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Today, there have been reports of a possible replenishment of the family Pitt-Jolie. Where such a conclusion? Inquiring journalists spotted on the arm Angie new tattoo.

On the left hand of the actress to a certain period of time, six-sported a tattoo with the coordinates of the birth of her children. But the photographs from today's press conference in Libya, reporters saw a new, seventh line. Presumably the coordinates point to Algeria. Perhaps it was the seventh child there. But while we can only guess: whether to make this tattoo in honor of the new family member, or perhaps just the coordinates point to a place that has great significance for Angelina.
Well, it would be strange if it were to get a tattoo, not bearing no sense at all. Besides, Angelina - one of the most important lovers of tattoos in Hollywood. And each of them has any meaning.

Know Your Rights - the name of your favorite songs Angelina in the performance of The Clash.

Buddhist prayer tattooed on his left shoulder was made to protect Angelina and her adopted son from Cambodia Madox. Estimated value:
Let your enemies retreat,
Let your wealth will always be with you,
Let your beauty be compared with the beauty of Aspar,
Let wherever you set foot, you accept, serve and protect you

The inscription, which translates from Arabic as "strongly».

Ironic tattoo that Angelina would like to remind myself that superstition - is nonsense.

Later in the number XIII (13) were added to other figures. The result is an inscription on May 13, 1940. On this day, Winston Churchill said, the well-known phrase:
All I can do for you - it's blood, toil, tears and sweat

On the left hand the words of Tennessee Williams:
I pray for the wild heart of prisoners in the cell

Black cross conceals two old tattoos. Near inscription in Latin Quod me nutrit me destruit, which means "What nourishes me, destroys it, and».

About this runic tattoos nothing is unknown. It is assumed that this letter «h» is made in memory of a former boyfriend of Jolie Timothy Hutton or in honor of his brother James Haven.

Bengal tiger tattoo. Bangkok was made master of the ancient prayer and blessed.

Christina Aguilera
In the infamous sissy Christina Aguilera also have tattoos.

Xtina - Christina. In honor of a favorite.

Christina combined inscription in Spanish Te Amo Siempre (Love you forever) and two whorls - Hebrew letters (Y - Yud and B - Bette, ie English J and B - the initials of the former husband of Christina).

Again Hebrew. Translates as "I belong to my beloved and my beloved - I».

Malin Akerman

Tattoo on wrist Malin as the letter Z - is the initial letter of the name of her husband - Zincone.

Tattoo on back: lotus flower and inscription in Sanskrit, which means "play". Malin's mother was a Buddhist and brought her up in the Buddhist faith. Lotus flower - a tribute to Buddhism. And the inscription "play" was made in the key phrase "All life - the game. And it must be to live with ease ».

Jessica Alba

The inscription on the wrist Padma, with Sankrti translated as "Lotus».

Tattoo ladybug and daisies. Jessica says that on the same day her mother and aunt made them different tattoos ladybugs.

Bow on the waist.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel in the abdomen tattoo dove with flower - a symbol of peace and prosperity.

Penelope Cruz

For a long time, the value of numbers tattooed on his leg Penelope remained a mystery. But later the mystery was revealed. The thing is that Penelope believes in the magic of numbers, numerologist advised her to get a tattoo of the numbers 883, to be successful, rich and famous. Who knows, maybe numerorlog and has not lost.

Miley Cyrus

Tattoo with the word Love on the right ear.

Another inscription - Just Breath (Just breathe).

Dreamcatcher - a symbol of four siblings Miley.

Tattoos in the form of heart on the little finger of his right hand.

Hilary Duff

Tattoo on finger marked Shine (Shine).

Tattoo on the foot of the left leg - anchor. And the inscription on the right - Let it be (let it be).

Megan Fox

Tattoo Face pet Fox - Marilyn Monroe. Megan admits that is a big fan of her talent.

Quoted from "King Lear" by Shakespeare: We will all laugh at gilded butterflies (We will all laugh at gilded butterflies).

The inscription on the left side: «There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART» (once lived a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart not).

The only color tattoo Megan. On it: crescent and star.

Sienna Miller

Sienna decorate your right shoulder with three stars and the left wrist bird.

Another star is located in the abdomen.


The very first tattoo Rihanna made behind the ear - the astrological sign of Pisces.

Clef and the note - a tattoo in memory of touring the beautiful country of Australia.

Rihanna nurtures a secret weakness for drawing stars on his body not less than stellar.

Small pistol.

The inscription on his hip in Sanskrit, which means "forgiveness, honesty, suppression and control". But, as stated by an expert in Sanskrit, the word applied incorrectly.

Tattoo XI.IV.LXXXVI 11.4.1986 means the date of birth of her best friend Rihanna. On the shoulder girlfriend Rihanna's date of birth.

Rihanna urges to be quiet. Original tattoo on the index finger with the inscription Shhh ...

Taylor Swift

Heart on the right foot.

Ashlee Simpson

One of the latest tattoo Ashley. The first big and colored (probably ex-husband Pete Wentz affected, his body has about 37 tattoos).

To the old tattoo sprocket joined pen.

On the middle finger of his right hand flaunts pacifist cross or a well-known icon hipparey.



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