10 most brutal and powerful mafia world

The site tells about the mafia and gangsters who control most of the shadow economy in the world.

1. Sicilian Mafia h2>

It operates in Sicily since the beginning of the XIX century, becoming at the beginning of the XX century in international organizations. Initially, the organization dedicated to the protection of orange plantation owners and nobles who own large plots of land, mainly from himself as themselves. These were the beginnings of racketeering. Later Cosa Nostra expanded range of its activities, becoming a criminal group in all respects. With the XX century the main focus of the Cosa Nostra became banditry.

2. Russian mafia h2>

It is officially the worst organized criminal group. Former FBI special agent called Russian mafia, "the most dangerous people in the world." In the West, the term "Russian mafia" could mean any criminal organization, as a true Russian and other post-Soviet states, or from the immigration environment in foreign countries. Some stuffed hierarchical tattoos often use military tactics and carry out contract killings.

3. Mexican Mafia (La eMe) h2>

This gang - an ally of the Aryan Brotherhood with the southern coast of the United States. It is known for its active involvement in the drug trade. Gang members easily identified by the special black tattoo of a hand placed on the chest.

The Mexican Mafia was formed in the late 50s by members of a street gang of Mexicans imprisoned Dyuel, located in Trice, California. The founders of the gang began thirteen Mexican-Americans from East Los Angeles, a few of whom were gang members Marawila. They called themselves Meksikanemi that translated from Nahuatl as "the one who walks with God in heart».

4. Yakuza h2>

Yakuza - it's organized crime syndicates in Japan, like the triad in other Asian countries and the western mafia. Nevertheless, the social organization and behavior of the yakuza are very different from other criminal groups: they even have their own office buildings, but their actions often quite openly written in the press.

One of the iconic images of the Yakuza are their intricate color tattoos all over his body. Yakuza use the traditional method of manually entering the ink under the skin, known as irezumi - this tattoo serves as a proof of courage, because this method is very painful.

5. Chinese Triad h2>


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