Tattoos of stars

People ukarashali his body indelible marks with nezapyatnyh times - to appear more intimidating to hostile tribes to keep the body memorable date or phrase to become sexier, after all. Celebrities are not the exception. The most important example of those who like tattoos - Angelina Jolie, of course. But it said about it so much that it is possible to have, at last, to put aside and pay attention to other stars.

How to treat tattoos - you decide. Sometimes you look and you realize that is really beautiful, and sometimes you can not understand what all this horror. So who did the tattoo of the stars and why ...


I'm all so delicate and airy, but at heart I'm an angel. Where are my wings? But my wings! The idea is good, but, I'm sorry, when you see one of the stars considers himself an angel ... Well, where did only modest taken. Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne. So we give them, and believe.

Who am I and what am I doing here

Brief characteristics of a favorite - the same theme. It all depends on modesty again. Or the ability to laugh at themselves. To help you understand what is the difference between these concepts, here are two opposite example - Nicole Richie with a tattoo "virgin" and Amanda Seyfried with a tattoo ... hmm ... it's me, I'm sorry to write here I can not but be aware that these words in the child not swear worth.

Keep me, Lord

Drink, smoke, I swear. All I can, because I have a tattoo, for which a good man upstairs forgive me! Well kids, I promise. I was particularly touched by the fact that some people are so stuffed tattoo in a place in which they themselves can not see them. For example Britney Spears with the word "god" in the neck. Or Drew Barrymore with a cross on foot. Katy Perry stuffed the word "Jesus" on the wrist. Well this tattoo it will at least serve as a reminder of religious morality, I hope.

Till death do us part

Tattoo memory has become more popular among the stars. Dates weddings, names of wives and husbands, children, relatives, dogs. The idea is that a tattoo is for life, and thus love will be eternal. Naive, naive people. Eva Longoria is trying to make a tattoo with the word "nine" - the command number of her husband, basketball player Tony Parker. No man - no tattoo. Victoria Beckham on the back stuffed phrase in Hebrew, which means "I belong to my husband."

I'll never forget

For some, a tattoo of stars - the same as for memory uzelochek tie. I fell in love - a tattoo. Fell crashed - a tattoo. He smiled - a tattoo. Pinky the wrist bracelet packed phrase «What Goes Around ... Comes Around» - folk wisdom. Scarlett Johansson in general very unusual tattoo - colored landscape. Hopefully, this is the place where she was happy.


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