Extreme Tattoo

The first mention of tattoos found in the diary of Joseph Banks - naturalist, who traveled on board the ship "Endeavour", commanded by Captain Cook himself. Record, dated 1769 year, says: "I am now I will talk about how they mark themselves indelibly. Each of them received a special markings that denote their nature or status. " The art of tattooing was practiced for centuries and is used for tribal jewelry and had cultural meaning. And in the 21st century, tattoos have retained their original purpose - to pass around some information about yourself. What I do want to say a woman forty-five vagabond type or an accountant from London, his tattoos - we can only guess. The same applies to all of these extreme tattoos.

1. Mike Curry shows off his tattooed fingers at the 9th annual convention tattooed in New York, which took place May 20, 2006.

2. Mike Curry shows that he pinned on his chest.

3. Chuco Caballero shows his tattooed bald head.

4. Dan Kollmeo shows a tattoo on his neck.


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