What you should know before making a tattoo: 10 tips for tattoo artists

So, you decide, or almost decided to make a tattoo, but want to better understand what you will find. Or did not dare, but admit such a possibility. In any case, these tips will be useful. < Website published an article in which the tattoo artist will tell you everything you need to know about the preparation and the process of tattooing.

If you want to take a friend with you - please, but do not take all friends h3> Tattoo application - a process that requires concentration and master your noisy crowd "support group "risks to bring him out of himself. You do not need the support of all your friends, trust me.

Tattoo Drawing - a long process h3> Often people claim to the salon without an appointment, hoping that they zatatuiruyut back or the whole hand for some couple of hours. On the application of the volumetric tattoo will take several sessions, so Treat the process seriously. For example, to deliver a "sleeve", will require approximately 4 sessions of 6 hours each.

Consider whether you will be able to endure so much pain. Because it hurt, yes.

About Pain h3> The sensitivity to pain - an individual thing. Someone's pain threshold is higher at someone below, but hurts everyone. However, this pain vast majority of people are able to endure. Someone even smiling and joking.

Soreness also depends on the location of tattooing. Chest, neck, pelvis, inner thighs, ribs - a very painful place
Back, shoulders, forearms, calves, thighs - tolerated. And on the palms and soles of the tattoo does not hold, as the skin is updated too fast.

You do not have to move at drawing tattoos h3> If your pain threshold does not allow you to remain calm and motionless during the procedure, so the tattoo - it's not for you, because by doing so you are putting in jeopardy the entire aesthetics of your permanent body art.

As one tattoo artist: "From my side of errors can not be, but if this happens because of the client, the accused in all, of course, me»

Be prepared to spend h3> High quality large tattoos are not cheap. Almost all tattoo parlors set the minimum price for a tattoo, which often surprises those people that planned to spend on an extremely laborious and time-consuming work is not more than a thousand rubles.

However, small tattoos are very rarely good. You want high-quality picture with crisp, well distinguishable outline? So, we need an area not less than the shoulder.

Decide at least roughly, what you want h3> Before you go to the tattoo parlor, you should at least know approximately what you want. Discuss your ideas with the master, and he will help you finally decide on the selection pattern and place for a tattoo. Do not ask friends to help with the choice - not by him then to go with this tattoo is always and everywhere

Do what you want h3> Among the masters occasionally there are those who may try to discourage you from stupid tattoos, but they are few. You - a master of his body, and only you can decide how it should look. tattoo artist's job is to fulfill every wish, no matter how strange it may be.

So the responsibility for your choice is only for you. However, freedom of choice, too.

Eat and take a shower before you go to the tattoo parlor h3> The food will support your strength and reduce sensitivity to pain. As for the shower - you just can not imagine how many adults neglect basic hygiene rules, knowing that they will have to spend several hours in a closed room

Do not bring your children h3> You will be busy, as children do not remain as to run around and touch everything, bringing inconvenience tattoo parlor employee.

«Think before you fill a tattoo with someone else's name». H3> 99% of the people who have made a tattoo with someone else's name, then regretted it. Fact. However, you decide. The owner -. Gentleman

< And still a few things:

  • A tattoo should be updated approximately every 3-5 years, because over time, the skin is stretched, and the colors fade.
  • At the site of the tattoo will grow hair.
  • Tattoo very effectively hide the scars.
  • Moles are not tattooed, and inserted into the drawing.
  • Before applying the tattoo should not drink alcohol for at least two days to the capillaries were not extended and no blood.
  • you can make a tattoo, if you want. To do this, use the laser procedure is expensive and painful, but quite effective.

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