Arrive her guilpourra (fr.) - Come what may.
A toutprix (fr.) - At any price.
 Audacesfortuna kuvatrr.) - Happiness favors the bold.
Battle of life (Eng.) - The struggle for life.
SWons, chantons ef aimons (fr.) - We drink, sing and love.
Cache ta vie (fr.) - Hides your life.
Cave! (Vols.) - Be careful!
Cercando and vero (It.) - I am looking for the truth.
Contra spent spero (Lat.) - Without hope, I hope.
Croire and son etoile (fr.) - To believe in his star.
Da hifi ich da Hawe (it.) - Here I am at home.
Debellare superbos (Lat.) - Crush rebellious pride.
Due cose belle ha a mondo Amore e Morte (It.) - In a world of perfect two things: love and death.
Du sollst nicht erst Schlag erwarten (It.) - He wait until you hit.
Eigenthum ist Frefndenthum (it.) - The property has someone else.
Ein Wink des Schicksals (it.) - Note fate.
Errare humanum est (Lat.) - To err is human.
Est quaedamflere voluptas (Lat.) - In tears, there is something of pleasure.
Ex veto (Lat.) - According to the promise, a vow.
Faciam lit mei mernineris (Lat.) - To make sure that you remember me?
Fatum (Lat.) - The fate of the rock.
Fecit (Lat.) - Made fulfilled.
Finis coronat opus (Lat.) - The end crowns the work.
Fu ... th e pop! (It.) - There was ... and it is gone!
Gaudeafilus igitur, Juvenea dum Sumus (Lat.) - Vozvese- limsya same, while we are young.
Gnothi seauton (Gr.) - Know thyself.
Grace roir moi (fr.) - Mercy (forgiveness) for me!
Guai chi la Tossa (from.) - Woe to him who touches it.
Gutta cavat Lapidem (Lat.) - Drop a stone hammer.
Help yourself (yntl.) - Help yourself.
Nose est in votis (Lat.) - Here is what I want.
Homo homini Lupus est (Lat.) - Man is a wolf.
Homo Liber (Lat.) - A free man.
In hac spe viva (Lat.) - This hope I live.
In vino veritas (Lat.) - In vino veritas.
Killing is not Murder (Eng.) - The killing - not murder.
La donna e mobile (It.) - Woman is fickle.
Le devoir avanttout (fr.) - It is the duty above all.
Magna res est amor (Lat.) - The great thing - love.
Male mori quam foedari (Lat.) - Death before dishonor.
Ne cede malls (Lat.) - Do not lose courage in adversity.
Noll those tangere (Lat.) - Do not touch me.
Now or never (Eng.) - It's now or never.
Omnia mea tesit Porte (Lat.) - All my carry with me.
Per aspera ad astra (Lat.) - Through thorns to the stars.
Quefemme veut - dieu le veut (fr.) - What woman wants - that is pleasing to God.
Quod licet Jovi, pop licet bovi (Lat.) - What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed a bull.
Sans phrases (fr.) - Without further ado.
Senw dubbio (It.) - Without a doubt.
Suum cuique (Lat.) - To each his own.
Then be or not to be (Eng.) - To be or not to be.
Ti ne cede malls, sed contra audehtior (Lat.) - Do not obey the trouble, but boldly go forward.
Ubi benef ibipatria (Lat.) - Where is good, there homeland.
Vale et me ama (Lat.) - Farewell and love me.
Veni, vidi, vici (Lat.) - I came, I saw, I conquered.
V'rgiWty is a luxury (Eng.) - Virginity - a luxury.
Vlvere tyaie est (Lat.) - Live - means to fight
Wait and see (Eng.) - Live - see.
Wein, Weib und Gesang (it.) - Wine, Women and Song.
Weltkind (it.) - Peace Child.


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