Unearthly beauty of Antelope Canyon

Navajo Indians call it "the place where water runs through rocks", and this name is really true. We present to your attention one of the most beautiful places on earth - Antelope Canyon.

1. Strange formation of this "massacre" of the canyon create a lasting impression. (Romain Guy)

2. Antelope Canyon Navajo people on earth - definitely one of the strangest places on earth for those who did not have enough money for a trip into space. While flying in space, you would not be able to visit other planets, and here you seem to find yourself in a completely different world. (Romain Guy)

3. Here, you can look around a corner and stumble upon a group of volcanoes that seem to perform a strange ritual. This place - one of the most visited on the ground. And it is no wonder why. (Franco Caruzzo)

4. It's one of the beauties of the world, which can take you into a completely different world. Canyon is divided into two parts - upper and lower, and both of them have occurred in prehistoric times. No wonder why Navajos so serious about this place. (Merlune)

5. Somehow, the light can not find a loophole through the canyon walls, despite its narrowness. The color of stone can understand what is in the canyon - this sandstone, which is easily to water. Medieval cathedrals of Europe gradually "fade" under the influence of moisture century after century. The same happens with the Antelope Canyon - its existence in one of the driest places on the planet he must erosive properties of water. (Merlune)

6. A little imagination, and these pillars of light can tell us about how Mother Nature has supported the evolution of the canyons. (Kay Gaensler)

7. These spirals show us how the water slowly but surely erodes the sandstone over time. Does at least one man-thing boast the same grace and tranquility as this underground canyon? (brentbat)

8. So what formed this beautiful canyon? Although it is unbelievable, but as time due to flooding. (James Marvin Phelps)

9. Of course, this "guilty" and other terrestrial processes, but the main culprit - rainwater during the monsoon season (although, of course, it is impossible to name the culprit, because it created such an amazing miracle of nature). Over the two parts of Antelope Canyon has a large pool, where the water is going to rain. (MeckiMac)

10. When this occurs, the weight of the water rushes into the canyon. Over thousands of years the water slowly but surely doing the corridors in the Canyon - deeper and steeper. The sharp edges of the rocks as a result of blunt and formed waveforms. (Steve Corey)

11. So it was not the work of the great and powerful spirits of the Navajo (maybe ...), and a simple, but no less than the great power of the natural elements. Flooding is happening here today. Only relatively recently (in 2006) 36-hour flood forced the tribe to move closer to the bottom of the canyon by as much as half a year since Sand erosion was everywhere. (James Marvin Phelps)

12. Naturally, this natural phenomenon attracts photographers and simply tourists. Now, however, to visit this place to get permission, because in 1997 he was declared the Navajo tribal park. (Steve Corey)

13. In order to understand the power and majesty of the place, you need to be here. (Brentbat)

14. Though in this and can not believe it, take pictures here is pretty difficult - you need a wide range of exposure. And all because the light is reflected off the canyon walls like a ball on a table tennis table. (Alessandro S Alba)

15. The photographer in this photograph allows us to estimate the full scale of the place. (Brebtbat)

16. The upper part of the canyon known as "the place where water runs through rocks", and the bottom - as a "spiral rock arches." The first part - the most visited since its entrance is at ground level. Therefore, tourists do not have anywhere to go up and see the light poles are especially beautiful here. (Brentbat)

17. Best of all, these rays of light can be seen in the summer, when the sun is at its zenith. From March to October in the canyon, you can feel like you are - on the set of a Hollywood movie - maybe the next series of the adventures of Indiana Jones. (StuntCrazy)

18. In the lower canyon has stairs that visitors can climb down. But even with such a tour is easier to visit the upper part of the canyon, which is located a few kilometers away from the bottom. (pfala)

19. The uneven ground underfoot everywhere, so you can easily run into the bottom of the canyon, but very few people stops. (Wikimedia)

20. Because of the danger of flooding tourists can not visit the canyon without accompaniment of an experienced guide. In 1997, a tragedy occurred - in the flood killed 11 tourists. (lurw)

21. The only survivor was then a tour guide, who had experience of similar situations. As a result, it was decided to completely screw the stairs and at the top of the canyon even put the network in order to "catch" them from the water. (Brentbat)

22. So, like many other things in nature, Antelope Canyon can be both beautiful and deadly. (Brentbat)

23. However, it remains the greatest example of the incredible power of nature reminds us that the earth is a far more powerful force than men. (Minuk)

24. (Dave77459)

25. (lurw)

Source: bigpicture.ru


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