10 companies counterfeiting in China

China is known as the epicenter of the production of a huge number of fakes and counterfeit consumer goods, but recently the country there was a tendency to forge shops and entire companies. All of these fake companies - a real peeve for international companies and companies that are trying to establish the image of their product in China. Although some of these companies are selling real products companies holders, many simply copy format up to the slogans and color schemes. For the first companies forgeries followed by others, gradually turning the whole forging businesses are illegal business.

1. Shops «Apple»
Recently, several Chinese cities have been found illegal shops «Apple-Store», which caused a major scandal in China, and the United States. The fake shop «Apple» was the same scheme of work, set the same ID and the same form of vendors, as in the original «Apple». However, some details can be determined that it is not real shop «Apple». Firstly, the management of the store said that they sell this product «Apple», but they did not have a license. In the end, followed by a strong reaction of the public, and crowds of angry customers come to the store with the requirement to return them their money. Some of these stores were closed - not for having illegally used trademark «Apple», but because of the lack of a license for trade. (ChinaFotoPress | Getty Images)

2. Theme Park Disney
Although fake stores are quite common in China, there are also built more refined, but the same fake theme parks. One of the most outstanding examples - Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park in the same area. The park has a structure strongly reminiscent the famous Magic Castle Walt Disney, and local puppets suspiciously resemble characters such as Shrek, Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, Mickey Mouse and Goofy. Some of these characters even noticed at the main stadium during the Olympic Games in 2008. Although the park has attracted the attention of Disney in 2007, it still works, and even supports the English version of its website. (wikipedia.org)

On the left - the place reserved for legitimate IKEA store in China. It is located in the same city as the fake shops «Apple». This is a huge 4-storey building, which operates under the name "11 Furniture». However, it seems the only difference between this shop and the Swedish IKEA - the name. The shop brazenly copied the color scheme of the Swedish furniture magnate and uses the same design in the design. (Ali Utku Selen)

4. Starbucks
In 2006 the company «Starbucks» successfully filed a lawsuit against a Chinese company, which operated under the name Xingbake, which translated from Chinese means Starbucks. In China, there are many fake «Starbucks», including the One Dollar Coffee, Seayahi Cofee, Lucky Coffee, Bucksstar Coffee and others. In particular, «Bucksstar Coffee» was part of a shopping center with several institutions, counterfeiting, including the cafe "Pizza Huh" and "McDnoalds" with the same color schemes and slogans.


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