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Do dogs that never and under no circumstances will offend a person? What breed has the most peace-loving, affectionate and friendly? With such questions the author asked the experts and made the top 10 most good rock!

"In any breed can be a dog with a" disability "- the first thing the expert warned, chairman of the nonprofit organization" Friend "Tatiana Dugin. - It is impossible to state categorically: these dogs - good, and those - evil. Any assessment - is subjective, a matter of taste and preferences. And most importantly, the nature of any dog ​​depends largely on education, from what teaches her master. In addition, dogs, like humans, can be choleric and phlegmatic. Many large dogs only superficially looks menacing, but really - generous and friendly person. Conversely, small dog room, decorative rocks can be hysterical, uncontrollable, aggressive. Same Pekingese, despite its harmless and cute appearance, can easily master even bite if it is something like ... »

But, of course, among all breeds of dogs can distinguish several with an impeccable reputation. "The question of what kind of dog is the kindest, most often occurs in the parents who decide to make happy their baby puppy purchase, - says the expert. - They can I answer immediately: the kindest among children are best large breed dogs. "

Labrador Retriever

This breed, bred in Canada is considered a universal thanks to stable psyche. Labrador can be used not only for hunting, but also as service dogs for the blind as a guide and assistant for the disabled. However, very popular Labrador humanist uses as a pet. He will be faithful and agreeable friend for any family member will be able to make friends with the children and become their nanny. However, for kids labrador may be too energetic, noisy, bouncy. Among the other advantages of this "chelovekolyubtsa" many especially allocate helpfulness - constant desire something to please their owners. Labrador Retrievers are intelligent, well trainable, easy to go to the contact and love to meet new guests.

Golden Retriever

These beautiful and affectionate dog, once bred in England in order to bring a wounded while hunting game, thanks to his good manners have become ideal companions, including for people with disabilities. "Goldie", has an excellent instinct and memory, can easily bring things to play with children and look after them as well as for other pets, with whom he gets along perfectly. Golden Retriever - friendly and trusting, intelligent and considerate. He does not seek to dominate, because for him the main thing - to be a friend who never fails.


Large, charming and kind dog, which appeared on the island of Newfoundland, that the coast of North America, has long proved themselves fearless and selfless helpers, faithful companions and reliable marine rescuers, no accident in Russia they got the nickname "divers". Neuf considered docile dog and hassle-free as devoid of aggression towards people (for this reason that they, by the way, is not recommended by the as a watchmen). These dogs are very wise and balanced, curious and tenacious. They understand everything they say with a large hunting execute commands and requests, happy to wear a bag in his teeth or pulling a sled loaded with, look after children, especially - in the water. Generally in games with children Newfoundlands exhibit enviable patience, showing boundless kindness and gentle nature.


Admiration and great respect cause these big, strong, smart and incredibly hardy dog ​​bred several centuries ago in the monasteries, hidden from human eyes in the Swiss Alps. St. Bernard dog - the dog-hero, it is impressive not only for its "dimensions", but amazing intuition, impeccable sense of smell and a good heart. On account of these brave dogs - hundreds of lives saved. The dogs are trained well, have a natural discipline. Despite its impressive and frightening appearance, these dogs are quiet, thoughtful and silent (bark only if there is serious reason to), loving and obedient. They love people. Gently, gently and carefully treat the children. A child's best friend than a St. Bernard - double Beethoven from the popular film - and do not!


In this unique ancient German breed dogs burrowing seems collected all the advantages of four-legged friends. Dachshund - Dog bold, neat, energetic, gambling, but it is quite balanced. Sensitive and curious, and self-motivated, dedicated and friendly. Bred hundreds of years ago for hunting, nowadays acquired image dachshund companion dog and family therapist. She knows how to get along well with children, easily adapts to the mood of any family member who loves comfort, likes to sleep under the covers, and climb on their knees, hands or shoulders of the owner, sprawled on their collar. Some taxi owners say that these dogs even have a sense of humor and amazing facial expressions.


Dogs of this breed have a good French temperament. Strong, stylish, active. Poodles well socialized, always strive to maintain a good relationship with people. They love to be in the company, and it does not matter, it will be a mature couple or young couple, "gathering" kids or teenagers company. Poodle with enthusiasm can play with the children, allowing them to do anything with them, and maybe for a long time quietly and listen attentively to the old man. These dogs are very affectionate, sociable, emotional, besides easily trained, and sometimes even imitate their owners.


This cute stocky Englishman with long ears and sad eyes - lovely pet. Basset clever and smart, tough and interesting. It has a mild, sweet temper, very sociable, and loyal. Loves children, peacefulness towards other pet friendly, even to strangers. There is no evil, although it can be stubborn. Well, if something does not want to, then it will be difficult to convince. But in a good affectionate, together with the family quickly gets into the car, will play with all the picnic, contagious enthusiasm, and in the evening with all the composure to sit on the couch and watch TV.


Representatives of the Scottish breed of dog have become a symbol of devotion, warm friendship of man and dog. Lack of aggression in Collie unlike other herding dogs experts attribute to the fact that the British Isles wolves long ago extinct. Therefore, initially the main "duty" Collie was to keep the herd in the pile, so that no one strayed from the "collective". Collie and now do not really like it when those who are walking with her fade into the distance. To be together, "flock" - in this collie's mission. They are very loyal to his master and family know how to take care of the children, take care of the younger, always ready to participate in competitions, jogging and fun games, demonstrating quickness, agility, good memory. Vividly and with interest to respond to everything that is happening around, but when meeting strangers try to avoid conflicts.


Outside dogs of this ancient Chinese decorative rocks very unusual. Similar to the plush toy pugs have long proved themselves faithful, loyal, affectionate, and selfless friends. Despite the fact that pugs love to lie on couches and pillows, they always take an active part in domestic affairs, sometimes confused underfoot, following the master. These dogs are cheerful, playful (especially up to 2-3 years), open and friendly. Maybe not too fast and energetic for children's amusements, but nevertheless always interesting to children because pugs inherent acting talent. They can "build" grimaces, entertain his clumsy movements, puffing and groaning. Pugs are not aggressive, but it is sensitive to suspicious noises outside the front door and, like call, warn about the host.


In this German breed of hairless dogs surprising combination of fighting spirit and boundless kindness and affection to their owners. Boxers can be excellent guards and bodyguards. They are durable, strong and brave, able to stand up for its owner. Boxer does not bark for nothing, among other dogs recognizes only their own kind. However, it is not fighting dogs, and they got their name because during games vigorously waving their forepaws, reminding movement boxer in the ring. Boxers are considered among the most playful dogs, and they remain playful into old age. This active and cheerful, sensitive and trusting, flexible and dedicated dog, deeply attached to all family members. But most of all they adore children. Boxer never hurt a child, except in games may accidentally knock them down. This breed is well suited to the role of the first in the life of the dog.



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