Where does Indigo?

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The worldwide phenomenon of Indigo – one of the most mysterious and controversial issues of our time. Indigo people born in the 70-80-early 90s, our country had not attached importance, but in the future talking about them professionals dealing directly with adolescents and with children.

One they look amazing, others strange, "not of this world", and even the mentally ill, and others understand the thoughts and behaviour of Indigo and share their feelings of simultaneous compassion and anger about what is happening in the world.

Indigo children are curious literally everyone who is more or less interested in the paranormal. But entertainment media embellish the abilities of Indigo children in their interests. Skeptics, on the contrary, do not hide their smiles.
How to understand all this? After their entry into adolescence and then into adulthood, forget about them.
Where does Indigo?.. How and what do they live now? What happens to them 10 — 20 — 30 years later?.. And why did Indigo become less interesting to mass-media after years?.. Maybe it becomes that are not profitable?

Interviews with Older Indigo for me, as a journalist, was literally "endured" because, it turns out, Indigo prefer to hide (unlike many young people pushing themselves in any way).

They live a normal life, without claiming the laurels of the few. But "gray mice" they also will not name. Anyway, they claim to be the original Hobbies, social activities and creativity. For obvious reasons, their names will not be disclosed.

Not to offend fans of Indigo, just say, what a provocative and hard, at first glance, the questions were asked by me specifically to cause a reaction.

So, Sasha and Julia – a seemingly ordinary young people. She has two higher educations. And Sasha... quit regular school and has absolutely no regrets about it.

— Sasha, how did it happen that you had just finished eighth grade and quit school? After Indigo, I seemed to have higher intellectual abilities?

Sasha: School I never liked. If from the first class I knew about prison life, then the school would have called the area. I couldn't think as everything, to do everything, to submit to a special hierarchy... a Hard time for everyone... But if you don't like – you're an outcast, and for teachers and for students.

Julja: I felt in school the same problems. Going to school was for me a real torture. It was a nightmare. Most of all it was a shame that I don't understand not peers, but adults. I saw them lying, hypocrisy, their pride and cruelty, passivity and inertia. They said one thing and thought another. It's disgusting. Once I tried to commit suicide. Over time, I realized that I want, and learned to pretend. I had good grades. But I don't understand why all this is necessary.

For example, why many children do not like math? Why is it so impossible to understand? Because mathematics is, above all, the understanding of space. Children remember the space from which you came. But it is completely distorted by people, and therefore rejected by the consciousness of the child. Math can be made more interesting on the practical side of life. After all, there are absolutely other system of calculus.

You've probably heard about them. With the help of understanding the algorithms it is possible to explain many processes that occur in the material life, and it will be fun. But this is somehow the prerogative of scientists, not ordinary people…

Biology and chemistry – even more necessary items that could be useful in practical daily life, but... for Example, knowledge of their own anatomy at the graduate school. He did not even know how to eat! Because of the chemistry he taught "separately from his body." He did not explain what the chemistry of the body and what happens to the substances that fall in his body. And most importantly, how to save the environment at least in the condition in which she inherited from descendants. Little worried... About the story, I generally keep quiet. A story written in school textbooks, fully desorientiert and distorts the Outlook of the child. I hate history!

— Apparently, you have your own ideas about the curriculum? Why would you start learning?

Julja: Astronomy, the Science of nature and Anatomy. I'm not just talking about the physical body, and about the anatomy of all bodies. Is called the composition of the human being. The only way to develop the soul. Then the study and analysis of existing religious doctrines not to strengthen, and for their idealistic refutation. The history of mankind, of races and peoples must be regarded, not as the history of life on Earth but in the universe, and generally in space. Such history and such a source of knowledge, and the artifacts with the current possibilities of radiocarbon Dating is more than convincing, they can be available to the public, but some people still do not allow their disclosure to the masses. So, today man has a right to know about the past. Not knowing about the past cannot improve the future. It should also draw conclusions, which sought to falsify history, and that it will never be repeated!

