The official name of the Chinese language - 中国 话 (zhōngguóhuà 33,226,730

. Also call it 汉语 (hànyǔ speech or Hans).

2) Here, countless dialects. But recently, the most widely used (thanks to radio and television) took Beijing 普通话 (pǔtōnghuà 39,807,513


3) Literacy in China has always been a lot of nobility. To study traditional characters had to spend ten years of life, which the farmer afford could not.

4) Over time, the characters were simplified, more and more, respectively, literate became more and more people.

5) And finally, thanks to Deng Xiaoping, in 1959, was introduced 拼音 (pīnyīn) - phonetic transcription characters, making the Chinese language has become possible to study as an ordinary foreigner.

6) Chinese language - the language of tone, the same vowel can be pronounced in five different ways (no tone, even, rising, falling-ascending, descending) - well, ā, á, ǎ, à

7) At the same syllable in the same tone can account for a number of different characters - 行 (háng and xíng).

8) Too many crazy characters alike - 很 and 银, 问 and 间, 足 and 是, 找 and 我.

9) All this is due to the fact that absolutely all the characters are composed of keys (radicals). As an example - 好 (hǎo - good) - it consists of 女 (nǚ - female) and 子 (zi - child). How to explain this faculty - woman and a child - always good. But to understand this logic I personally can not afford.

10) Do not look after the tone, or appending an extra point in the characters can be fun to run. As an example - the phrase "I sniffed it" and "I kissed her" - one syllable in a different tone. Also, do not put two sticks in the characters to "sell", you can write to "buy».

11) But the most amazing thing, the Chinese themselves understand each other without these glotkorazdirayuschih hopping with tone on tone. Only we, the foreigners have to suffer so ...

12) Pinyin cool like English, but this is possible and burn. The first thing we were told - forget your English. And it's true, as in the English pinyin read except "a" and "o».

13) Chinese Education begins with the fact that the herd healthy foreheads sitting, and the whole class wails syllables different tones. An eerie sight.

14) But apparently, as opposed to all of the above, elementary grammar. The absence of cases, declensions and childbirth, the same type and always the same sentence structure, the minimum number of prepositions. If not for the characters ...

15) In Chinese, there is no character that is read in more than one syllable.

16) Foreign Languages ​​are absolutely no respect. At the Beijing airport, where all the logic required to know at least a minimum, no one knew him (for comparison, in Charles de Gaulle to Barajas at Heathrow, employees knew the necessary background for at least 6-7 languages).

17) For an alien logic in the language do not have any. We have to cram stupid, prescribing every character 50 times and repeating each word as many times. The only relief - after some time in unfamiliar words begin to meet more friends.

18) Here there is no virtually no words for which you can catch on like for something familiar (as an example, the word "problem", "interest", etc., the names of countries, cities in European languages ​​are very similar). < br />
19) Although there are a few words that even in the Russian sound similar. This tea (chá 74,934,011

Coffee (kāfēi), and, oddly enough, Mom and Dad (māma and bàba).

20) for each family member has a single word for the older and younger brother to elder and younger sisters, father and mother to the father and mother (and grandparents).

21) And the way they distorted the names of other countries and cities, over foreign names ... Ukraine - 乌克兰 [wūkèlán], Russia - 俄罗斯 [éluósī], etc. These are the countries for which there were no designations, and to select characters, most similar in sound.

22) But there are those countries for which there were signs (strange to awesome). United States - 美国 (měiguó 41,167,500

England - 英国 [yīngguó], France - 法国 [fǎguó]. The oddity is that the dismantling of hieroglyphics, America - a beautiful country, England - a heroic country, France - the country's laws. China - the median country. (中国 [zhōngguó]).

23) No Chinese keyboards. All of them Pinyin input - you type in Latin (as in the example above) and select the desired character Tsiferki. It's very simple.

Now for the more interesting - the Chinese people.

24) Everyone knows that the Chinese population is the largest in the world (more than 1, 3 billion people). But the focus is extremely uneven. Because in China, you can safely bring 50-60 percent of the territory and the population will not change. It's Xinjiang Uygur Region, Tibet and Inner Mongolia. 90% of the population is concentrated in the coastal zone.

25) In China, the largest number of megacities on the planet - more than twenty.

26) In view of the huge population, the scale of China's heavily biased. For example, Anshan (city where I now study) in Liaoning Province, has 4 million inhabitants (with the agglomeration). But this is a terrible village by their standards. For me it's crazy when walking down the main street, and not seeing the sun because of the skyscrapers, you say that you are in the village.

