Agency: Pledis Entertainment!

Debut: March 15, 2012.

Title: NU'EST (New East), stands for
NU - New (new)
E - Establish (set up set)
S - Style (style)
T - Tempo (Music) (tempo)

January 17, 2012 Pledis Entertainment announced a new group, which was previously known under the provisional name «Pledis Boys». By the time the group has performed together with colleagues at the agency - Son Dam Bi and After School, and now has its own official name - NU'EST.
In early March, Pledis Entertainment released a teaser video and photos of participants. March 14, the day before the official debut, the group released the single «Face», which includes three tracks. On the same day, the band released a music video for the title track. NU'EST officially debuted on March 15 transmission channel 'M! Countdown 'with the single «Face».

On March 21 at the channel MBC Music came out group show called Star Formation: NU'EST - The landing / Making of a star: NU'EST - Landing Operation, where members of the group NU'EST visited different parts of the country to attract fans, and carry out various missions, together with their fans.

Real name: Hwang Min Hyun / 황민 휸
Stage name: Min Hyun
Nickname: Shanghai Boy
Date of Birth: August 9, 1995.
Age: 18 years (K)
Height: 183 cm.
Weight: 65 kg.
Blood Group: O
Position in group: the main vocals
Hobbies: always wanted to be a singer, so in his spare time he likes to sing
 - Was a backup dancer for After School Blue's «Wonder Boy";
 - Was featured in the music video and live performance in After School Blue's "Wonder Boy";
 - Has received a lot of attention after starred in the movie "Shanghai Romance" starring at Orange Caramel's;
 - Nicknamed "Shanghai boy";
 - Was featured in the "New Balance" CF with Lizzy (After School & Orange Caramel's);
 - In the first place for growth in the group NU'EST and the second in the Pledis Boys;
 - Ideal girl - the one that knows how to cook and watches fashion;
 - His role model Eric Benét;
 - Favorite Food - Galbi;
 - Dreams of becoming a better musician;
 - A place where I would like to be now - Busan

Real name: Kim Jong Hyun / 김종현
Stage name: JR / Junior Royal
Date of Birth: June 8, 1995.
Height: 176 cm.
Weight: 58 kg.
Blood Group: O
Position in group: Leader, Lead rapper, dancer
Hobbies: sports, football, basketball
 - The company he trusted to teach beginners dance movements;
 - Appeared in a video clip from Bangkok City Orange Caramel's;
 - Was as a rapper in UEE of After School for the single "Sok Sok Sok";
 - Said that the happiest time during his probation was shown at the UEE of After School in her single "Sok Sok Sok";
 - His role model Eminem;
 - His ideal girl, the one that is strong on the outside but soft inside;
 - Favorite food - like everything except the tomatoes;
 - A place where I would like to be right now - on a tall building or in the mountains

Real name: Kang Dong Ho
Stage name: Dong Ho
Date of Birth: August 12, 1995
Height: 178 cm.
Weight: 63 lbs.
Blood type: AB
Position in group: lead vocals
Hobbies: listening to music
Sport: boxing, swimming
 - Starred in the video for "Play Ur Love" from After School's;
 - Says that it is the happiest time during internships, when he learned that will perform on stage with After School for their song Wonderboy;
 - Considers an example for imitation of the group DBSK / TVXQ;
 - His ideal girl is the one that is well prepared and very nice;
 - Favorite food - like everything;
 - Dreams of becoming an experienced singer;
 - A place where I would like to be right now - the beach Jeju

Real name: Choi Min Ki / 최민기
Stage name: Ren / Ren
Date of Birth: November 3, 1995
Height: 179 cm.
Weight: 56 kg.
Blood Group: O
Position in group: makne vocalist
Hobbies: In addition to singing and dancing, loves to parody other
 - The most whimsical
 - Was a backup dancer at the After School Blue's MV for "Wonder Boy";
 - Believes that the happiest time came when he was a trainee and learned that he was adopted as a participant NU'EST;
 - His role model Michael Jackson;
 - His ideal girl is the one that "lying on a green meadow blue sky admires"
 - Favorite food - kimchi;
 - Wants to become a better artist;
 - A place where I would like to be now - Busan

Real Name: Aaron Kwak / 아론 콱
Stage name: Aron
Age: 19 years (K)
Academician Date: May 21, 1993
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Nationality: American
Height: 175 cm.
Weight: 57 kg.
Blood Group: A
Position in group: singer, rapper
Hobbies: Golf
 - Says that it is the happiest time in his internships, when he appeared at a music festival channel SBS;
 - His role model Anthony Hamilto;
 - His ideal girl, the one that with a smile bright and clean;
 - Favorite food - all food;
 - Dreams of becoming a successful musician and a man;
 - A place where I would like to be right now - the house.


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