Hmm... You could write a new history textbook for children?

Julja: I could write about the origin and structure of the human beings on Earth. What someone believes to know the man in the street is not allowed. But no one needs. And our usual story – this is politics. It's part of Sasha... Politics sickens me.

(A small conversation with Sasha about the history gave me an inferiority complex... My knowledge, even at the level of College programs, faded before Sesinyi. Sasha is well versed not only in history but in literature. And this man who never finished the eighth grade…
Sasha and Julia seem very different. In contrast to the emotional Julia, Sasha and adequately cold calling specific names, accurate dates and events, describes works, publications and the works of well-known figures.)

— Sasha, the impression that you are a long time to educate ourselves, but then what's stopping you to go to College?

Sasha: Don't need teachers. But I do what I wonder. I can discard the unnecessary information. Ugly knowledge is not needed. He's useless.

— Reading about Indigo, you can hear a lot of opinions. But the conclusions are as follows: society is not ready for you. The most "zealous and talented" are under constant pressure from very early on experiencing a spiritual crisis, and, in the end, commit suicide. Why is this happening? Unless you are so weak and so depend heavily on the opinions of other people?

Julja: I suffer from childhood. Since I can remember. No one to blame. But I don't understand how you can be happy when every second in the world there's violence. While we speak, have died hundreds of people, among them children. If they died of old age... But they died from violence, from war, from hunger, from injustice, from diseases that could be cured. But this did not happen. The fault of other people. In our common Home. This evil brings me pain. And I don't know how much more I can take.

— Sasha, what you suffer?

Sasha is silent.
Julja (laughing) Sasha – slight degree of autism. Well... Sometimes he's afraid to talk. But I know that Sasha is also suffering. From what people have forgotten how to feel each other's pain.

— They say that the people of Indigo primarily differ in the color of the aura. Is this true?

Julja: People are constantly changing. In fact, the term "Indigo" – invented by the people themselves. Indigo can be any. As soon as you change the consciousness, change the aura. There are people who learn and begin to feel the invisible spiritual world alone, not focusing on authority. They can not cheat. Then their aura becomes a uniform solid color.

— You see the color of their own aura? What color is it?

Julja: I could clearly see his aura in childhood. She was the color of the weld. After puberty I stopped to see. It happens.

— But still, some skills you have? Tell about them.

Julja: There is something. I can feel people at a distance. Less frequently I hear a strange smells and sounds that give me the right signals. But it's not intuition. I wouldn't call it intuition. Well feel evil. And feel the energy of the recently deceased. Can experience out of body experience at will.

Is what people experience during clinical death?

Julja: This has nothing to do with death. It's just another state. Other body. It is at all. In this state you can communicate, regardless of cultural, linguistic, temporal and spatial barriers.

— Can teach me?

Julja: I already said that! There is a lot sincerely ready to share, it's just that it's not necessary! And a curiosity or thirst for new fun and excitement – not a way to know yourself.

— Theory of development of any civilization is like the man requires the birth, maturity, old age and dying. When to expect the end? Whether the Apocalypse, which is so much talked about in 2012?

Julja: No. And never will, if you achieve unity and tolerance. Especially people should not be separated religion. I wish all religions were abolished and people remembered the rules by which the universe lives. People nowadays are not far from animals: the age-old motif of the primitive wars – territory and food. Under food you can understand all the resources.

The Apocalypse has begun. It's just a wave that lasts for 30-50 years. The Apocalypse is not the end. This change. The world began to change. Time flows faster. Aging occurs more rapidly. In the 18th century, people lived and thought more slowly than now. Discoveries happen faster. Everything quickly. It's bad. People do not have time. It is not enough time. The one who will worry about their health and property, do not notice. And many people now go outside, feel the wind. He's special.

Sasha: The one who wants to, he will remain. A lot of people will be in the midst of a metamorphosis. Fire, water and earth. Have you rebooted your computer? It's almost the same. Then again, time will flow slower.

