Tattoos prisoners of the world and their meanings (15 photos)

1. The cross on the chest

In Russian prisons only his prick crowned thieves. This is the highest "rank" that can earn the inmate.

System tattoos for Russian prisoners of one of the toughest in the world. There are dozens of tattoos, and each of them has a specific meaning. For example, the stars on his knees means that the person to no one admires. Tiger on the chest - a hostile attitude toward law enforcement. Spider in the web - addicted. Bells symbolize freedom, that is, the owner served "from start to finish," and rose - ruined youth. Handcuffs is five years, while a professional safecracker prick bear. 2. A.S.A.V.

This abbreviation is very common in the British prisoners, and is translated as "all cops are bastards» (All Cops Are Bastards).

Some of those who made such a tattoo, claim that it stands for "Always wear a Bible» (Always Carry A Bible).

But the police such a distinctive sign on the contrary should play into the hands - on it is easier to understand whether a person is a criminal or not. The most common tattoo stuffed one letter on each finger of one hand. Today, the British youth often makes it, in order to show their willingness to go to jail for the members of his group or gang


This abbreviation stands for "evil, dangerous, greedy, ugly» (Evil, Wicked, Mean, Nasty) and not the symbols of any of the prison gangs. The history of tattoos in the fist begins with the 1955 film "Night of the Hunter". Robert Mitchum plays a preacher sociopath whose knuckles on packed word «love» (love) and «hate» (hatred). After that, many criminals began to do the same tattoo. Now there are also other options: «rock / roll» or «stay / down».

4. Playing cards

Maps or prisoners-suit prick Schuler. However, this tattoo has a more general meaning: a man sees his life as a gamble.

In Russian prisons, each color has its own meaning. Pico stuffed thieves, clubs - simply authoritative thieves, tambourine - a symbol of card tricksters and color Hearts - omitted and blue. The latter is usually made compulsorily.

5. MS13


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