15 fascinating facts about the brutal and domineering Japanese mafia - the Yakuza

Yakuza, as the country in which it operates - Japan - is covered by the darkness of secrecy. Safely hidden behind many layers of semi-legal businesses, this organization is an integral part of Japanese reality. < Website tells the secrets of powerful and very loving power mafia Japan -. Yakuza

Technically Yakuza Yakuza is legal acts in Japan in the open. It is decorated with the identification mark headquarters - metal plates, can be found on the streets. In addition, the Yakuza manages several business networks in various fields - from construction to the porn industry. There are the Japanese mafia, who operate illegally - for them the notation

«borёkudan" by the police.

Photo source: Fishki.netTatuirovki Yakuza members are made by hand Members of the yakuza can be immediately found on a body covered with tattoos. It is because of them, they wear clothes, completely covering the body to be able to be identified only "among friends". Tattoos occupy all the space on the skin, except for a small strip between the chest and the abdomen, which is left, so as not to liver failure. The traditional technique of tattooing the Japanese mafia perfected over the centuries, and it does not use electric appliances.

Their wives also make a tattoo Wives of members of the yakuza virtually no role in their business; most of them follow the traditional ideas about the place of women in the family - raising children and doing house. Nevertheless, the couple show their devotion to their husbands, too, putting on body tattoos, and gladly show them and posing for the camera. Yakuza members and their wives - almost the only group in Japan, which makes the tattoo for the rest of the Japanese jewelery stigmatized as a

They really help their own country "attribute mafia" Believe it or not, but came to the yakuza. help their country in difficult situations many times. For example, during the earthquake in Kobe, where are a lot of the headquarters of the Yakuza, the vast number of residents were given safe haven, and in general responded to the yakuza is happening faster than the government.

In Japanese society, they are the descendants of the Buraku outcasts - Japanese caste rogue - make up 60% of all members of the yakuza. Burakumin, in a separate group from the 11th century, had been virtually untouchable and engaged in "dirty" professions, unworthy of the rest of the population. Many of them have joined organized crime - it is not surprising that as a result formed Yakuza


origin of the name "Yakuza" Many people have heard the word "yakuza", but few know what it is going on. The term "Yakuza" descended from groups of card players - bakuto, named for one of the game combinations oytё Cabo (the Japanese version of poker). "I" in Japanese means "eight", "ku" - "nine", "za" - a modified "san", that is "three"; in total - twenty, or at most a losing number in the Japanese card game. First, the word "yakuza" came to mean "useless thing", then - "useless man", as well as the bakuto were considered outcasts and misfits, and then they themselves have come to associate with a losing combination in the cards. Subsequently, the name "Yakuza" has been applied not only to bakuto, but also to all the Japanese organized crime groups, and is still used to designate them, along with the term


Members of yakuza forced to cut off part of the finger itself If you can not see the tattoo on the body, presumably belonging to the yakuza - look at his fingers. Sometimes whole phalanx of their missing fingers. This is because, when a member of the yakuza makes a mistake, the internal code of ethics require him to cut off his finger phalanx and present boss. If the boss will "gift" - a mistake forgiven


This is the largest gang in the world of the Yakuza gang is considered the largest in the world - in the constellation consists of more than 100 000 people, not counting even the staff who are not members of the yakuza in full. Perhaps the number 100000 you feel great, but more in 1950-60-ies. Yakuza number was about 180 000 people.

have yakuza have bases in the US If you think that the activity is limited to Japan, the yakuza - you coarsely wrong. They make the expansion not only in neighboring Asian countries, but also ... in the USA! The biggest of their American base is located in Hawaii. Their main occupation - drug trafficking in the Americas and the passage of American weapons in Japan. Also, there are several yakuza syndicates in the United States; . Means the two of them were frozen Obama personally not so long ago

Yakuza will be one of the main beneficiaries in the Olympics-2020 if suddenly you do not know the Olympic Games 2020 will be held in Tokyo, and it is great news for the yakuza; almost all of the construction business in Japan is controlled by this gang, and for the Olympic Games require the construction of many sports facilities. Yakuza involvement in this process has become painfully evident in 2015, when the head of the Internet photos of Japan Olympic Committee and the yakuza bosses were circulated together on some activities. The budget of the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo - $ 50 billion, and even if the yakuza income will be only 5% of this, it is quite impressive


members of extreme right-wing yakuza yakuza is very close to the nationalist right-wing groups in Japan. The number of Japanese right-wing groups is about 100 000 people, and this number is suspiciously close to the number of yakuza. However, suspicion is no place - and all so well known: in Japan know very well that often we are talking about the same people. These people can not be arrested for their radical views - the constitution of the country they are guaranteed freedom of expression


most famous "godfather" Yakuza was a legend From the 1940s to the 1980s. Yakuza syndicate Yamaguchi-gumi was headed by a man named Kazuo Taoka. He was one of the most legendary in the history of the yakuza bosses. Parents abandoned him, after which he "adopted" and then tempered in various battles yakuza. In 1936 he was jailed for 8 years for murder, but went out and gained popularity and became a respected leader. It Taoka transformed his syndicate in one of the most powerful yakuza groups. A survivor in a number of skirmishes, he died of a heart attack in 1981.

Once at the head of the Yakuza were women After Kazuo Taoka place the boss had to take the other person chosen by him personally; Only problem was that he was at the time of Taoka's death in prison. While waiting for the release of the new syndicate leader, he died of liver problems. Acting head of the syndicate became a widow Taoka - Fumiko; This was the first time in the history of the organization. It was she who found the gang for a new source of income - drugs


Yakuza controls the porn industry in Japan is widely known that one of the main sources of income of the Yakuza in Japan - the porn industry, which they kept under their full control. Porn in Japan outside the law, so the yakuza fills this "gap" on the black market. Yakuza also cooperates with pornography from other countries (eg USA) and imports to Japan foreign-born girls to shoot. These girls usually blackmail, causing them to act in a porn.

There are currently Yakuza is a large-scale war and now this war breaks out on the streets of Japan! Yamaguchi-gumi has split into two warring factions, which almost daily come into street fighting. This split because of disagreement with the course, which carried out the boss Shinobu Tsukasa; perhaps one of the reasons why it was an attempt to expand in Tokyo Tsukasa - he even moved some headquarters there with traditional bases in Kyoto


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