Agency: Star Ship Entertainment
Debut: June 4, 2010 at the Music Bank with the song Push Push

SISTAR ☆ (씨스 타) - Korean girl group formed by the Star Ship Entertainment. Agency group said: «SISTAR - girl band that has the skills and style together with original music, choreography and fashion. They will create a new trend in the culture, since become a style icon for people aged 10-20 years ».
The first official title track from their first album, «Push Push», was created a production duo Brave Brothers. SISTAR mixed several musical genres to create a unique new sound. The album also includes two other songs - «Oh Baby» and «Here we come». The title track «Push Push» was directed by one of the best directors of video clips of the country and demonstrated lively style SISTAR. Choreography group put the same choreographer as that of the group 4minute, Beast and MBLAQ.

< Hyo Lin:
Position in group: leader, vocalist
Real Name: Kim Hyo Jung
Korean: 김 효 정
Date of Birth: January 11, 1991
Sign on east horoscope: Goat
Height: 163 cm

Interesting facts:
* Hyo Lin auditioned in JYP ENTERTAINMENT
* She had short hair
* She smiles gorgeous eyes
* The smallest group on growth
* Excellent dancing
* Favorite song from the repertoire - PUSH PUSH
* Her favorite number - 11 (this number she was born)
* Loves different clothes and fashion
* Favorite color - blue and purple
* Do not drink coffee, juices prefers

< With U:
Position in group: vocals
Real name: Kang Ji Hyun
Korean: 강지현
Date of Birth: February 12, 1992
Eastern horoscope sign: Monkey
Height: 170 cm
Extra: could make his debut in a group 4minute back in June 2009.

Interesting facts:
* With Yu loves to eat, but she does not gain weight
* They Yes Catfish highest in the group
* Likes to laugh
* He loves colorful things
* She has long hair
* Loves to joke with Hyo Lin
* Can speak and sing in different keys
* Favorite number - 15 and 2
* Favorite colors - pink, purple, blue, yellow
* It is very good
* Close friends with Ji Yun from 4minute

< Bo Ra:
Position in group: rap
Real name: Yoon Bo Rah
Korean: 윤보라
Date of Birth: January 30, 1990
Eastern horoscope sign: Horse
Education: Myongji University musical Department
Height: 165 cm

Interesting facts:
* Cool dancing
* She has beautiful legs
* Up to debut never appeared
* Looks highest in the group
* Loves Mickey Mouse
* Likes to buy different clothes and
* Elegant smiling
* She likes black and blue
* Became a member of the group thanks Hyo Lin
* He loves fooling around
* Very talented
* He loves to swim and run

< Yes Catfish:
Position in group: vocals, makne
Real name: Kim Da Som
Korean: 김다솜
Date of Birth: May 6, 1993
Sign on east horoscope: Rooster
Blood type: A (II)
Height: 170 cm

Interesting facts:
* My grandfather gave her the name Yes Catfish
* She has an older brother
* Favorite colors - black, blue
* Drinks coffee
* Was glad when I heard that there will be a blonde
* Loves to chat is not the case
* Likes to share a meal
* Favorite number - 8 and 14
* Favorite song from the repertoire - Oh Baby
Always singing a song Oh Baby.


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