Unearthly beauty of Antelope Canyon

Navajo Indians call it "the place where water runs through rocks", and this name is really true. We present to your attention one of the most beautiful places on earth - Antelope Canyon.

1. Strange formation of this "massacre" of the canyon create a lasting impression. (Romain Guy)

2. Antelope Canyon Navajo people on earth - definitely one of the strangest places on earth for those who did not have enough money for a trip into space. While flying in space, you would not be able to visit other planets, and here you seem to find yourself in a completely different world. (Romain Guy)

3. Here, you can look around a corner and stumble upon a group of volcanoes that seem to perform a strange ritual. This place - one of the most visited on the ground. And it is no wonder why. (Franco Caruzzo)

4. It's one of the beauties of the world, which can take you into a completely different world. Canyon is divided into two parts - upper and lower, and both of them have occurred in prehistoric times. No wonder why Navajos so serious about this place. (Merlune)


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