Ecotourism in the Alps

Ecological tourism is a type of tourism whose main motivation which is a natural area, responsible travel does not violate the balance in the environment, and promoting conservation and improving the welfare of local residents.

For the first time on the Ukrainian tourist market is planned to launch a massive program for active and ecological tourism in Europe. First, the demand for such travel was personal. However, mountain walking and trekking are becoming more attractive for Russian tourists and tour operators are ready to work on popularization of this type of holiday.

Ecological tourism is the only direction in the tourism industry, which is interested, above all, to preserve nature and its environment: monuments, plants, animals. An integral part of ecotourism is promoting recycling, conservation of water and energy and creating economic opportunities for local communities.

As, for example, environmental Whitepod resort in the Swiss Alps — a fantastic area of Land on высоте1700 meters. In 2005 he won first prize in the field of ecotourism (WorldPrize for Sustainable Tourism). The creators of the resort have managed to combine harmoniously the comfort and service of luxury, pristine nature and ecological approaches, ranging from construction of residential complexes and up to menu.

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