Travel Interesting Facts about China

With a 6000-year history of development, China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world.
A large country with a huge population. Research of China has always been a grand adventure. For a long time the camp was under the yoke of the colonists. Now with all his foresight in the development of China contains enormous potential energy.

Based on his past living and experiencing booming economic and military development, the country is rapidly moving from shadow to its rightful place under the sun.

China was home to the development of scientific knowledge and technology in ancient times, he gave the world tea, silk, paper, gunpowder, and much more. For example, the ubiquitous modern Chinese food and the icon of "Made in China", which has produced most of the world's products. China's growth is inevitable, and for a long time, this country was a mystery to the world. You will be surprised to know some facts about it.

Fun Facts about China:

The Chinese there is no middle name. In the first place they put the name and then your name.
September 20 in China celebrate the national day of love to the teeth.
First ice cream was invented in China, its recipe brought to Europe by Marco Polo, and he brought with him a recipe for noodles.
In China, there are three of the ten longest rivers in the world.
Paper was invented in the second century BC in China. This invention is in the list 4 the great discoveries of China. In addition to the paper there are also invented gunpowder, the compass and printing.
A major role in Chinese mythology play four animals: tiger, dragon, phoenix and turtle.
In China, the status of women correlates with braids on her head. Unmarried girl wears two braids, married - one.
The Chinese calendar is the oldest in the world. He started in 2600 BC and consists of 12 zodiacs represented 12 different animals.
Christianity quickly grab China. Now there are about 54 million Christians. Christian population here more than in Italy. And China will soon become the largest Christian center in the world. Buddhism, Taoism and Islam as practiced in China, the government proclaimed atheism.
Grand Canal is the oldest and largest in the world channel length of 1795 km. It connects the major cities such as Beijing and Hangzhou. Channel 24 has a gateway and 60 bridges.
One of the most popular drinks in the world - tea was discovered in China. Chinese attach great importance to it, taking into account its importance for health. It is believed that the Emperor Shinong discovered properties of tea when some leaves fell into his tea pot with boiling water.
Chinese lantern was invented in 200 BC and is considered a symbol of longevity. It also symbolizes the family well-being and it is believed that the burning torch brings home wealth. Wealthy families have made great lanterns.
During the period of the monarchy rich grow long nail on the little finger to symbolize their status. That would keep long nails, they wore ornate protection.
Hua Tuo Chinese doctor was the first to use anesthesia during surgery. He used a mixture of hemp and Chinese wine, what would the patient lost consciousness.
Kites were invented in China about 3,000 years ago. They were used to intimidate enemies and to predict the success of swimming.
The Chinese revere the Great panda as a symbol of bravery. In ancient times, Chinese emperors kept pandas because it was believed that they ward off evil spirits and illness.
The first tool for monitoring earthquakes was invented in 130 AD Chinese astronomers. This simple mechanism could indicate the direction of the earthquake.


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