Unusual types of tourism

Tokenistically tourismmalaysia a trip to new places, we meet new sights new foods new arts and new civilizations. Cultural impact of tourism is undeniable, but never underestimate the importance of tourism in economic terms. With $1 trillion spent 1 billion tourists each year worldwide, it has literally become a new industry during the last few decades. But what happens when tourism rises to an entirely new level to meet the challenges and requirements of modern times? What happens when tourism becomes another area of human activity where the alternative view of it stimulates the human curiosity and interest? Here You will learn about the 10 unusual types of tourism that are becoming more popular.

Atomic tourism

This is a relatively new type of tourism, which emerged after the dawn of the Nuclear age. Curious tourists fascinated with the Atomic Era can visit places important to the history of the Atomic age. That is where there have been significant incidents of nuclear energy. There are museums that spetsializiruyutsya nuclear weapons, but the most visited are the ones where the atomic bomb was dropped, or blown up. Needless to say that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were two of the most visited places when it comes to nuclear tourism. You can also find out every detail about the accident at the nuclear reactor of Chernobyl and its effect on those who lived and worked in this area, by visiting the Chernobyl Museum in Kiev. The Kiev Chernobyl Museum is the most visited Museum of this unusual type of tourism.

Tokenistically tourismbulgaria amazing success of books and movies about Lord of the rings there was this unusual kind of tourism. Undoubtedly, the Lord of the rings is a cultural phenomenon, popular with millions of fans and fans around the world, but hardly anyone could have predicted that it will become a reason to travel and tourism. Tokenistically tourism allows fans of the Lord of the rings to visit the fictional planet, see the most important places mentioned in the movies or books. And this planet is located in New Zealand, a country chosen by Peter Jackson for filming because of its beautiful nature.

Touristey dark tourism revolves around anything that relates to death, disaster, tragedy, and in a few cases, even the afterlife. Among the popular locations where there have been multiple deaths, mass suicide, or ancient rituals. One of the most visited places in the world — Dracula's castle in Romania, where he lived and killed people.

Narcotourism of our time, a destination for narco-tourism is quite popular and legal. For personal use and entertainment, the capital of tourism is Amsterdam in the Netherlands. During the year, the Dutch Cannabis Cafés attract millions of visitors from around the world. When it comes to something more serious, immediately comes to mind is Colombia. A very popular direction is considered to be Goa in India, where local rave parties you can get anything you want. Despite the slowdown in tourism, Indian Malan can offer the good quality hashish produced there in large quantities.

Ghetto turismoto-tourism is new to this list, born in the early 2000-ies. With the spread of hip hop culture over the past 15 years, more and more people are interested in those places where the genre and culture. American ghettos of Detroit, new York, Chicago and Los Angeles have become tourist attractions mainly due to young people interested in this particular lifestyle, graffiti, music and clothing. Once enjoyed great popularity, the Tour Real Bronx — the bus trip, conducting tourists through some of the most notorious ghettos of new York. But unfortunately for visitors, the Real Bronx Tour ended just this year after local authorities and residents of the surrounding area considered themselves offended by how they portrayed areas.

Tourism with kulminskaya this type of tourism speaks for itself. It is unlikely You will be able to find a creepier or more dangerous type of tourism than shark diving. Shark tourism is actually a subgenre of another type of tourism – environmental. It is designed specifically for those who love sharks and their bloody jaws. It is important to be an experienced diver to choose the most sturdy cage for a dive. Despite the high professionalism and excellent organization of tours, there were several accidents and even some deaths.

Tourismmalaysia Halal tourism is not something new, it existed in various forms (such as pilgrimages) for centuries. This new kind of religious tourism for several years, is one of the most popular among Muslims. How would you like it if You had to spend your holiday, not drinking alcohol and not having sex? Believe it or not, that is what we offer Halal tourism. So if You like pork, then don't even think about it — you can be killed for such “sinful preference. However, this particular type of tourism is popular in Islamic countries such as Morocco and Turkey, trying to attract more Muslim tourists.

Military tourismindia it is referred to as “suicide tourism,” which is very true. A significant difference between this type of tourism, and Atomic or Dark tourism — the fact that in this case, the traveler visits the area of active hostilities, in the midst of exploding bombs, bullets and grenades. Military travelers are often the lovers of extreme sports, adrenaline junkies. The highest level of the military of tourists was observed during the war in Afghanistan. For a more peaceful military tourists, there are groups that spetsializiruyutsya in visiting inactive war zones, where the situation is much more calm.

Reproductive tourismusbuero some mistakenly confuse this particular type of tourism with sex tourism, but it would be a mistake. Reproductive tourism is a completely legitimate and innocent. In this respect it can be considered a subcategory of medical tourism. Thousands of couples each year travel, to find the perfect sperm donor. This type of tourism exists because some countries have a liberal legal basis of the donation of sperm, or lower rates for this procedure. Various statistical studies show that countries, populated by tall, blond, blue-eyed men are especially in demand.

Suicidal turizmas doubt — it's the worst kind of tourism that one can imagine. Unfortunately, in most cases it requires a ticket only at one end. As the name suggests, suicide tourism is associated with suicide and euthanasia. Most people who undertake these tours, I wish to end my life. This is usually suffering from emotional issues people tormented by clinical depression. Especially popular are the places where euthanasia is allowed. Some choose iconic beautiful places like Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco is one of the most popular places in the world for suicides.

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