27) Europeans for the Chinese - as the arrival of Scorpions in the village Gadyukino. It's more than a shock. I sometimes scary (but what's the nice) walk around the city and parks where children shout, "Look, a foreigner", you are invited to take a picture, very beautiful girls right eye does not reduce (but handsome I am, yes and BMW X6 I no). Recently, in the regions frequented by foreigners, everything changes, but in the village (albeit with skyscrapers), everything remains as before.

28) The people here are very unscrupulous. Absolutely normal is smoking in dining rooms and in the corridors of the university, throwing all his feet, spitting and Harkany wherever falling. But what is surprising - always clean. For a giant army of janitors removes everything almost in direct mode.

29) With the right and two years experience behind the wheel, I'm not going away in the life of a Chinese road for such things as the traffic rules they do not have! The only thing that is more or less comply with - so it does not go through a red light, but not always. I just do not get heart attacks during the transition streets and driving in transport. However, an accident, I did not see any, as well as traffic police. In general, Europeans do not understand.

30) Naplevatelstvo covers everything except what is regulated by the state. There is already no Chinese will not do anything that is against the law. Somehow it happened that "figs with you, do whatever you want, but here, here and here do not try to climb." And what is most surprising - it turns out.

31) often do not care for the government to its own people. What is forced displacement of more than 10 million people in Xinjiang during the time Xiaoping - "territory must be mastered." And other examples suffice - for example, the almost complete lack of control over the quality of almost all products. When the population of a lot to him, perhaps, begin to be treated differently.

32) The genotype of Chinese is very monotonous. Always black hair is always low growth, and (for women) - always a small chest. Here I like the blond and with its 193 cm, very eye-catching ...

33) People are legally allowed to have more than one child. However, it concerns only the big cities, in the villages of no control. If you have one child - all right, two - to pay taxes. Three - tax progresses. Even reaching the forced sterilization.

34) More hamovatyh people I have not met too. Skip to the pedestrian crossing, hold the door for overtaking, I do not smoke to someone's face - what are you ...

35) The same applies to women. So blatant exploitation of men by women and the lack of a gentleman - it's disgusting. A woman should know their place, but it is clearly higher than the position of the "workhorse».

36) Due to the above-mentioned lack of control over food, a lot of sick people. Those who can not afford imported food, you can always find a large group of spots on the cheeks - because of spicy food full of chemicals, the problem starts with the skin.

37) Accordingly, it is easy to define "elite" - the skin is not as yellow (tan - the lot of the plebeians).

38) There is the so-called "nine wolves" - the most respected profession. All I do not remember, but among them: the military, doctors, teachers, government officials, the police, etc. They have high salaries and a lot of respect in society.

39) Perhaps it is because of the death penalty and valued profession (mainly police and officials). Corruption, trafficking in arms and drugs - the death penalty without discussion in the city square - placed on the carpet and let a bullet in the head.

40) Percentage of ugly people is enormous. Once the films (vulgar silent, not in the film) and a clip of Chinese women not imagine. And the beauty of men do not shine. Maybe that's why the demand for foreigners so much.

41) All frequently complain that the Chinese have filled their home country. But have you ever thought about the fact that China, too, filled with foreigners. In a large number of universities in learning Russian, Kazakh, all sreneaziatov and residents of the Middle East. There is also a significant number of Europeans and Americans. About the Koreans and Japanese, I generally keep quiet. So do not shout "come in large numbers».

42) About half of China's population - are illiterate. This is a huge success. In the middle of the twentieth century were illiterate 90% of the population.

This concludes with the people and move on to the economy and politics.

43) China ranks second in the world (after the US) at the nominal value of GDP. Calling China an underdeveloped country (as some of my friends say: "China needs a visa? Ha-ha-ha") is very silly.

44) In China all produce, all, everywhere and always. Almost any international corporation has manufacturing and assembly plants in China.

45) Honor and big salaries have only nine above-mentioned professions. Technical professions are not held in high esteem. That is why people with these professions tend to go. Huge labor market idle. Especially - unskilled. Therefore, people are glad to grasp at any job.

46) The Chinese may be called slackers, but not lazy. Plowing they that be healthy. Never classes at the university did not end or begin earlier time, never been late transport, etc. etc.

47) But they plow the best of their ability - that is carelessly. That is the reason why in China has production rather than R & D. Just look at the rotten sewers (a few years), a terrible paving tiles, smoking and smoky buses, breaking appliances.

48) For food slipshod attitude is the same. I have never seen fruit with rotten or worm. Not because they are carefully selected, and because they are so larded from what any self-respecting worm clogged the ground, screaming in terror. Apples really smell acetone, it does not get stale bread for 2-3 weeks. Because of this, the health of the Chinese - is rather weak.

