Tattoo - Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova

1999 - Education duet "Tatu».

September 2000 - the duo's first single "Tattoo" "I've lost my mind" debuted on the radio. The song won first place in the playlists and charts of radio stations "Russian Radio", "Dynamite", "Hit-FM", "Europe +" for a few months. In total, the single "I've lost my mind" more than 10 thousand times aired national and regional radio stations, and this figure is constantly increasing, because "I've lost my scrip" - still one of the most rotating songs on Russian radio.
October 2000 - video of the duo "Tatu" "I've lost my mind" was released on MTV Russia. After one week of shows video won first place in the international hit parade "20 most-most" and in the Russian top "Russian dozen" on MTV Russia. The video is in rotation "A" (35 hits per week) for six weeks, after which the rotation was in the "B" (24 show a week) for another three months, holding first place in the charts throughout this time. The video was also in the rotation at the National music channel "Muz-TV" in the category "B" (20 hits per week) for three months.

December 2000 - released their debut mini-album, the duo's "Tattoo" with the song "I've lost my mind." The single was sold to the official circulation of 50 000 copies, which leads to the conclusion pirate circulation exceeding 200,000 copies.

May 2001 - comes on the radio and channel MTV- Russian duo's second single "Tattoo" "Not Gonna Get Us." The situation with radio and TV song "Not Gonna Get Us" was formed in the same manner as in the case with the song "I've lost crazy ».
May 16, 2001 - duet "Tatu" signed a contract with Universal Music Russia - Russian branch of the world leader in the field of show business company Universal!

May 21, 2001 - the company «Universal Music Russia» duo released their debut album "Tattoo" "200 in the opposite direction." In the first two months of sales of the album sold 500,000 copies legitimate copies (more than 2 million pirated CDs and cassettes). Total for 2001 album sold more than 850,000 legal copies (about 4 million illegal).

August 2001 - "Tattoo" write choruses of songs "I went scrip" and "Not Gonna Get Us" in English for foreign missions Universal Music Group.

September 2001 - on the radio duo's new single "Tattoo" "Half an hour." The song was in hot rotation (30-35 times a week) on "Russian Radio", "Dynamite", "Europe +», «Love Radio», «WFD", "HIT FM", "Tango". The song has received more than 3,500 esters on regional and national radio stations Russian.

September 2001 - Russian television debut video for the song "Half an hour».

During the fall of 2001 and winter of 2001-2002 the video "Half an hour," did not leave the charts channels MTV Russia and MUZ TV. The video had more than 3,000 passes on Russian TV channels.

September 2001 - video duet "Tatu" "I've lost my mind" was voted the best video of the year as voted by viewers MTV Russia!

October 2001 - the song "I've lost my mind" leads in national radio charts Eastern Europe!

November 2001 - in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland will make its debut single, "Not Gonna Get Us».

November 2001 - duet album "Tattoo" "200 in the opposite" out in Eastern Europe.

December 2001 - Russian version (!) Album duet "Tatu" "200 in the opposite" took first place in the sales charts of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria!

Throughout 2001, a group Tatu toured dozens of cities, giving a total of more than 150 concerts in Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia.

January 2002 - the album "200 in the opposite" duet "Tatu" was recognized by the Russian branch of IFPI (International Association of Phonographic Industry), the best-selling album of the year!

February 18, 2002 - the world by Business Week goes with a photo soloists duet "Tatu", together with the President of MTV Networks Bill Rowdy!

February 2002 - The company «Universal Music Russia» produces expanded reissue of the album "200 in the opposite" duet "Tatu" a new design with new track "Clowns". The song "Clown" active ester on the "Russian Radio", "Dynamite FM», «Hit - FM» and «Europe +».

March 2002 - re-release of the album "200 in the opposite" in the first week of sales broke all records: 60 000 legal copies sold!

At the time of sale duet album "Tattoo" "200 in the opposite" close to 1,100,000 copies!

In early March, the duet "Tatu" went on a promotional tour in Germany. And it is - only the beginning of the story! Ahead of touring around the world, new songs, new videos, new albums.

In March - April, "tattoo" conducted tour of the Czech Republic and Israel.

The group:

Lena Katina was born on October 4, 1984, studying in grade 11 ordinary Moscow school.

Yulia Volkova was born on February 20, 1985. After the 9th grade entered in the "State Musical College of pop-jazz art" to separate pop singing.

Lena and Julia as a child singing in the children's group "Fidget" where Julia was expelled for "misconduct and corruption of the team».
The casting (listening), held at the studio "Mosfilm", the girls came along, among 500 other contestants, which independently of each other and were selected as participants of the project.

For the filming of the video for the song "I've lost my mind" Lena had to lose almost 10 pounds, and Julia make a short haircut and dye your hair black tsvet.U Lena has a dog breed Blanker Chow.
There are no girls home computers, so they can view the site in the office production company, but they do not enter into correspondence with website visitors and do not communicate in chat rooms.


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