— Have you decided?

Sasha: Yeah. But I can't tell you what.

— Julia, do you?

Julja: I'll stay. I will help people when they are in a different state. I have been trying to do it.

— We're all gonna die?

Julja: If you get a disease of the spirit – you will die. Such a death is the most terrible. I've already talked about the souls of the dead. But sometimes I see the walking corpses. On the street, in the subway... People moving, but on the inside he was dead. And I was very afraid of those who question the existence of the soul. So they don't feel anything inside you. It's scary.

— Sasha, you said about the "reset". Well, what do you think will happen to us after death?

Sasha: Exact copy of us. But another body.

— It'll be me or not me?.. Sasha, can you be more specific?

Julja: Sasha is referring to the subtle body. It will be an octave above or below. Summarizing. Either there will be a sharp jump – evolution or degradation and loss. "Apocalypse" means something like changing people in a global sense. It is changing not gradually, in waves. At the same time, together with the Land.

— Julia, the impression that you are translating to Sasha. This makes it difficult to dialogue.

Julja: I can not translate...

— The land belongs to the people or someone else?

Sasha: Each petal is its own entity. The petals are partially detatched to each other. But the Earth is visited and others.

— What goals do they pursue?

Sasha: Different. There are teachers. Humanists. Researchers. Genetics. And there are predators.

— If the "predators" will take over the planet, someone will help us?

Sasha: This question is difficult. In space there is a law: if any planet of sentient beings to kill each other, then they are seen as inferior. Material. With it you can do anything. He may lose all assistance and care.

The Terrans already lost this care?

Sasha: No, but signed the contract.

— What contract?

Sasha: Obliged.

— What is God?

Sasha: A creature that created our Home. Full of such creatures in the universe. These creatures are different, like people.
Julja: Once the man also had the ability to create and change the space around them. The ability of a person to creativity – the ability to create, is a vestige of God, atrophied ability, inherited from this Creature.

— Why is it being created this world? Some of it is a cruel and imperfect…

Julja: It is only the material side. Why she's so rude. It is designed for metamorphosis. To change another world is thin. To any substance is modified, you need to act rudely. For example, combustion.

— What is this Creature?

Sasha: I don't know.
Julja: Me too. But I think in our world we see it as the sun. We are all children of the sun. Our soul is a part of a substance similar to plasma. We all go there, eventually.

— Julia, how did you find each other? You and Sasha.

Julja: We can feel each other at a distance. Respond. Although we live in different cities. Each person makes the decision to become visible. Now there are five of us. There is a view that emerged and was found physically. But recently I found another girl. Accidentally saw her photos on the Internet. And immediately understood, without words. She.
In the future we can all merge as a drop. Many refuse. Become dark Indigo. They do not know themselves are lost, sometimes getting angry and draw attention to themselves, making it all the way around. In fact they are lonely and anxious. Need to be friendlier and kinder. But many ruin their own parents, society and upbringing.

— What do you do?

Julja: Live. Everyone is busy with their own Affairs. Most of these cases is meaningless. It is important only those things that benefit the World.

— Well, what exactly is the last favor you with Sasha was brought to this World?

Julja: I gave up hope completely desperate in life man. Now he's on the right track. Previously, he had used hard drugs. You probably don't believe it, but you can stop being an addict without the help of special clinics.
And Sasha was an absolute vegan. I also try not to eat meat of dead animals, not to use cosmetics that test on animals, I don't pay money for it... someone who enriched all of this. Another friend of mine, whom you call Indigo, works with children helps develop their creativity. The kids love it. As the team tries to survive somehow. Other things — in the world invisible – you are invisible. But they are there.

— Julia, I'm sorry for the indelicate question, but you want to have a family, children?.. ... How to multiply Indigo?

Julja (seriously): just like everyone else. But in my plans is not included. It is hard for me to make that decision – to give such a terrible House to a new man. All Indigo, which I personally know childless... posted


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