49) But! There is a group of industries in which all the downright perfect. This is what controls the government. Among this - military fields, railways, construction, education, medicine, etc. This creates paradoxes - broken-down paving slabs and chic pavement on the road, which is 20 years and the same amount of inactivity. This disposable electronic devices for blood analysis - circle, which produces a needle, hisses and paste the patch itself. This is military equipment, which is equal in strength to US and Russian counterparts. And a lot more then. But outside - no, no.

50) There are so-called "free economic zones", where production is almost not taxed. In all of them, and concentrated. Around the same Anshan - production of Siemens, Bosch and a whole heap. In other regions, there is practically no production.

51) China - a very volatile country. In connection with this - no central hot water supply, heating, etc. If you have money - to put the boiler and heater. No - I get by with what we have.

52) We are accustomed to three levels of administrative-territorial division - area - area - location. In China, everything is much more complicated - they are 5 (translation of the most adequately matched, in Russian there is simply no such words). Province - an area - county - county - town. In addition, the city has a special submission, free economic zones, etc.

53) There is no democracy. No games in solidarity. There were no elections. There CCP (Chinese Communist Party), is its General Secretary (now - Hu) and all. Who does not like - to be shot. Crimes against the authorities here are punished most harshly. As the tanks entered in Urumqi recently, in response to the performance of the separatists.

54) Censorship. When I arrived, he asked - what we can not speak. Discuss the policy - it is one, two and twenty. It is quite possible to run into deportation.

55) But the Chinese authorities are satisfied. Completely.

56) the CCP ideology - communism (hello, cap). But communism is quite difficult to name. Luxury cars, iPhones and iPads, shopping malls with a huge selection. What a strange communism.

57) Due to the sheer size and population - a huge ethnic differentiation. A native of Shenyang Hong Kong people will not understand, and do not agree with A Beijing guanchzhoutsem (pah-you do not go all the same to the Russian end of the local names).

58) Taiwan. Then someone said that China and Taiwan - a single country. Ha ha ha. They both de jure and de facto independence between them do not even have diplomatic relations. But the map of China Taiwan, designated as his province, the Taiwan cards - all of mainland China - a part of the Republic of China. A bit strange.

59) Hong Kong. This is part of China, but a special autonomous region. Its own currency, its own police, etc. All of their own, except for matters of policy and defense. Such things a place where everyone can turn the business, moving away from the law. Terrible place, though rich. Very.

60) China - the only country in the world except Russia, to provide humanitarian assistance to North Korea.

61) Social security is at the highest level. Employees of state agencies receive an excellent salary. Apartments are given to them in a very fast pace.

62) China's currency - the yuan renminbi (in translation - the people's money). The approximate exchange rate - 6.2 yuan per dollar. 1 yuan - 10 jiao. The stability of the course - amazing.

63) About the price. Rent two-bedroom apartment costs about 1,500 yuan a month. 3-kilogram pack of rice - 30. A kilo of potatoes - 2. Beer Bottle - 3 Pack of cigarettes - from 4 to 15.

64) About salary. The average salary of teachers in school - 4000-5000 yuan. The salary of a police officer - 6000-7000. The pension of civil servants - 100% of salary.

65) Many teachers of our university travel in their cars, bought for fair wages. IPhone here - every third or fourth. So the ratio of wages and prices much more attractive than in the same Ukraine.

66) The tariffs for communal dormitory, etc. miserable for the Chinese to a certain level. Then they begin to grow very quickly. That is to say, dovolstvueshsya small - take it, you want more - pay.

67) The average area of ​​one-bedroom apartment - 40-50 square meters. Treshka - 100-120. Price per square meter in Anshan - about 4,000 yuan in the normal area.

68) In general, despite the negative, to live here (IMHO), much nicer than at home.

Life and everyday life.

69) suits all - who wants what. Often, it seems strange and even savage.

70) Sex and any hints of it is prohibited. I do not see any kissing couple, the maximum that they allow themselves - hold hands. Pornography - once a prison.

71) Heated apartments are accustomed to air conditioning and warm water boilers (hung outside). A bit strange.

72) are charged no Internet traffic and time. Speed ​​One - 5 Mbit / s upload, 1 Mbit / s - returns. 15 yuan - 120 hours Internet

73) Google is not prohibited. However, often buggy. But Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, any porn sites blocked by the so-called Great Chinese FireWALL. However, you can use a proxy, you can top.

74) The Chinese segment of the Internet virtually isolated from the outside world. For they have all their own. Instead, Google - baidu.com, instead VKontakte - renren.com, instead Ebay - taobao.com. In general, China - the largest number of Internet users on the planet. No wonder.

75) Alcohol is practically not use, although it is in the free market. For me, who takes a case of beer, looked like I was crazy.

76) Local shy girl until I can not. And chastity, too. That is "One night," "remove a Woman", etc. is not rolled. Long, just long relationship ...

77) But there is, and its own "golden youth".


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