Before you get a tattoo think twice

In red paint, scientists have discovered mercury sulfide, and colors other colors – titanium, lead, cadmium, chromium and other harmful metals. But the most dangerous paint blue, which has cobalt and aluminum.

The experts recognized the threat and equipment, with whose help which is applied tattoo. It mozhnet easily infect fans of tattoos, such life-threatening diseases like hepatitis b and C and HIV.Also, a tattoo can be one of the causes of skin cancer. They do not want to put close to the mole.

The list of unfortunate consequences of tattoos will continue their ability to hit the muscle tissue. With this purpose, doctors are urged to carefully select the place where tattoo is done.

Some paints can cause allergies that can privatim to serious health problems. Mixing tattoo can also be dangerous, because it leads to loss of skin color in the area where she was kept, or to its darkening.

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