Miniatures on rice grains

Known in his homeland, the Taiwanese artist Chen Fong Shin, used to work using such small objects as grains of rice and sand, to realize their most amazing and impressive miniature works of art to life. A self-taught artist spends several months or even longer before a magnifying glass, in order to create at least one work of art.

Chen Fong Shin has received international recognition for his amazing talent, which is extremely rare — to make incredible pictures of the most simple and smallest things. 58-year-old Taiwanese artist has always done miniature paintings.


Before his job was more mundane. Not controversial, he had an interest in art from early childhood and showed great potential for drawing and calligraphy, and after military service, Chen went to work in the Central plant of engraving and printing division of the Central Bank of China. This work is very closely acquainted him with a variety of engraving tools, which in the future he will use for his craft.

Every evening after work for more than 10 years, Chen Fong Shin went into his art Studio, which was located on the second floor of his own house, where he worked on his masterpiece miniatures. As a result, the laborious and time-consuming practice helped to be so perfect miniature works of Chen Fong Shin, he spent not a little effort and exposure, but it brought the result.

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