Tattoos prisoners of the world and their meanings (15 photos)

1. The cross on the chest

In Russian prisons only his prick crowned thieves. This is the highest "rank" that can earn the inmate.

System tattoos for Russian prisoners of one of the toughest in the world. There are dozens of tattoos, and each of them has a specific meaning. For example, the stars on his knees means that the person to no one admires. Tiger on the chest - a hostile attitude toward law enforcement. Spider in the web - addicted. Bells symbolize freedom, that is, the owner served "from start to finish," and rose - ruined youth. Handcuffs is five years, while a professional safecracker prick bear. 2. A.S.A.V.

This abbreviation is very common in the British prisoners, and is translated as "all cops are bastards» (All Cops Are Bastards).

Some of those who made such a tattoo, claim that it stands for "Always wear a Bible» (Always Carry A Bible).

But the police such a distinctive sign on the contrary should play into the hands - on it is easier to understand whether a person is a criminal or not. The most common tattoo stuffed one letter on each finger of one hand. Today, the British youth often makes it, in order to show their willingness to go to jail for the members of his group or gang


This abbreviation stands for "evil, dangerous, greedy, ugly» (Evil, Wicked, Mean, Nasty) and not the symbols of any of the prison gangs. The history of tattoos in the fist begins with the 1955 film "Night of the Hunter". Robert Mitchum plays a preacher sociopath whose knuckles on packed word «love» (love) and «hate» (hatred). After that, many criminals began to do the same tattoo. Now there are also other options: «rock / roll» or «stay / down».

4. Playing cards

Maps or prisoners-suit prick Schuler. However, this tattoo has a more general meaning: a man sees his life as a gamble.

In Russian prisons, each color has its own meaning. Pico stuffed thieves, clubs - simply authoritative thieves, tambourine - a symbol of card tricksters and color Hearts - omitted and blue. The latter is usually made compulsorily.

5. MS13

If you see a tattoo «MS13», «MS» or simply "13" - you should know that this person belongs to the Mara Salvatrucha gang from El Salvador. More often than not it prick on the significant parts of the body: neck, face, hands.

One of the most violent gangs in the United States was founded by immigrants from El Salvador to Los Angeles. Now, it groups the total number of 70 thousand people rasbrosany across America, and some even to Canada.

List of illegal fishing of this band varies from drug trafficking to child prostitution. US Treasury even raised his MS13 to the list of international criminal organizations. You probably wonder where did this name? «La Mara» - a street in San Salvador, and «Salvatrucha» - once the guerrilla unit during the Civil War.

6. La Eme

«La Eme» or "M" is a symbol of the Mexican Mafia - the biggest and most ruthless gang in the United States.

The Mexican Mafia is one of the most cohesive and powerful criminal gangs in America. Although the word "Mexican" in the title, it was founded in the United States. «La Eme» refers to the many Hispanic gangs Southern California. If a member of one of them goes to prison, it usually is under the direct influence of the Mexican Mafia.

7. Norteños

The man with the tattoo belongs to a gang Neustra Familia (Spanish - "our family"), which refers to Hispanic gangs northern California. In addition, its members are usually stuffed with a sombrero, the letter «N» or the number "14" (the same number of letters in the alphabet).

Norteños and Sureños feuding among themselves. The unofficial dividing line area is located in Delano (CA). Its revenues Norteños gang members receive from the smuggling and sale of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. They call themselves "red bandanas».

8. Aryan Brotherhood

This is the biggest racist gang in US prisons. Her members represent less than one percent of all the prisoners, but they also make 20 percent of all prison murders. Tattoos: shamrock, the abbreviation "AB" and Nazi symbols (the swastika or lightning).

Aryan Brotherhood emerged with the help of the prison system. Until 1960 there was no distribution along racial lines. To gang activity include drug trafficking, contract killings and prostitution among the prisoners.

In addition, they are called "Alice Baker," "once or twice" or "Brand". You may have seen the tattoo of the Aryan Brotherhood in the film "American History X».

9. A clock without hands

The symbol of an empty life or long term imprisonment. Condemned present time as something meaningless, and therefore do not consider the days spent behind bars. Watches can be different: Wall, pocket, etc. Sometimes they are packed even on the hand strap.

Tattoo hours is very popular and does not necessarily apply to life in prison.

10. Five points

They mean the time spent behind bars. The four points are the walls, and the fifth in the center - a prisoner himself. Usually, it is stuffed between the thumb and forefinger of the hand. Five points to another part of the body may have a completely different meaning - such as gang affiliation «People Nation» Chicago. Among their symbols have five-pointed star, five-pointed crown and five points.

In addition, this tattoo is common in the US and in European prisons.

11. Three points

Tattooing is common among prisoners and stands for "my crazy life". It does not mean belonging to a particular band, but rather a gangster lifestyle. Usually, it was packed on the arm or around the eye is a simple tool which can find, such as a pencil or a sewing needle.

In addition, this tattoo can carry religious significance, representing the Holy Trinity.

12. Crown with five teeth

The symbol of the gang of "Latin Kings" - one of the largest US Hispanic gangs based in Chicago in the 1940s. Its influence spread like outside the prison, as well as within them. Near the tattoo stuffed abbreviation «ALKN», which translated means "Almighty Latin Kings gang." At the crown of five teeth, as the "Latin Kings" is "branch" of the gang «People Nation», the symbol of which is the number 5.

13. Tear

One of the most common prison tattoos is a tear that could have multiple meanings. For example, a long prison term or her owner committed murder.

Sometimes a tear is not shaded. It symbolizes the attempted murder or that one of his friends was killed by a prisoner, and he wants revenge. In order to create a more austere image of many rappers and celebrities, too, began to make this tattoo.

14. Web

Nowadays, the web has become a very popular tattoo among ordinary people. Nevertheless, it is certainly the nature of the prison. Sometimes it symbolizes a long prison term.

Usually, the tattoo on his elbow doing: you're sitting in jail at the table for so long, and do not do anything, even a spider had woven a web of there. Prisoners are also frequently stuffed her in the neck. If the tattoo of different colors, then most likely, it has to do with the prison: with rare exceptions, prisoners have no access to a color paint.

15. "1488»

This number usually wear white racists or Nazis. The numbers "14" and "88" is not always packed together. Because of this confusion with the gang «Nuestra Familia», because its members are doing the same tattoo "14».

In our case, this number is 14, the words spoken by the Nazi leader David Lane: "We must protect the very existence of our people and a future for white children." "88" - an abbreviation for the eighth letter of the alphabet, repeated twice (LV), which stands for "Heil Hitler." Stuffed tattooed on any part of the body.


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