Ecotourism in Russia

Tourism is a way to relax and recharge away from home and household problems of each person in modern life. Especially in recent years has become a popular eco-tourism. Everyone who goes Hiking typed life-giving forces directly from the wild and hidden nature, which contains in itself so much positive energy.

Ecotourism in Russia is not as well known, but Hiking in the untouched nature already exist. For example, a popular retreat for tourists are the Yakutia, Kamchatka, Altai, Caucasus, far East, Karelia, and the most favorite and still poorly explored territory is part of, adjacent to lake Baikal. Because it hides in itself many useful for scientists and ordinary people information. Choosing a holiday in Karelia, you can always book the cottages in advance of Karelia via the Internet and spend your holiday enjoying clean air and beautiful nature. Vacation in Karelia — this is what you need to get away from the hustle and bustle and plunge into the world of beautiful nature.

Many people are attracted to the Altai mountains and the Caucasus. Legends and stories about different shamans, sorcerers and healing springs has not been canceled. It is in the Altai is the lake of Teletskoye, the highest mountain Belukha, the Chuysky tract, passing the river Chuya. They are just as fabulous in the sense that even the Caucasian Elbrus and Teberdinsky reserve, made of biospheres is not so picturesque. In these places nature runs by its own rules, because the foot of man rarely trod. If more studies in landscape design, terrain and habits of all the animals that inhabit these Islands of nature, then it is safe to say that she lives there according to their customs, practices and rules.

Undoubtedly, the people who welcome environmental and active, always cheerful and healthy. And besides, they know a lot of different facts and observations conducted personally relaxing in nature. published


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