What lies behind the Yakuza Tattoos - cultural roots and values

Tattoo Japanese mafia yakuza - a whole world of characters that can be attributed to these subcultures Japan. Tattoos Yakuza men spoke of their courage and kept in fear of all who saw them - ordinary people who do not belong to the mafia, were not allowed to wear them on your body, because it is considered unworthy. Today we look at aspects such as the variety of tattoos yakuza, their history and the importance that they gave the Japanese.

As it is known, in the East nothing is simply this: the culture of this region is rich in symbolism, and Japan is no exception. Any symbols and pictures from time immemorial attached particular importance, and eventually it was moved to the tattoo culture.

Yakuza tattoos are different. Some of them were called Kondzёu »根性 (translated from the Japanese" strength of mind "and" Gaman »我 慢 (translated" patience "). Historically, because the master iredzumi, and his employer had to check recruit endurance, patience and . fortitude Thus, a beginner's body cut different colored patterns corresponding to its type of activity - from the process was eventually established a real ritual drawings iredzumi made from time to time on the body of the participants groups yakuza throughout life, though, these guys lived. . It is also a very short time tattoos were applied to women and their wives - for beauty and as a special mark, which pointed to a woman belonging to the mafia family


Yakuza tattoo, sketches, which reflect the culture of the country, reproduce elements of Japanese painting style called "ukiyo-e" of the Edo period. As images are usually used:

• The images of mythological characters

• Demons

carp and other fish • People in traditional masks

• Animals

• Motives religion of Japan, Shinto

• Elements of Buddhism

• Flowers

• Waves - as filling the space between the characters, as a tribute to the fact that Japan is a maritime nation


The most common traditional image yakuza tattoos

"Kintaro" (in Japanese - 金太郎) - the image of the mythological character, strong man who fights with a huge carp. Variations are different, but the meaning is always the same: it is a symbol of courage and bravery, fearlessness. Typically, such an image was applied to those who have been especially good in the art of unarmed combat.

"Kyumonryu Shishin" (in Japanese 九 紋 龍 史 進) - as the Japanese and Chinese hero tattooed in Chinese dress with Greek ornament. According to legend, this character was born just nine dragons tattooed images. In the world of the yakuza, he is innate fighting ability.

"Tёu Dzjun" (Japanese: 張順) - the image of a man with a knife clenched in teeth, similar to the previous character. Often depicted with a dog - a mythical hero, a man-amphibian and outstanding swimmer, who according to legend was a diver for pearls. Prick those strong in spirit, and is fluent in melee weapons.

"Akugenta" (Japanese: 悪 源 太), also known under the names of the hero Yoshihiro, Heian or Minamoto. According to legend, the son of the emperor and a simple woman, who was distinguished by a special skill in battle and was portrayed in the most cruel and ferocious people Yakuza.

"Fudomёo" (Japanese: 不 動 明王) - Buddhist mythological creature that guarded the treasure. Often depicted with a sword in one hand and a rope in the other, with a horrible grin. They said that the guardian of the sword chop enemies - a symbol of delusion and the network catches unfaithful, awakening in them righteous thoughts. It is applied to the yakuza, who were involved with smuggling and drugs.

Symbolism yakuza today.

Of course, the yakuza tattoo, the meaning of which was so important in ancient times, has long been lost. However, there are many followers to this day, not only among Japanese who revere the symbols and reproduce the work in your body. Tattoo Yakuza, photos of which can be found on the Internet, is still carefully chosen followers, and thus according to the symbols that historically endowed the mafia or other characters special qualities. Thus, a person who lacks the ferocity, selects one of the characters, while the other, which lacks dexterity, choose another. The Japanese considered the people, which is true to its traditions, and that is why is so important for them to comply with them.

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