How to get the dog to eat properly

I'm sure many of dog lovers have tried in any way to stretch the lunch of their Pets. Usually dogs tend to be quick to "settle accounts" with the treat, greedily grabbing and swallowing food rapidly. However, this manner of eating is fraught with unpleasant consequences for the dog's health about what animals are "naively" do not guess. To maintain the health of your beloved pet in the rule will help the original invention of the company Northmate.

The dog ate properly and effectively, it is not necessary to master the course program decent behavior at the table. Enough to use for feeding the animal the simple adaptation. Original dog Green Cup is a plastic simulator grass lawn. Its purpose is to impede animal access to the food, to make the dog work before the treat will be available.

On the surface of the bowl 43 wide rounded "stem" with a height from 5 to 10 centimeters, simulating the grass. Food gets in between them, making it difficult to access the animal. Between the "grass" teeth food not to grasp, you have to work with paws and tongue. As a result, the dog will have to spend some time to get out of "grass" all the crumbs. To swallow them in one fell swoop there is no way, except that with the Cup.

According to estimates Northmate meal stretched to 20 minutes. Time is sufficient for uniform distribution of food in the stomach, which dog usually spends a matter of seconds.

The manufacturer claims that the dog perceives the process as a game or as entertainment, like hunting. She is sniffing, uses his nose and paws to get to the food, which becomes a prize for the effort. To some extent, lunch on the lawn" quenches the thirst of adventure, characteristic of many dogs.

Thus, food becomes not just useful, but also improves a dog's mood and overall tone, although, of course, such a workout during lunch is no substitute for regular walks in the fresh air with the owner.

For all the usefulness of the original invention, dog owners should clearly understand that Green is not a panacea that ensures the health of the dog. Feeder – not medical, not even prophylactic, but it eliminates one of the negative factors that affect a dog's health.

Cup can be used for feeding dogs of all sizes and breeds. It is completely safe for animals, and after use it can be easily washed with the running water, and even in the dishwasher.


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