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The common ancestor of the dog known as animal-like affection from the group Miacis, who lived 40 million years ago in the trees and in caves. Later evolved into tomarktusov Miacis (Tomarctus), direct initiators of the dog family, which includes dogs except jackals and wolves.
The ancient Egyptians worshiped their dogs. When the dog died, the home team shaved their eyebrows, their hair daubed with mud and crying all day.
A small amount of grapes or raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs. Chocolate, macadamia nuts, fried onions or anything with caffeine can also cause harm to the dogs.
The dog has three pairs of eyelids. The third pair, called the nictitating membrane, lubricates and protects the eyes.
Dog blades are not connected with the rest of the skeleton that provides more flexibility and mobility of the dog when running.

In the Middle Ages, Danish dogs and mastiffs often dressed in armor and supplied the collars with spikes to participate in the battle, or to protect the caravan.
Pekingese and Japanese quinine was so revered in the ancient Far East, many of them had their own servants. These dogs were presented as gifts to kings and emperors. Hundreds of years Pekingese were even venerated in the temples of ancient China.
After the fall of Rome, its survival has become more important to people than taking care of dogs. At this time, there were legends of werewolves, who were inspired by hordes of wild dogs, terrified the village.
The first chapel in honor of the dogs was built in 2001. It was built in St. Dzhonsburi, Vermont, Stephen Huneke, author of books for children whose five dogs helped him to his feet after a long illness.
In Chinese astrology, born under the sign of the dog people consider true and reasonable, although a bit more temperamental than others.
In Iran, the law does not allow to keep the dog simply as pets. However, if the owner proves that contains a dog as a guard or using it on a hunt, the ban does not apply. Muslim restraint in dogs may be due to the fact that the Middle East has always been the spread rabies, which is mostly taken up stray dogs.
Mayans and Aztecs every tenth calendar day devoted dog, and those who are born under this sign are considered holders of innate leadership instincts.
Ancient Indians of the Gran Chaco, which South America was considered beings dogs that helped people who lived under the earth, out into the daylight, digging them.
Plato once said that the soul of a philosopher of the dog.
The first dog became domesticated wolves that about 12 000 years ago were attracted first settlements in which people began to reside permanently.
Dachshunds were bred specifically to produce directly badgers in burrows.
Laika, a mongrel Russian, was the first mammal to orbit the Earth in a spaceship in 1957. She died in space, but her daughter Fluff whelp puppies from four terrier Charlie belonged to John F. Kennedy, American president.
People to train dogs in ancient China were at a premium. Also, the Chinese are heavily engaged in developing new breeds of dogs, especially their miniaturization.
The followers of Zoroastrianism, the ancient religion, including the assembly of their sacred books called Zend Avesta section, which was devoted to the content of the dogs and the development of new species.
Dogs often depicted in ancient Greek art, including Cerberus, three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to the underground king of Hades, as hunting dogs and is always accompanied by the goddess Diana, patron of hunters.
Basenji - the world's only breed dogs that do not bark.
President Franklin Roosevelt created a small international incident when he sent no less, and the destroyer, for his Scottish terrier Faloy who was accidentally left on one of the Aleutian Islands.
In the first hours after the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11 2001 at the ruins of specially trained dogs worked, among whom were German shepherds, Labradors, and even a few small fees.
The first Hollywood superstar dog was Rin Tin Tin. Five days old, he was wounded on the battlefield of World War I, and his leaving American soldier, Lee Duncan. Rin Tin Tin has played in many films and even "signed" their own contracts paw print.
A dog can identify the source of the noise of 1/600 of a second and can hear sounds at a distance four times greater than that achieved by the human ear.
Touch is the first sense that develops in dogs (all puppies are born blind and deaf). All the dog's body, including the cushions of paws, are imbued with nerve endings that are sensitive to touch.
Movements controlled canine ear eighteen kinds of muscles and more.
In Egypt, a man bitten by a rabid dog, was offered to eat it fried liver, to prevent the development of disease. With the same purpose to the site of the bite of a mad dog tied tooth. The blood of a bitch in heat is used for hair removal, while the dog's genitals used against graying.
The oldest dog bones were found in Asia and the date from the tenth millennium BC. First there was a certain breed of dog and nine thousand years ago, and it was something close to modern greyhound.


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